White Trash Versus Black Trash

Sorry for the use of Black trash to describe ghetto Blacks, but all too often, they deserve to be called this. If they don’t like it, they can always just clean up their act!
Lookingforanswers is a new Black commenter, and we are very happy to have him on board:

I personally hate that ghetto scene described at the outset. It’s just too juvenile for me……The excessive profanity and derogatory slurs along with extreme horse playing: This is just the uncultured (or ghetto) Blacks that unfortunately combined with the loudness get the most attention. This is just ghetto plain and simple. Not one of my Black friends is like this so I know that plenty of us are not. Although Whites may not exhibit this particular ghetto habit, I’m sure there are things that White ghetto people (or whatever you call them) do that you would also consider uncouth.

We had some really wiggerish or ultra White trash Whites living next to us a while back.
They acted really bad, but in a different way from these as you call them ghetto Blacks.
They were so horrible that we finally complained to the manager about them, and yeah, we got them thrown out of the complex. This is a terrible thing to do in White World because you really don’t want to bust people and get them thrown out on their asses. They were boozers and speed freaks who were missing teeth. Now and again they would have wild fights that were actually quite terrifying, and yeah, then we would call the cops, but we always felt sorry for them because like most fuckups, they were mostly just pitiful.
The main guy on the lease was actually a really nice guy. Some of his friends were not, really. Thing about White trash is a lot of them are pretty nice people. You just go up to them, look them in the eye, shake their hand, and treat them with absolute, 100% respect, and they will often be very nice to you. Even White trash often have a base working class “White values” thing.
Some of their friends were bad, but they were mostly just disgusting. They would get speeded out and stand out on the balcony smoking and using foul language all night and spitting over the railing. However, they were friendly to each other, and there was not this aura of menace you get with ghetto Blacks. Plus their vocal tones were lower, because White people are just quieter.
You could hear the conversation but there was nothing to it: “Yeah man fucking I swear fucking bitch Goodman fuck that man, bla bla bla bla bla on and on and on repeat repeat repeat.”
But they were friendly and there was no aura of menace. It was just…disgusting! They were gross, disgusting people. They would spit all nite, and you would go out in the morning and there would be spit on your car. One time they were crashing out with some fast food and beer at 4 PM for an hour on the balcony. They left, and there was beer spilled all over and half the fast food scattered over the balcony. It was sickening, and it stayed that way for a few days because they would not clean it up! We would not clean it up either, and we just walked down the other stairs instead. That really pissed us off!
But even those guys did not have an aura of menace about them. They were just pitiful, disgusting pigs. We called them scumbags. They were, but they were not dangerous.
The thing that is missing is the loud voices and the menacing tones of the ghetto Blacks that makes it sound like there is going to be a gang fight or your window might get broken pretty soon.
Disgusting people are one thing, but they aren’t scary. The loud voices combined with menace and the aura of casual, carefree violence of ghetto Blacks is really creepy, and Whites find it frightening. When Whites or Mexicans act like this, people get alarmed because there’s going to be some kind of a fight pretty soon. Underclass Blacks act this way, and there isn’t necessarily going to be a fight – they are just being normal!

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0 thoughts on “White Trash Versus Black Trash”

  1. Comparing which ghetto or trash is worse I think is a hard thing to do seeing that we would all prefer if neither existed. I don’t think I could tolerate the scene you described either. I’m sure I would blurt the standard quip middle-class Blacks say when we see stuff like that: “And they say we’re ghetto!” or “I bet if I did that, it would be a problem”.

    1. Yeah it drove us pretty much crazy. I don’t think we were all that afraid of them though. Mostly we just could not sleep because they kept it up all night long.
      I think the thing is that Whites are used to White trash. We’ve been living with these people all of our lives, and if you treat them to good respect, they can often be pretty nice people.
      Black ghetto trash just seems so horrible, weird and alien to us. Plus there is something frightening about them.

      1. I think they’re both fairly horrible but I can totally understand the fact that one is more alien than the other for you making it seem that much worse. Sort of a like a ‘wind chill factor’ making it feel colder. Maybe we call it a ‘Black chill factor’ for Whites?
        The freight you mentioned though is interesting and may not be necessary. Studies have shown that crime is more intra-racial, than inter-racial. In other words, you as a White man, are more likely to be robbed by another White man than a Black man, and I, as a Black man, am more likely to be robbed by another Black man than a White man.
        Anecdotally, this was always true growing up in a Black neighborhood. If a White guy walked through the neighborhood, people wouldn’t even think of touching him, maybe stare really hard but that’s about it. They new bothering him would bring untold amounts of blowback from the police force. On the other hand, there were White neighborhoods I couldn’t even think of walking through growing up, day or night. Talk about frightening! I knew the chances of me making it out without being beat up where nil next to none, and these were really nice neighborhoods (for Whites at least) and a great place to buy baseball cards which was why I was always tempted to go . And when I bumped into police officers, I was terrified, not because I did anything wrong but because many were so rough with us for no reason.
        Fear swings both ways you see.
        The question is whether it’s a rational fear based on real experiences we’ve had or is it based on something that we think we may experience based on images reinforced through media or through hand-me-down stereo types that we all have. Don’t get me wrong. Stereotypes come about for a reason. The problem is that stereotypes tend to be static, not the end all be all, and should be adjusted case by case based on evidence/observation. Take it from me, that menacing horse playing and loudness, while extremely annoying, ghetto and juvenile, will almost never result in any willful danger toward you so there is no need to fear.
        For me it goes back to motive/intent. If I use that logic for Whites, its only fair that I use it for Blacks too.

        1. Black people like you and me view ghetto blacks with bad behavior the way middle class whites view uncouth white trash hicks or outlaw bikers. Whites don’t see white trash as acting white per se, they just see them as an underclass element of white society separate from themselves. However, white people view ghetto blacks as just being black, period. In fact they view ghetto blacks as more “authentically” black than blacks like you or me. That’s why we get so pissed when whites speak of “black behavior” and then point the ghetto. We don’t see bad blacks as being definitively black anymore than whites see Hell Angels as being definitively white, even though all Hells Angels are white. We might have more bad apples as a proportion of our population than whites do as far criminals goes, but we don’t see criminals as defining us the way whites do.

      2. Did you happen to notice how many times the word, “menace” was used? The writer was trying very hard to associate menace with BLacks, while stressing non-menace to whites. I mean the writer was really selling this point. Read the article again. Why is it with these guys there is always that subtle “extra”, the “dig” when they write about Blacks?
        These guys always write like they are being “fair”, but you really “see” the agenda as you read the article. Very sad and transparent.

  2. Arguably, since integration, white trash as a group
    more frequently imitate black trash. Makes you kinda wish there were hidden cameras recording the behavior of white trash in the 1950s to see the comparison.
    Of course this would have meant more of a police state atmosphere in the 1950s, so I’m glad we don’t have that record on hand.

  3. Let us take a trip down reality lane.
    There is no white trash in us.
    Murder statistics are black committing the same number of murders as (whites and hispanics and everyone else combined).
    Yea compare that.
    What you call white trash though probably is the ones serving in iraq and afganistan fighting that war for America making less than minimum wage.
    Almost hundred percent of the soldiers in the infantry and serving in the most dangerous areas are white men.
    Don’t even break out the 30 times rape statistics.
    But we are talking 12 percent of the population doing more crime than the rest of the population combined.
    Then look at hud housing where you have that white family who pays their bills and next door is the black family who lives there for free on the government dime.
    And the white family is supposed to babysit the black family lol
    Got to move to a trailer park so that you can get away from the forced integration because trailers aren’t good enough for the government to provide free rent for.
    Get the fuck out of here with your bullshit.

      1. I am pretty sure it’s a guy. I called him honey just to insult him LOL.
        Anyway, this comment is superb because it really points out what normative White racism is like in the US in 2010. This is the real deal, the stuff that’s driving the Tea Party, the Republican Party, etc. Screw the WN’s. They’re marginal. This is where the meat is.

  4. It is a rebuttal with facts.
    Take a look at reality.
    You are the racist saying white trash.
    Where is you backup for that?
    Unless white trash means law abiding and paying their own bills.
    Just like trailer trash from the media.
    They are working and paying their own bills.
    Your trying to compare white trash vs black trash right?
    I showed you how you can compare on a massive scale.
    Little more realistic.
    Like I said no white trash no black trash either lets say.
    Just a heck of a lot of black criminals.

    1. Ever think you white people get taught to be perfect kids and not all of us do,we have to teach ourselves.

  5. ””””””Robert Lindsay
    October 18, 2010 at 12:15 AM
    I am pretty sure it’s a guy. I called him honey just to insult him LOL.
    And if you are gay I could care less your perogative man.

  6. A pseudo Racist, defined as a victim by those who claim those speaking TRUTH to COLOR any Color is a Racist.
    Too many of “you” charged for being racist for speaking truth top the “power of color” have been VICTIMized and are victims to the lies and distortions of the pop-CULTURE…..using Guilt as a weapon the left have placed all those other than color …err white….(what is white?) on your heals silencing you for a generation….I have been watching… http://www.blogtalkradio.com/tony-venuti/2012/02/16/racist-vs-bigot-2-different-stories-the-tony-venewti-show

  7. I will be using the term “Black Trash” from now on; maybe it will catch-on. It is a better term than the alternative, that turns you guys on and drives you crazy because you want to use and can’t use it.
    You are spreading hate and I do realize that my posts are not going to make it onto this page.
    Are you on a recruitment drive for others like yourself? Good luck.

  8. I think whites can be even scarier ie. think of hard core rednecks with shotguns living out in the country with missing teeth!!!! They are very scary. I am black and lived briefly in West Virginia. Its extreme. Ghetto blacks cannot touch them.

  9. Have you ever thought that “ghetto” blacks can’t afford to look much better or they have no one to tell them better. Maybe we are loud, but we are not creepy we just don’t necessaryily know better.

  10. You know what I think you just nailed it. Very insightful. I am white and although I am completely disgusted by white trash (and you know it when you see it) I am terrified of the ghetto’s I see, but it’s not the men that scare me – it’s the two black women I usually see on TV who are terrorizing a store security guard who was only doing his job, or shouting down and getting in the face of some passerby who tried to intervene in an arguement and ends up being attacked like someone who bumped into a hive of
    killer bees. I just don’t understand the extreme hostility thing? What happened to civility? My first face-to-face experience with a black male was in 1976 at the end of his fist as I walked out of class as a freshman in high scool. He cold-cocked me for no other reason than I was a scrawny 110lb white boy. I didnt know him an i’d never even seen him before. I guess he needed to prove something to the crowd he was hanging with in the hallway. After that incident though, a big black football player suddenly began to sit next to me on the school bus — and nobody messed with me after that. Thank you Damon Ferguson.. wherever you are.

  11. It is the double standard rule for minorities that is in play here. If you are a minority, commentators do not hold you to the same standards.
    People throw around crime stats but in an absolute way but the word is PROPORTIONATE. Blacks are 12% of the population but routinely commit almost half the crimes.
    An example of the double standard? We are all somewhat familiar with the James Byrd Jr. race murder but who has heard about this guy?

  12. Eh, Im black and its true. Honest men don’t want to got to the ghetto….ever. And the obnoxiousness is bad. Ever wonder what its like to be put between presumtive whites and blacks that mean you harm? Also you have to think of this. The good Mexicans and blacks, they get chased away many times because there own people don’t want to stand up. Im not speaking on whites due to the fact its highly annoying to be criticized for stuff you didn’t do, and the whites I have problems with commited acts that are extremely rude! Just like blacks who hate whites because of people like the editor inflaming non whites, you will hate me because my dumbass brother sold crack. What a world…….

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