How Many Ounces of Meat in a Super Burrito?

Took a bit of Googling around. Chipotle’s Restaurant (partly owned by McDonald’s) has huge super burritos. The chicken ones are 23 ounces, and the barbacoa pork, carnitas, ball-tip steak and shredded beef ones are 29 ounces. Sure, it’s a huge meal, but it’s not bad for you health-wise. The filling is mostly beans and rice. You can also get them with corn and lettuce. Lot of calories though. These things can be up to 900-1400 calories, but that’s almost all the food you need for a day if you’re like me. Problem is for most people it won’t be just about the only thing they will eat all day, and there’s the problem. Things get dicier when you add the sour cream and cheese. I might withhold those. About the meat. Chipotle’s has 4 oz.of meat in all their burritos except for the shredded beef which has 5 oz. So you can eat about 4-5 of these things a week if you are having them with red meat.

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3 thoughts on “How Many Ounces of Meat in a Super Burrito?”

  1. Beans and rice can be some pretty empty calories. Not as bad as a can of soda, but not completely off the hook, all else being equal, with veggies and naturally-raised meat alone being the gold standard for a healthy meal.

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