“Ivy League Horror,” by Alpha Unit

“No means yes, yes means anal.” “My name is Jack, I’m a necrophiliac, I fuck dead women.” These are a couple of the chants that pledges to Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity were ordered to recite during initiation Wednesday night at Yale. The outrage is in full force on the Yale campus. Higher-ups at DKE have issued sincere-sounding apologies; campus officials are emphasizing that such speech has no place at Yale. Women on campus have labeled it hate speech and a call to sexual violence. “It was a serious lapse in judgment by the fraternity and in very poor taste,” is the way DKE President Jordan Forney put it. The fraternity does not condone sexual violence. I wonder if the DKE President is snickering about all this behind closed doors. Since when haven’t fraternities engaged in this kind of thing? These “male bonding rituals” are notorious for drilling into men, in all kinds of inflammatory ways, that they’re not women and that “real men” are superior to women and keep them in their place. Okay, Yale women, and young women everywhere else – get upset and call this hate speech. That’s fine. But you ought to be learning from it. Everybody knows that men at this age are in their prime sexually. They also don’t always exercise the best judgment, especially in alcohol-fueled environments with like-minded others. You’d better be careful.

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43 thoughts on ““Ivy League Horror,” by Alpha Unit”

  1. You know what’s so funny, Alpha?
    I don’t intend to cast aspersions upon you, but people will not comment on posts unless they somehow involve race, interracial sex, Jews, or to a smaller extent class issues.
    If you write a post about black women and their sexual preferences or which white men black women prefer, you can expect a storm of comments!

      1. Yeah Alpha, can you add a Jewish angle to all this? My basic antisemitic needs are craving it.
        I just can’t get turned on any other way anymore…

        1. I hate Muslims, actually.
          I am seriously considering starting a political action group dedicated to spreading this hatred at the grass-roots level throughout the Congressional scene. It would be similar to the Klu Klux Klan at it’s membership height in the 20’s and 30’s.
          Though, only former Muslims who are racially Muslim would be allowed to join it.

    1. You’re welcome!
      That’s the truth as I see it. It just seems as if race related blogs and posts generate the greatest popularity.

      1. I find it a little bizarre.
        At least at my campus, frats are much more mellow and don’t force potential members to recite stupid pledges.
        But then again, I guess my campus is as boring and mellow as they come.
        But I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised. Ivy League fratboys gave us the likes of dubya.

        1. The real issue is young men’s attitudes about sex and women. Feminist women get outraged whenever these things happen, but they keep happening.

        2. When sexist words translate into rape and other negative actions, THEN they should be outraged.
          I don’t think it’s their job to police what horny fratboys say.

        3. You at a U.C or Cal State?
          Lets face it, the Frat scene is a different beast on the East Coast. Then again, so is college.
          I’m a proud product of the Cal State system, myself. No Yale or Harvard grad has a thing on me…Of course, I don’t even know if my school even really had “Frats” to begin with.

  2. In college my friends and I would occasionally go to frat parties, stand by the keg, drink as much as we could hold, and leave. Then we’d go back to our dorm room and continue the party with a much better grade of people.
    No muss, no fuss.

  3. is college necessary for a happy life? im too poor to go to college, im 19,a non-citizen, and white, and judging by these blogs, Affirmative Action will keep me out?

    1. Well, in your case, I’d recommend attending a community college, performing very well there, and then perhaps transferring over to a UC (if you live in California, that is).
      Now financially, I don’t know how to help you, but I’m sure there are resources available for people in your situation.
      Regarding affirmative action, at least if you live in Cali, you won’t have to worry about that. Prop. 209 in 1996 effectively eliminated affirmative action.

    2. off-topic, but i’d say no it’s not necessary. lots of the richest people in the world did not attend college. you’re probably better off starting a business, if you have the dedication and drive that requires. college degrees are rapidly losing their value as the colleges are turned into diploma mills that’ll give a degree to any dumbass who can afford the tuition.
      if you do decide to go, try to spend as little as possible, and study something which will be rewarding monetarily once you get out.

  4. i think about 10. give or take a year or 2. why? im pretty “Westernized” though, to be honest with you.im in IL, not Cali. I want to go to college because I think it provides better life oppurtunities, and I hear there are many slutty American girls. Ive been incarcerated for over 4 years and have no high school education, but I have a GED. do you think a community college will accept me?

  5. @reality check- I’ll be happy to talk to you about your other questions through eMail. @bay area guy- is that true that Affirmative Action only hurts Asians? if thats true its pretty ironic its main opponets are white nationalists and conservatives.

    1. It is actually more in the realm of employment and business where Whites get screwed by programs like affirmative action, minority owned business contracts, etc.
      You’ll learn all about that, the older and more bitter that you get.
      On a side note, the “Russians” in the U.S, or at least an ethnic lobby representing them, has been pushing to have “Russians” counted as “non-white,” since the late 90’s. I believe their argument is that they are more Asian than European. So far, it has mostly fallen on dead ears.
      I have heard both Labor Attorneys and HR people mention this in passing on more than one occasion. It is usually followed by a little chuckle, afterward.

  6. Alpha, this kind of reminds me of crap we did in boot camp in the Army.
    “What do we do for a living ladies? KILL! KILL! KILL!!!”…”What makes the grass grow, ladies? BLOOD! BLOOD! BLOOD!!!”
    Same dynamic, me thinks. Male initiation rites. I sure we human males did it as roaming tribes 15,000 years ago. It is in our genetic make-up as men. Just look at what your like High School Football team puts the new players through during “Hell Week” every year. The sexiest and violent slurs abound.
    Most women don’t understand stand it. So they fear it. They are just built too differently.

    1. So male gorillas did this 15,000 years ago. So what? How is that any justification for doing it now? I swear, so many males look for any BS excuse not to evolve.

  7. Cyrus, i’ve been searching the internet for this lobby you speak of, but nothing comes up. Russians are white. It would make much more sense for them to simply argue that Slavs are an underrepresented ethnic group. that would be more effective, I think. @reality check- how are you from Ukraine, by way of Moldova? which one are you? Moldovan or Ukrainian? Im curious, because although I was born in Russia, im half-Ukrainian. (the western part too, where theyre much more nationalistic)

  8. This was circa 1999. I can’t really help you much with it beyond that. It was a group representing Russian Americans in the U.S, and they were pushing the E.E.O.C to change it’s enforcement criteria, or something along those lines.
    For all I know, maybe it was just a single lawyer who was a Russian emigre, and made a lot of noise.
    Isn’t there any collective Russian-American organizations in the U.S???

  9. “My name is Jack, I’m a necrophiliac, I fuck dead women.”
    ” Women on campus have labeled it hate speech and a call to sexual violence. ”
    Is it sexual violence if the they were already dead, you know – the guy didn’t kill her himself? I suppose it’s against the law – outraging public morals or something, or breaking and entering…
    Next thing, the feminists who are screaming about men going out with younger women being pedophiles, yes… you guessed it, older women makes you a necrophile. No, it makes you a gerontophile really, and the feminists won’t be screaming about that, because they basically want some hot young ass themselves.

  10. The divide between men and women in PC American society is pretty insane, but real. The average American man looks at women and sees a group that is relatively privileged, but is always complaining about its treatment. On top of that, the average American women is probably a little smarter, more competent, and more enterprising than the average American man. Add to this the fact that men are restricted by ever more ridiculous gender based social codes from doing things like reading books, speaking standard English, and taking care of one’s health unless they want others to perceive them as gay. Women have usurped every male prerogative, while making no concessions. So is it any wonder men hate and resent them?

    1. wow. well put. just read your comment. a lot of truth there. myself i am filled with the resentment. still, i can say in a mostly honest sense, i am not misogynist.
      your point about women’s intelligence and drive, it’s true. women are better! but it’s probably only a 51/49 kind of thing. why is it that everybody would prefer a male boss, for instance? maybe because we’re not going to engage in petty revenge because of a perceived social snub. or just a more easy-going nature.

    2. On top of that, the average American women is probably a little smarter, more competent, and more enterprising than the average American man.

      There’s probably some truth to that, if the stats about IQ distribution by sex are true, but I think there’s more to the story. There are now several generations of women who grew up being told constantly that they could and should have it all, as long as they worked hard in school. Their male counterparts did not receive similar messages, generally. Throw in the disintegration of marriage and it’s no surprise that many younger males aren’t so ambitious as they might be.

      1. so far as IQ goes, my understanding is that women group up in the middle more than men, if you picture it as a bell curve. there are fewer female geniuses and fewer drooling retards.
        i like to think of men as nature’s genetic experiment. look at the autism numbers…it’s something like 3:1 men to women.

        1. Yep. And men tend to pursue riskier strategies in life, because men compete for access to women. We’re descended from 80 percent of the females who ever lived and 40 percent of the males who ever lived.

        2. Randy and Nobody: Points all well taken. I agree. My point is based on observation, not analysis, and your analysis is sound. Society has basically decided that young men can fend for themselves, while young women are “empowered.” Unless a young man today is very self directed, he will flounder and no one will really give a **** except (maybe) his parents. Part of this is due to the fact that women are basically the ideal corporate slaves… um, citizens.

  11. yeah that kind of talk is crass++, but take a look at rap lyrics. i think that stuff blows this out of the water. i would point you to NWA’s Niggaz4life, “one less bitch”, “to kill a hooker”, “she swallowed it”, etc.
    look, if you’re not a FUCKING MAN, the women are not at all interested. if you do not bring some aggression to the table, you are invisible to women. believe me. passivity is the anti-aphrodisiac.
    besides, this is all talk. i guess your closing paragraph points this out. it’s one thing to get mad about actual rapes, but it’s another to get mad about men uttering the word.
    one thing i gotta say though..it does make me a bit ashamed of being white…the way these fucking knuckleheads talk.

    1. This is the thing for me: some women are just fixated on changing male behavior. Go ahead and try to do that, but some things are just constant when it comes to male behavior. Instead of continually being outraged at this kind of thing, which feminism evidently hasn’t changed, why don’t they focus on telling women how to avoid being raped?

      1. true.
        and now i’m sitting here wondering why i had to even mention rap music. this post wasn’t even about race in the first place. clearly i was putting my own baggage in there.

    2. The way I see it, women have the right to not be raped and be in charge of their bodies.
      However, it is not their duty to purify men and change their thoughts.
      People are free to think what they wish and say what they please (so long as they don’t incite imminent lawless action).
      It’s only when words translate into harmful actions that punitive measures must be taken.

      1. Yes, but the fact remains that in a lot of these Ivy League frat boy cases, words *do* turn into harmful actions. With that much consistent psychological brainwashing, it will soon be drummed into their idiotic heads that rape is okay. Prevention is key.

    3. There isn’t a one-or-the-other choice between aggression or passivity; as a woman myself, I think that confidence, rather than simply aggressiveness, is attractive. Honestly, if a man were to pursue me with too much aggression, I’d say “no” because too much implies that the man does not respect boundaries.
      As for the chanting being “all talk”, I disagree. Saying those things does not necessarily mean that each of those pledges will become violent, but i think that they reinforce the idea in American culture (and many others) that men are allowed to be sexually aggressive simply because they are men. Words are symbolic actions, and symbolic actions have consequences, too.

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