New Interview With Me at Voice of Reason Radio

Here. Topics: * Robert Lindsay’s ideas for reasonable positions that Liberal Race Realists and White Advocates could take that the majority may support * The death of White middle class culture * The demographic situation in California I haven’t even listened to it yet.

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0 thoughts on “New Interview With Me at Voice of Reason Radio”

  1. the quality is abso-fucking-lutely horrible. i keep getting silent, blank spots. WTF! kinda like a cell phone with bad reception. i cant even listen to it, its so bad. is that the usual audio quality at that site? qeez, whatever happened to white intelligence. they cant even put together a podcast right. i could have gotten a bad download, but i really doubt it. ill try again, maybe something was wrong on my end.

  2. i downloaded it agian, same issue. im listening to it right now, and what i notice is the hosts voice goes through fine. however, your voice keeps cutting up. sorry but it was a bad interview. were you in a studio or talking on a cell phone? its only your voice thats fucked. why is that? im real disappointed because i pretty eager to listen to this and hear you:(

  3. I think there is a problem with the headset that Robert Lindsay is using. I didn’t realize how bad the dead spots were until after the show. If I had realized at the time, I definitely would have called by telephone.
    Unfortunately, there is really nothing I can do about it now.

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