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The other one is getting pretty filled up, and it’s freezing my browser when I try to load it. Find it on the side under Post Suggestions 2.

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0 thoughts on “New Post Suggestions Page is Up”

  1. How about a post discussing the documentary ‘Waiting for Superman’?
    I saw it and thought it was interesting. I’m curious to hear everyone’s thoughts on it.

  2. How about a post about what likely goes through a White Person’s mind when a Black guy shows up for an interview? What is the White person likely thinking? What is the best way for a Black person to act on that interview with Whites to maximize his chance of success or does it matter very little what he says/does to increase his chances of being hired at that point?

    1. Not being an employer myself, I wouldn’t know.
      But I’m guessing that if a black person wants to succeed, he has to do the following..
      1. Absolutely no ebonics.
      2. No “tude.”
      3. Be a friendly, humorous person, but at the same time avoid any black cadences.
      Basically, let the white interviewer know that you’re not a threat and don’t embody any stereotypical black qualities.
      In an nutshell, that’s the advice I’d give.
      Of course, where my mom works, she has black co-workers who do have the “tude” and who can be a pain in the ass. I guess you just have to hide the tude for the interview, and then let it out later.

        1. By the “tude,” I’m referring to the edginess and hostility that blacks at times display around whites.
          This whole, “whatchu lookin’ at?!” “It’s cuz I’m black!” hostility and unpleasantness.
          I saw plenty of this tude in middle school, and to a smaller extent high school.
          I guess by “black cadence,” I’m euphemistically referring to ebonics and heavy black accents.
          Basically, if you were to have a conversation with this employer online, and he were to immediately be able to tell that you were black, that’s bad news.

    1. No problem.
      Just so you know, I’m mainly speaking based on my own perception and my own racial attitudes.
      I have a bad habit of sometimes presuming to speak for all other whites. I’m going to try to stop doing that from now on.

      1. You are clear and anyone growing up White or Asian or Latin knows the feeling..Black hostility against anyone not their skin is fostered by their leaders and their mothers, “The White’s enslaved our family, and they want to hold you down, and they want to destroy you”. No wonder “why” Blacks (80% or more) hate you.. Their leaders, “the USA school system is designed to suppress and control your minds. We must reject their education!” Look at the lack of interest and look at the skyrocketing drop out rate in spite of bussing to the best US schools across the USA…In high school and the US Military, friendship between Blacks and Whites was rare and many blacks were henpecked to “stay away from Whitey and Keep with your own!” and made to feel ashamed to be in the friendly presence of Non Blacks. That IS the American B/W Experience, HA!

  3. I have another suggestion: When and how did this country get so Politically Correct?
    Shows like “The Jeffersons” and “All in the Family” were hilarious but they would never get produced today. They are in syndication though and I’m surprised that people don’t mind having it on the air in this ultra PC environment.

  4. One more suggestion: Compare and contrast racism vs tribalism. How are they similar, how are they different in motive, intent, behavior, perception internally and from other cultures looking in, etc…

  5. Let’s discuss the monetary basis for US presence in Afghan. like: 1. Lithium field mine bonanza. 2. Heroin profits. I enjoy how Bush Jr. established the Opium Rules for the US Military presence in Afghan: It is a fact, the US military cannot intervene in the production of opium. Since the war began, opium production has increased by 20oo% (Newsweek 09′) and profits in 2o11 are esimated at 4.5 Billion with 4 million trickling back to their economy, and the rest….where does that go, no one asks????????? I liked the 60 Minutes story “Raul’s Money” in the 1990’s, where the Harvard graduate- personal friend of Bush Sr., Presidente Calderon and his brother, were caught laundering 1/3 Billion in drug money thru Citibank and 6 months later, Congress concluded (on the front page of USA Today) “Banking Laws Lax, But No Laws Broken!”. I enjoy the allegations made by Mike Ruppert, that the CIA, shielded by the 1948 McCarren Act, is immune from US Laws and oversteps the Constitution to facilitate the international drug trade and the extensive journalist coverage of the “Mena Connection” in Arkansas during the 80’s was squashed. Could Citi Bank be sitting on Trillions in Dope Profits?? Is their co-ownership of the US Federal Reserve in conflict with the citizens of the USA? In Christian America, Rush would never let that happen, because Christians Love Jesus and attempting to drag their icons into the limelight is strictly influenced by Satan and when Jesus comes back, he’s gonna save all the Christian wrong doers that pray to Jesus for forgiveness each night and then their all gonna go to heaven and live in golden mansions! That Is what they believe!

  6. How about the topic “Mandatory Sterilization of Felons”. I understand that US Prisons are primarily populated by Lower IQ individuals, that there is a link for intelligence levels of their offspring, that there is a genetic link for propensity towards violence. Should the US Government protect the rights of criminals to breed??? Is it time to Stop!

  7. Correction: It was President Salinas that deposited 1/3 Billion in drug money with the assistance of Citi Bank President… I am sure Presidente Calderon deposits much more than his predecessors since dope profits are up

    1. Cut Defense Spending (almost 2/3 Fed Budget goes to Defense)
    2. Force government workers to pay their own health insurance like everyone else or Go Without. Use the Average $800 cost/month to pay down the deficit instead of providing free health insurance to government workers.
    3. Force government workers to pay 100% of Social Security instead of just 50%
    Send the 50% the US Taxpayer would have given towards Deficit reduction.
    4. Increase Hard Liquor Tax.
    5. Tax marijuana sales
    6. Layoff excess Government workers, just like everybody else.
    7. Charge Luxery Car Tax each year
    8. Charge a “Federal Deficit Tax” each year on new homes sales of 1 millon +
    9. Cut Goverement worker Vacations by 70%
    10. Charge a 30% Deficit Tax on “Campaign Contribution Payoffs” to elected.
    11. Eliminate “Extra Retirement Benefits” for Government workers. Let em rretire on Social Security like Everybody Else in the Private Sector, HA

  9. Here we go! This might be fun! I spend a lot of time flying about the planet using “Google Earth”. As a break from depressing each other on the stale situation of the human condition we should all look at our amazing planet and the outrageous photos Google gives us. For instance; I found a low level nap of the earth flight of an Air Force refueler sneeking in on the Old Woman Mts. of So. Cal. I just wonder what other aircraft be it from this planet or maybe other ones Google SAT images have trapped and no one knows they exist? So at this point I’m giving you all a directive to go to Google Earth and find extraterestial aircraft. Robert, I will step down when this has been accomplished.thanx again,Vergearuker

      1. 34*28’37.76″N 115*15’04.35″W This should put you on the spot. Just punch this into the Google Earth address bar. (Find your way there and you might find a chunk of the “Old Woman Meteorite” that slammed into that mountain 300 years ago!) 6000 #’s of iron that the Fed’s openly stold from the real finders.They got shit for their troubles.I’m looking for any spilled crumbs.”YOU PEOPLE” need to find me alien aircraft! Now chop-chop my little nimrods. You have nothing better to do! Instead of whining about the human condition you should inspect all 10 to the 100th square meters of this planet!(Above and below water.) I challenge everyone to out do my findings….You at this time are all” Piss Ants” to me! The game is on…….thanx! Vergearuker p.s.Robert is not a piss ant. pps.still working on a photo….

  10. I think you should do a post on David Icke and his theories.
    His latest one is that the moon is an artificial construct created by the Reptilian alien race that sends out a radio frequency that suppresses the human conscious into a mind matrix which the Reptilians control.

    1. He’s wrong. The real moon left orbit in 1999 due to an engineering mishap involving nuclear explosives. What we see at night is a an enormous hologram. The chaotic tides have either been supressed by the media or blamed on global climate change.
      The fact of the matter is there was a shadow government installed on the moon in the 1980s meant to re-boot civilization after a carefully orchestrated nuclear war, except a certain operative named Hinkley failed in his task. He was quickly neutralized with a neuro-scrambler dart, reducing him to a deranged mental patient.
      Here is an EXTREMELY accurate depiction of the 1999 Lunar Catastrophe. WHY is it from a 1970’s tv show? Because a deranged time-traveller from 2628 ( posing as a tv writer) had tried to disrupt his own timeline in an act of temporal terrorism:
      Personally, I’m feeling this opening a whole lot more:
      I fucking love this show.

  11. There was also a competing shadow government known LITERALLY as S.H.A.D.O.W, which installed a lunar base known as Moon Base Alpha. Sadly, they ran out of funding and had completely vacated the moon years before the ’99 catastrophe. This is a brief montage of their shenanigans:

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