How Much Salt in a Salt Packet?

You know those little tiny salt packets they give you at restaurants? Hard to find out how much salt is in those.
McDonalds salt packets have 189mg of salt, so your average salt packet has about that much.
Maximum is 2000mg of the poison, but Americans eat way more than that. Bottom line: the stuff gives you high blood pressure, a disease I already have. I try to limit my salt to 280mg per item. One pickle that I’m eating now (170mg). Or one packet of salt on your birria de chivo (goat) Superburrito, which I just added. I must say, adding the two lemon slices and the salt packet did make it taste a lot better!
A goat Superburrito! Crazy or what? Not at all, just one of the pleasures of living in the The Diversity.
The real killer stuff is soups and other kinds of prepared foods, even canned vegetables. There’s no logical reason to load this stuff up with salt, but they do it anyway. I look for the low-salt soups, but even those are like 480mg.
Throughout our lives, we are slowly salt-poisoned. Not only does it gives you high blood pressure, but it also supposedly makes you fat to boot. You barely need any of the stuff. Studies in the Solomon Islands had 2,800 random villagers eating a traditional diet with almost no salt. They found zero cases of obesity and zero cases of high blood pressure. Later they found one guy who had gone off to the city and was eating the wonderful Modern West Diet (TM). He came back to the village fat (only case of obesity) and with high blood pressure. We’re committing suicide by fork!
How does salt give you hypertension (HTN)? It slowly poisons your kidneys, and after a while, they don’t work very well anymore. Your malfunctioning kidneys give you high blood pressure. Salt is a necessary but not always sufficient factor in HTN. Studies of the Yanonomo show that they get 270mg of salt a day. Not one of them had HTN. Contrary to the notion that stress causes HTN, the Yanonomo live very violent lives. All the men beat their wives and there is frequent physical conflict between everyone. Homicide is endemic. By age 40, 100% of males still around have committed at least one homicide. Short, nasty and brutish indeed!
What happens in modern society is that high level salt poisoning over a lifetime kills your tongue. The years of salt poisoning kill the taste receptors in your tongue. Result? Your sense of taste is dulled over the years. Upshot? You keep pouring more and more salt on your increasingly tasteless food to make it taste good. Dumb or what?
After years on a low salt diet, you won’t even like the stuff anymore. I eat a real salty dish now that I used to love or even crave and I feel like I just swallowed a mouth of seawater.

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0 thoughts on “How Much Salt in a Salt Packet?”

  1. What explains all this homicidal violence in the Yanomomo (correct spelling?), anyway?
    People like to attribute this sort of thing to Blackness.

    1. Apparently cultural. There are tribes in the same general region who are so pacifistic its almost idiotic and ridiculous. I doubt if they have violent genes. Just a violent culture, probably for a long time.

      1. Seriously??? I am really tired of the way salt is demonized as the cause of all ills. I eat 5+ grams per day. My blood pressure runs 90/60, and I am not obese. If you cannot eat salt, fine. But don’t try to make it sound like everyone should avoid it. Research shows that even in people with hypertension, reducing salt intake usually only very minimal effect on blood pressure. I believe that a sedentary lifestyle has far more culpability for our modern ills than salt does. (By the way, maybe those people are homicidal because they AREN’T GETTING ENOUGH SALT). Humor intended in this last statement 🙂

        1. You will get high blood pressure soon enough.
          Actually very low salt diet can reduce hypertension and associated diseases in many. Google Rice Diet.
          Low salt diet often doesn’t do much because all the salt has already shot the kidneys, so the damage is already done.

        2. I also believe that high salt intake is fine, usually. Salt=Good. We’re made to eat salty, pickled foods, seafood, etc. If you’re sedentary, obese, or already have HBP, then, ok, cut down then.
          Those Yanomomos commit murder because it’s socially sanctioned. If murder was OK with everyone in this society, I’d have about a dozen under my belt. Course, I might be dead, too…

  2. Everything in moderation. I see no reason to completely cut salt out of my life. Foods with no salt are horribly bland.

    1. Who has completely cut salt out of their life? There are plenty of non-salt seasonings that you can put on food. They liven up anything just as good as salt, if not better.
      One day, you may just get high blood pressure. Then you’ll think twice about all that salt.
      Even the 2000mg/day recommended by the government is way too high and will cause many cases of high blood pressure.

  3. I used to avoid salt. My blood pressure was 140/110. Then someone told me to start drinking plain water and slowly build up to 5 16 ounce glasses of water a day. They also said to take 1/2 teaspoon (total) of salt a day, simply sprinkling it on my food or putting a little on my tongue as I drank my water.
    My blood pressure is now 127/65.
    My wife was having really bad asthma attacks. These would put her in the hospital. She started gradually increasing her water and using the salt. She has not had a single asthma attack in over 2 years now. That is our experience.

  4. That is five, 16 ounce glasses of water a day. We have cut out all processed food, mainly because of the high salt content. So we eat foods that are whole and not processed. Thus our salt intake has been reduced to somewhere between 1/2 teaspoon to 1 teaspoon a day.
    Our doctor told us to continue what we were doing because it is working for us.
    Dies tgat qyakuft as low sodium?

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