"Murdoch: 'There Is an Ongoing War Against the Jews,'" by Keith Johnson

Via Revolt of the Plebs, an interesting site that seems to be mostly anti-Zionist. I can’t figure out the rest of it. He links to mostly anti-Zionist sites and a few conspiracy sites. He also links to quite a few good Left sites. Yes, he also links to a few anti-Semitic sites.
I’ll just link to this site because I don’t want to steal the guy’s traffic. On my old site, I used list all such articles under the label, “Fake Anti-Semitism Crisis.” There is no anti-Semitism crisis. Or if there is, so what? Is there an anti-American crisis? Maybe we deserve it? Was there an anti-German crisis in WW2? Were they asking for it?
This is part of the “poor, poor, pitiful me” meme that the Jews are always pushing. It’s called, “the poor, powerless Jews.” In this case, this poor minority is being persecuted by gigantic bullies all over the world. If that’s so, why is every anti-Semitic site in the West always running out of money and going down for lack of donations? Obviously anti-Semites rule the world, right, Jews? Except their so broke they can barely keep a single website up?
Look. Let’s get some things straight here. Some folks cannot be “persecuted.” Not really anyway. Monarchs, plutocrats, oligarchs, how can any non-governmental entity “persecute” such folks? Of course, this has been the line of the rich since 1917. Oh boo hoo! They’re persecuting these poor rich people! They’ve never done anything wrong. Nothing except control the whole damn world.
This shit is tiresome. The Jews have Hollywood. They’ve got the Democratic Party. They’ve got the US and British media and through agents like Murdoch, much of the world’s media. Oh poor babies! People are picking on them! Oh no! Better run to their Jewish mothers for a bowl of chicken soup!
Israel is “persecuted” too. They’ve got 400 nuclear weapons, the world’s finest spy agency in the Mossad, and an entire panoply of the world’s leading cutting edge weapons. Unlike almost every state on Earth, there’s no way they could be taken out by invasion.
What’s hilarious is that Murdoch, probably the most powerful man on Earth, is whining about how these overwhelmingly powerful anti-Semites are picking on his poor, helpless Jewish buddies. LOL! Sure, whatever, Rupert!

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0 thoughts on “"Murdoch: 'There Is an Ongoing War Against the Jews,'" by Keith Johnson”

  1. What I find disgusting is that Rupert Murdoch has no problem with the ongoing wars against the various peoples of the middle east by American soldiers. Millions have dies as a result of the propaganda spewed forth on his media and now all of the sudden he acting like Mr Compassionate. Give me a break, this guy is such a clown.

    1. Finally, a white woman I can like and respect.
      Such a rare combination.
      Murdoch is a cancer. Just shows how completely out of it Australians are. But I liked Gibson’s Mad Max movies. End of world/nuclear war done as preachy/comedy/action adventure, who knew? LOL. And I like that Jodie Foster is supporting Mel.
      To my beloved kikes I can only say, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”.

      1. agree with what you say about Jodie Foster. the media is coming down way too hard on Mel Gibson. i highly doubt the guy is malicious in his sentiments, he seems just pissed off and honest about it. the dude has made some fucking awesome movies, shows more talent than most of the homo-scientology-jew-canucks in hollywood.

  2. “They’ve got the Democratic Party. ”
    They’ve got the Republicans too, maybe more…the super jesus-y ones LOVE Israel.
    I suppose you didn’t mention the Rs because for all you care they can have them.

    1. They have the Democrats by the balls. 40% of Dem contributions are Jewish. It’s less for Republicans. Republicans just appeal to the Jews, sort of, to peel off Jewish contributions to the Dems and thereby kill the Dems. Otherwise, Republicans and Jews don’t line up all that much, and most Jews hate Republicans with a passion.

      1. From what others have claimed, Rupert Murdoch’s mother is Jewish.
        Even if he isn’t a Jew by blood, he might as well be one.
        And him receiving an award from the ADL just goes to show how despicable of an organization the ADL as become.
        They like anyone, regardless of politics or actions, who promotes their precious Israel.

      2. yeah good points. funny though how Murdoch’s publications are all right-leaning. and those Orthodox Jews…holy christ they make Republicans look like a bunch of hippies. thankfully they (Orthodox) don’t really run the show.

  3. None of those sites are anti-semitic. I’ll give you Vanguard News. Guys on there say Mickey Rooney was Jewish and noone contradicts them.
    David Icke is anti-reptile. lol.

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