The Fake Social Security Crisis

Sharon Angle, the Team Crazy Tea Partier from Nevada, like most Tea Partiers, wants to get rid of Social Security. They are pushing some insane nonsense about its insolvency. Republicans never care about whether anything is insolvent or not. After all, they’ve been deliberately trying to drive government bankrupt for 30 years as part of an evil plan. They just use the “insolvency” thing as a ploy to cut or get rid of Social Security. When FDR put Social Security in in 1935, he was reviled by Republicans as a Communist for doing so. He made it to their #1 Pantheon of Evil for doing that. It follows that many of them, especially the latest batshit nuts incarnation, have hated it ever since. And it shows. Because they’ve been trying to get rid of it. We have a lot of supporters of US corporate capitalism on this site. Some of them call themselves liberals and even socialists. The Republican Party is the party of the corporations. They push the corporate agenda and only the corporate agenda. If Republicans are pushing to cut or junk Social Security, that is because that is what their corporate masters want. So Corporate America obviously wants to cut or get rid of Social Security. When you support US corporate capitalism, you support zeroing out Social Security. Got it?

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0 thoughts on “The Fake Social Security Crisis”

  1. it seems evryone is worried about the US spending too money. its already in debt. but so what? the government can keep spending money forever! its been doing it for decades, why stop now?

  2. Explain something to me, Robert, don’t American seniors like their Social Security cheques and aren’t a lot of them conservatives?
    The American retirement scheme is a pay-as-you-go system. Don’t these people realize that when you go from a pay-as-yo-go system to a funded system, you either have to deprive current seniors of their pensions and reduce the pensions of middle-aged people or else incur huge expenses to compensate all the people who already contributed?
    Let’s say that we have a 55-year-old who has paid premiums for 30 years. If Social Security will simply be abolished, what is going to happen to those premiums? Does he have to prepare for his retirement in the next 10 years of his working life?
    The concerted attack on Social Security, which also exists in other countries, is nothing but a scheme by the financial sector to transfer retirement planning form supposedly stupid bureaucrats to the geniuses that brought us the latest recession.
    Social Security is a scheme whereby working people pay money into a fund, which is then distributed to retirees. If the money stops coming in because workers now have to contribute to private plans, how is the outflow going to be financed? The outflow is the livelihood of seniors. Has any of these Tea Partiers thought this through?
    Regards. James

    1. James, I’m not sure if you fully understand the mentality of the conservative movement in the United States.
      A large proportion of the movement consists of people who have been, when it comes right down to it, ritually brainwashed into a very bizarre sort of doublethink when it comes to such things as Social Security, Medicare, unemployment benefits, disability benefits, etc. There is very little rationalization that goes on for most of these people, and a whole lot of subjectivity and emotional demonization of the “scourge of big government,” conventionally defined as any government agency that is not connected to the defense industry or law enforcement, as well as “overtaxation,” conventionally defined as insufficient wealth transfer into the financial sector and large corporations.
      Hence in the States you find (especially in the south) enormous numbers of quaint self-contradictions such as retirement-age white folks living off of Social Security or disability checks and enjoying Medicare coverage, while at the same time railing against them, and in many cases (such as the Tea Party movement) stridently advocating for their complete abolition.

  3. Do they really want an impoverished former middle class in a country with a rifle behind every blade of grass?
    Doesn’t strike me as a very good plan.

  4. Dear David
    Thanks for your reply. If what you write is true, and I see no reason for believing that it isn’t, then ordinary American conservatives are a lamentable bunch who should inspire more pity than contempt.
    Regards. James

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