The Top 10 Richest Countries: Weath and Economics

Uncle Milton, an consistent apologist for corporate America, takes me to task for saying that the US practices the most rightwing economics of any of the top 10 richest countries on Earth:

Norway, Qatar, and UAE are wealthy because of a very valuable resource (oil) and a small population with a governing class that doesn’t steal from it’s citizens. Arguably Qatar and UAE are more right wing than the US. (You can be jailed in the UAE for failing to pay your debts, “immodesty” can be punished, foreigners when their job contracts are expelled rapidly, there is a clear divide between benefits for citizens and resident aliens…)What is really funny is calling Switzerland, Jersey, and Luxembourg more right wing than the US. (I guess it depends upon how you want to conveniently define right wing…) Corporate taxes are lower in all three than the US and the laws are more Corporate friendly. Basically they are wealthy because that’s where rich Europeans (and quite a few rich people from around the globe..) hide errr… ahem stash their money. Ireland also used to have some of the lowest Corporate taxes in Europe.. I don’t think Ireland is still that wealthy.. since it is going through a housing crises implosion that is worse than the US.
Denmark ranks number one in the globe as a place to do business by Fortune magazine…a notorious left wing publication. “Cough.”

I am talking about economic rightwing.I don’t care about social conservatism. I’m an economic man, a socialist, remember? I agree with Marx. Economics is everything.
UAE and Qatar apparently have extensive social democracies, unless I am mistaken.
Denmark has an extremely extensive social democracy. It’s wonderful to hear that Steve Forbes loves Danish social democracy so much. Do you think you could convince him to lobby for some Danish style social democracy in the US instead of campaigning to destroy every trace of social democracy that’s left in this country.
When Steve Forbes ran for President a while back, he campaigned on a promise to “zero out” social spending in the US. We have a lot of commenters who love capitalism and US corporations. Steven Forbes represents the corporations of America. He’s their man. When he says he wants to zero out US social spending, he speaks for US corporations. In other words, US corporations want to end all social spending in the US. Do you supporters of corporate capitalism in the comments agree that social spending should be zeroed out? If not, then why do you support the enemy (US corporate capitalism)?
Ireland, Jersey, Luxembourg and Switzerland all have very extensive social democracies, unless I am mistaken.
It’s really annoying to hear disgusting Zionist Jews, White nationalists and supporters of US capitalism denounce the source of wealth of other nations. Only rightwing US Whites can actually create wealth, apparently. How do they “create” wealth? I don’t know. Maybe they grow the stuff on trees?
All of these groups love to denounce the wealth of the oil states. They don’t deserve it, you know. They’re just stupid Arab Muslim non-White terrorist scum who got lucky and planted a country on an oil patch.
It’s also annoying to hear White nationalists and US rightwingers denounce the wealth of various offshore banking states and rich people hangouts. The niggers of Barbados don’t create any wealth, you know. Only rightwing US Whites “create” the stuff, by alchemy I guess. Barbados niggers are only rich because superior rightwing White US financial alchemists stash their cash there after they conjure up the stuff in plush labs on Wall Street or wherever.
Wealth is wealth. If you’re rich, you’re rich. No one cares how you got it, as long as it’s legal.
US style rightwing economics is based on extreme hatred of social democracy and state social spending. It’s the only country on the list that has that kind of rightwing economics. Most countries with the US philosophy are actually rather poor.
I seriously doubt if the laws protecting consumers, workers and the environment from the usual corporate abuse are more lax in Switzerland, Luxembourg than in the US. That seems like a highly dubious statement to make. They ride pretty hard on corporations in the public interest over in Europe.
Here in the US, we live in a shithole. Corporations get to do whatever they want, all the politicians of both parties are 100% corporate owned, and there is little to no limitation of corporations in the interest of the public, workers, consumers or the environment. For all intents and purposes, we live in a Corporate Dictatorship here in the US. It’s like a rich version of your typical 3rd World shithole.
I honestly don’t care about the rightwing capitalist obsession with “prosperity.” It doesn’t have the slightest thing to do with living in a decent country. All this prosperity hasn’t done a damn thing for me in my life, nor those who live around me. What good is it? These guys can take their prosperity and shove it right up their ass for all I care.

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8 thoughts on “The Top 10 Richest Countries: Weath and Economics”

  1. I’m an economic man, a socialist, remember? I agree with Marx. Economics is everything.

    If only other leftists were like you, I wouldn’t dislike them so much.
    If they would embrace a truly progressive economic policy, that involves ending outsourcing and neoliberalism, then I might agree with them.
    But until they stop kissing the asses of blacks, Hispanics, radical feminists, you name it, I will not join the left.
    As you yourself said, it sucks to be on the left as a white guy because you have to hate yourself.
    And that’s what sucks about the left. They’ve moved to the right on education, they’ve continued to wage war, and they have not enacted any truly progressive changes.
    At the same time, they continue to suck up to blacks, Hispanics, gays, etc, and promote left wing cultural causes.
    They’re not left where it truly matters (economics, foreign policy), and yet they’re left on cultural/racial/social issues.
    This is the worst possible combination. And the U.S. left wonders why it’s a joke?

  2. I especially dont understand how the “left” stands up for workers when they supprt mass immigration. does not compute. Robert, can you explain why american liberals love brown immigrants more than american workers?

    1. Liberals really hate being called racists. I supported illegals myself until just recently when I started having a lot of experiences with them. Liberals don’t live with them, don’t experience them, so they don’t care. Also, they don’t want to be racist.
      If you’re a liberal and you’re anti-illegal, all of the other liberals will bash the shit out of you, just rip you to shreds calling you rightwinger, Republican, racist, fascist, bigot, bla bla. If you don’t give in they totally ostracize you and won’t speak to you. It really hurts our feelings to get called racists and we will do anything to avoid that. So most of us support illegals just to go along with the project. Plus your average liberal is not losing his job to an illegal. He makes decent money at a good white collar job.
      That’s about it in a nutshell.

      1. This is why the American left is so pathetic.
        They constantly rail at working class white people for being more conservative, and yet they don’t offer them any positive alternatives.
        Just more neoliberalism, outsourcing, and mass immigration.
        Only when the left is willing to slay their sacred cows (ie. officially recognized victim groups) and actually stop being so PC and ridiculous, will they start to be taken seriously again.

  3. I’m an economic man, a socialist, remember? I agree with Marx. Economics is everything.
    Robert, Socialism is the negation of Economics, remember? You’re not Economic man, you’re New Soviet Man: Homo Politicus.

    1. Marx isn’t great economics, but I’m not sure that von Mises is either.
      Why do you think it is that Human Action has about as much credibility with mainstream economists these days as Capital (that is to say, zero)?

      1. Ad hominem attacks don’t do anything, David. What part of Human Action do you disagree with? The temporal characteristics of Economics? The subjective theory of value? The qualitative nature of Economic prediction?
        Quit your childish baiting and give me some intellectual arguments.

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