Some Sensible Positions For Liberal Race Realists and White Advocates

The problem with White advocates, even those who are not explicitly White nationalists, is that far too many of them are simply out and out racist assholes. Be that as it may, but you won’t get a lot of support for those views here in America. White advocates need to take reasonable stands that the majority will support. People will look at that stance and say, “Hey, that makes sense.” The Left will still scream racist on and on, but it will sound increasingly silly. Your average person will look at the Left screaming racist and say, “Why are they calling this guy a racist? He seems reasonable to me.”

  1. Amend the Constitution to get rid of the anchor baby thing. The Left is playing this up as super-radical, but most sane Americans think it’s perfectly reasonable.
  2. Avoid overthrowing civil rights laws. Aside from the moral question, it’s pretty clear that the major civil rights legislation is here to stay, Rand Paul and the Tea Party notwithstanding. Instead, we should focus on the 1991 amendment to the Civil Rights act that deals with disparate impact. The concept of disparate impact is insane, and most reasonable people hate it once they learn about it.
  3. On immigration, instead of saying we want to get rid of non-White immigration (ain’t gonna happen), instead call for IQ tests for some immigrants. The test could be waived for spouses of citizens. In particular, focus on problematic immigrants who cause lots of trouble. Call for IQ tests for Hispanic immigrants for starters. Say Hispanics need to have 98 IQ to come to the US. The average IQ of the US is 98. It’s quite probable that the Hispanics that cause so much trouble fall below the 98 IQ cutoff. Those at 98 IQ and above will generally be good, productive citizens of the type most Americans could be proud of.
  4. Support immigration of White Hispanics to the US. This will drive people insane, because it will be hard to call us racists since the anti-racist nuts keep implying that Hispanic is a race. In addition, it will drive a wedge between Hispanics.
  5. Call for getting rid of US colonies! This is great because no one in the US advocates this except for the hard Left. That puts White advocates in bed with the Left , but that’s not so bad! Call for independence for Puerto Rico, Micronesia, American Samoa, etc. One problem is these places are the source of many problem immigrants because they the immigrants are unscreened, as moving from Samoa to the US is like moving from New York to California.We also come off as anti-imperialist, which once again puts us in bed with the Left, but that’s not so bad! This stealing of the Left’s principled positions will drive the PC Left insane. They will either be forced to defend colonialism in the PC or..? Or what? Or I don’t know. Mostly it will make the PC crowd very confused and angry.
  6. On schools, forget fighting Brown vs BOE. Done deal. Instead focus on busing. Say it’s ridiculous, a waste of money, and it insults Blacks by saying they can’t learn with their own kind but only with Whites. Say we support neighborhood schools. If a neighborhood is mixed, the school is mixed. If the neighborhood is White, the school should be White. If the neighborhood is Black, the school should be Black. The PC folks will be forced to attack this totally reasonable position and will come across like fanatical ideologues.
  7. Say we need to start getting serious about throwing out seriously disruptive students. This is Fred Reed’s view. They can all go to The Psycho Kid’s School for all we care. They have no right to ruin it for everyone else. If Blacks get tossed out more than others, as long as its racially fair (should be investigated), oh well. Maybe Black students should start acting better to not get thrown out of school.
  8. Say we support affirmative action, but only if the Black, etc. is just as qualified as the White he is competing with . This will drive people crazy. Of course, the whole problem with affirmative action is that less qualified non-Whites replace Whites. This will force the PC folks to defend what they have been defending all along, which is the hiring of less qualified non-Whites in favor of more qualified Whites. It’s seen as pretty indefensible, and rightly so.
  9. Say we have no problem with well-behaved Blacks living with Whites who wish to fully integrate into White communities and adopt White culture. Promoting “freedom of association” will get us no where; it’s doomed. Point out that Black culture leaves much to be desired, and Blacks benefit from adopting White culture. This will force the PC crowd into the dubious role of defending Black culture (ahem) while paradoxically attacking White culture as somehow pathological, which is ridiculous. They’ve been doing this all along, but this will force the point.

Most of this stuff will make White nationalists furious, but so what? We will more than make it up with new more moderate followers. Right now, White advocates preaching to a tiny choir. These positions will drive our enemies insane! They will be totally confused by these views, and they won’t know what to make of them. It will throw a monkey wrench into the whole “White advocates are racist” thing.

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0 thoughts on “Some Sensible Positions For Liberal Race Realists and White Advocates”

  1. Exactly. I call myself a “white culturalist;” I would be satisfied if we accomplished two things:
    1. Accept that the culture of whites is America’s norm and no one has the right to demand or expect that any other cultural values need to be accommodated as normative (you can still have a Little Havana or Chinatown, as long as there’s no expectation that the norms of that community have to be accepted by other communities)
    2. Get rid of the idea that disparate results constitute evidence of discrimination or oppression. If an advanced placement class has zero minority students, you can’t assume that the problem is the entrance exam.
    If we did those two things, integration and diversity would follow along logical lines: the minorities THAT DESERVE IT would join the white middle class.

  2. This smolders of Manifesto material.
    My 98.5-IQ’d Mexican mind embraces all of it, but I feel most strongly about #7.
    I think this presents an option that the most libertine amongst us can go completely apeshit about.
    I think the threshold should righteously begin at Kindergarten behavior. The sooner we root out the riffraff, the better. The less time they spend in the same school with our kids, the less chance they have to spread their evil and contagious thoughts.
    Kick them out and let them breed their filthy malevolence in The Psycho Kids School!

  3. nobody cares about US colonies. its not even an issue. most puerto ricans identify as White. Robert, why dont you run for office? im not a US citizen and cant vote, but probably would if i could.

    1. AJ
      you they get welfare and a US paspport too. Are you happy to be giving your hard earned dollars away to someone who doesn’t call him/her-self an American???

  4. im not American and im a net tax consumer. im an immigrant from a poor country HOWEVER i was just commenting objectively that most americans really dont mind puerto rico nad other colonies.

  5. Maybe I’m nit picking here but when you say Blacks should adopt White culture, do you mean instead of keeping what’s good in our own? I have no problem with the “when in Rome” approach as well as adopting the opposite of any negative social ills that exist in the poor Black communities, but I think positive contributions from the Black culture are all too often overlooked. For example, do you mean we should abolish Jazz, Blues, Rock music (which came from rock and roll if I’m not mistaken)? What about contributions in poetry, painting, photography, literature, sports, etc… Should these things just go away?

    1. No, not at all. There’s aspects of Black culture that I really love. Obviously, what’s good about Black culture is not the problem. I even like the good stuff about Black culture better than my own culture. White people are so uptight!

    1. I don’t know about Black photographers and painters. I hear there are some really good painters out of South Africa though.
      There are some damn good Black poets. Was e.e. cummings not a Black man?
      There’s some damn good Black lit too. James Baldwin is too much. And Samuel R. Delaney is supposed to be out of this world. Octavia Butler is also supposed to be good.

      1. Octavia Butler is da bomb, although I don’t think she ever really made it out of the “black woman writer” ghetto. Read the “Parable of the Sower,” esp. Also the series that started with “Mind of My Mind.” Even my uncle who was an early sci fi fan, but something of a racist like many white men of the “Greatest Generation,” was blown away by that when I finally badgered him into reading it.
        Samuel Delany also, especially Dhalgren

        1. I’ve also heard that Ishmael Reed is excellent. At the very least Yellow Back Radio Broke-Down and Mumbo Jumbo are said to be very good.
          I’ve heard both Parable and of the Sower and Dhalgren are supposed to be great.

  6. oh and btw rock has always been white. that shit about blacks starting it is propaganda. anyways, even if blacks did start it, its white now, so deal with it.

    1. Man this is so wrong. I am practically a professor of rock and roll. Yes, rock was started by Blacks. We even had some old 78’s of the early rhythm and blues that gave rise to rock and roll. All Black artists from the late 1940’s and early 1950’s. That’s some killer music, man!
      Blues -> rhythm and blues -> rock and roll.

      1. I was just thinking this morning about how much I used to like the blues. The music of people like Howlin’ Wolf and Robert Johnson seemed almost transcendent to me. It was ruined for me when blues became the province of fat, stupid white guys like Jim Belushi, for example. It’s funny how things like that can change one’s perceptions.

        1. Second that. Love Howlin’ Wolf and Lightnin’ Hopkins AND Big Bill Broonzy. Robert Johnson is kinda miserable and low down and ok if you want to get with some real low down mean dirty blues. But I prefer the happier stuff like Big Bill’s Feel So Good. That’s also the blues.
          What do you think of J P Bonamassa? A friend goes to his concerts but but when I heard some of his blues I remained unconvinced. He’s a huge white star of the blues. Like Clapton. Again, with Eric aka God, I’m unconvinced. And it has nothing to with colour.
          Can blue men play the whites?
          Definitely: Stevie Ray, Johnny Winter, Rory Gallagher – all white guys.

        2. I should have mentioned that I love Clapton, et al. By fat stupid white guys I mainly meant 40ish guys in the 90s and up who decided that blues were a way to regain their lost manhood and mojo. Newsflash: It didn’t work.

  7. Mexico is a US colony like all the other Latin American countries so they should have the right to freely immigrate to the US like Puerto Ricans.

  8. To Matt:
    Who’s getting free health and dental care in the great neoliberal dystopia north of the Rio Grande?
    The millions of people on Medicaid and Medicare in addition to any one who doesn’t have a social security number and walks into a public hospital. (at least for medical care..)

  9. about IQ tests…i agree 100% and i think it’s a shame that companies cannot (?) use IQ tests for hiring. if we’d let them use IQ tests maybe we could begin to cut down on all this wasted money sending idiots to college. what a racket!
    and about fixing the schools, boy do i agree with you. toss out those disruptive little shits. i’d go further, i’d say let’s just eliminate the last two years of high school. it’s more like a daycare/prison than a place for learning. the schools are so fucked up…

  10. I just want to congratulate you on your language usage skill. It´s truly great. Boy, would I wish more people would have such a relaxed way of saying what they think so that we could engage in more intelligent discussions. I usually have a hard time when I try to argue some logical solution for real physical problems no one-sided ideology can solve. It should be obvious by now for most people that denying the existence of a problem won’t make it magically dissapear and that a more pragmatic approach will be more effective.
    I definitely will read much more of your blog to improve my communication skills, which I used to think were pretty good until I got to your pages. That´s a very refreshing feeling. I have been really stuck lately and was getting frustrated not being able to talk to level headed people who tend to avoid sensitive subjects, thinking it may lead to extremes.
    I was getting really tired of apologizing all the time to all people who give themselves the right to be offended all the time, even if nothing offensive has been said. So thanks.
    P.S. I live in Brazil, if you someday think you have it hard in your country… try taking a vacation and come to Brazil to see the mess we´re up against. It may not be worse, but it sure ain’t better.

    1. “I was getting really tired of apologizing all the time to all people who give themselves the right to be offended all the time, even if nothing offensive has been said. So thanks.”
      So don’t apologize and tell those whiners to go fuck themselves.

      1. I never would tell anyone to fuck her/himself. I aprecciate your support and agree that I should not apologize. I have to find a way to do that with finesse, like the owner of this blog does. I firmly believe in total individual freedom and this is only possible when every individual becomes able to behave in a respectful and civilized manner.
        Total individual freedom also does not mean anarchy, although a lot of people tend to call me that when they do not feel like hearing what I have to say about it. Total individual freedom means you can think, do, like, dislike whatever you want and that you should also be held responsible for all that. Politically, total individual freedom means that I do not stand for any party or will ever support a group. i could no care less for groups, they are always exclusionist and thus will create conflict. If politics were a matter of individuals with no party, there would be much less lying, harmful alliances and much less guilt-shifting or accusations. If you are a individual free president of a country, you must behave like an honorable man, period.
        I got carried away… but the main point is that I really do hate apologizing, but the other extreme of telling people to fuck themselves goes against me being a respectful, civiled person. Although I fell like doing it sometimes, I really can’t do it. I will support your freedom to say it though : )

        1. This individual freedom connotes some sense of honor, dignity and discipline in order to make it worth its salt. Qualities that are not exactly in abundance across the whole of mankind. That’s why individual freedom will continually be polluted and perverted into eternity, and those weary of individual freedom will continue to attach derisive monikers (like anarchy).

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