An Evaluation of the Caucasian Race

Even race-deniers ought to agree that there are at least three races of man: Africans or Blacks, Caucasians and Mongoloids or Asians. A proper delineation of our great race ought to be done, but most of the work is old, and PC has ended most traditional anthropological work of this type.
But here is a decent overview :
These are the 14 subraces of the Caucasian race:

  1. West Mediterranean or Iberid race (Spain, Portugal, Corsica, Sardinia, and coastal areas of Morocco and Tunisia).
  2. East Mediterranean or Pontid race (Black Sea coast of Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria; Aegean coasts of Greece and Turkey).
  3. Dinaricized Mediterraneans (predominant element [over 60%] in Sicily and southern Italy, principal element in Turkey [35%].).
  4. South Mediterranean or Saharid race (predominant in Algeria and Libya, important in Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt).
  5. Orientalid or Arabid race (predominant in Arabia, major element from Egypt to Syria, primary in northern Sudan, important in Iraq, predominant element among the Oriental Jews).
  6. Dinaric race (predominant in western Balkans [Dinaric Mountains] and northern Italy, important in the Czech Republic, eastern and southern Switzerland, western Austria and eastern Ukraine).
  7. Alpine race (predominant element in Luxembourg, primary in Bavaria and Bohemia, important in France, Hungary, eastern and southern Switzerland).
  8. Ladogan race (named after Lake Ladoga; indigenous to Russia; includes Lappish subrace of arctic Europe).
  9. Nordic or Northern European race (major element in the British Isles, Scandinavia, the Netherlands and Belgium; predominant element in Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Finland and the Baltic States; majority in Austria and Russia; minority in France, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary).
  10. Armenid race (predominant element in Armenia, common in Syria, Lebanon and northern Iraq, primary element among the Ashkenazic Jews).
  11. Turanid race (partially hybridized with Mongoloids; predominant element in Kazakhstan; common in Hungary and Turkey).
  12. Irano-Afghan race (predominant in Iran and Afghanistan, primary element in Iraq, common [25%] in Turkey).
  13. Indid or Indo-Aryan race (Pakistan, Northern and Central India).
  14. Dravidic race (Southern India and Bangladesh; ancient mix of Indid-Australoid blend).
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11 thoughts on “An Evaluation of the Caucasian Race”

  1. Robert
    Still trying to pump yourself up ? Still scared of black people ? All races are beneath the black man and woman. For most of human history white people were not on the planet. Black people made the red, yellow, brown and the white. We sit at the top. This is your father speaking here. There is a difference between mongrels and a pedigree. A mongrel is a dog with different types of colours, all spotted. This is white people. White people have different hair colours and eye colours. This is a mongrel but a pedigree is uniform in colour, like a black people.

    1. Answer me this: if all knowledge originally came from Africans, including European methods of historical and scientific inquiry, why don’t Afrocentric “scholars” use them? Why do people like Frances Cress Welsing pull etymology and scientific “data” out of their behinds?

    2. Everyone, if you’re going to engage African Black Militant, just poke fun at him.
      Nothing about him is to be taken seriously. He even got banned over at Abagond for threatening Abagond with violence.
      This guy is nothing but a joke.

    3. We sit at the top.
      LOL! Oh, thanks for making my day AMB! 🙂
      Now really, answer me this: If this were so, why is Africa the poorest continent in the world, in spite of its tremendous natural resources? Why are blacks in the U.S. at the bottom socioeconomically speaking.
      Of course, you could make a good argument regarding colonialism and slavery, but then again, if the black man is so superior, how did he allow himself to be colonized and enslaved by inferior white mongrels in the first place? Eh?

  2. Your list is total crap. Where is the North-Atlantian Race ( England, Ireland, Belgium ) ?? And ARABS ARE NOT WHITE AT ALL ARABS ARE THE VERY OPPOSITE OF WHITE Are you fucking stupid or are you one of those shitty mudslime-lovers ???

  3. There is only a white race with it’s subraces ( nordid, atlantid, iberian (mediterranid), pontid, dinarid, alpine, baltic, armenoid ). There isn’t any “caucasian” race it’s a fucking fake. We whites arn’t related in any way to indian subhumans and arab dirt-people.

    1. all homo sapians share 99.9 % of thier dna. anything that is 99.9 % percent the same has little to no differences. we are all related closely and its provable. your comment niggers=dirt is your personal opion and shares nothing with the provable science.

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