0 thoughts on “Great Tongue Kisser”

  1. It seems vaguely familiar. I suspect it’s from one of the Blade films – you know, Wesley Snipes as the black half-vampire vampire-slayer.

  2. it’s a body-mod which is, apparently, gaining in popularity. i’ve seen it before.
    that chick is a total whore, i’m guessing.

  3. There’s a show on National Geographic Channel called Taboo. They showed this procedure being done to someone. It looked excruciatingly painful. He basically just took a razor blade and started sawing up and down the tip of the tongue until he cut a few inches deep. There were just insane amounts of blood! The tongue has a lot of nerve endings too. I’ve gotten small cuts on the tongue from licking envelopes and those even hurt like a bitch. How can someone have their tongue filleted in half!?!

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