This Movie Sucks

[youtube=] The Human Centipede. This is only the trailer, but I really do not want to watch this movie. It looks seriously fucked up. No thanks. Here is the plot. Fucked up or what? Fuck this movie. Really. Fuck. This. Movie!

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8 thoughts on “This Movie Sucks”

  1. It’s pretty tame compared to some of the gore movies you post. Not that I’d recommend watching it. I only did because it was showing at the three dollar theater. You could tell the director knew it was a shitty movie(reminded me of one of those Sci Fi channel original movies quality-wise), so there were a few cheap drunken laughs. Otherwise it was a waste of time.

    1. I dissagree I have seen the hostel films which i thought were pretty sick. there are other films with a lot more gore but this film has one of the sickest concept i have heard of.

      1. I don’t know, man. The Human Centipede really was not very shocking to me. It strikes me as something a 14-year-old would come up with. It’s sick, but it’s so stupid on a certain level that it doesn’t bother me.
        After seeing things like that Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs video, or 2 girls, 1 cup, for that matter, The Human Centipede is nothing.
        How about Uwe Boll’s Holocaust movie? He’s the guard in the trailer:
        Evidently he really wants to be taken seriously now, but those video game movies he made were shitty.

        1. How did the Japanese dude rank lead float in this parade? Was it as simple as yelling “Shogun…I mean Shotgun!” first??
          I can’t even imagine the misery of being the caboose and having to consume twice-filtered feces.
          After a while you try to be so shocking that nothing is shocking. The point of diminishing sick returns.

  2. Okay, I caved in and watched it on Netflix night night. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. There’s not a whole lot of gore or anything. The grossest part is when the guy says he has to take a shit and has no choice but to do it in the girl’s mouth as she gags in agony. But you don’t actually see any shit. I do have to give credit to Tom Six for coming up with quite an original idea for a psycho thriller. I can’t say whether I liked the movie or didn’t like it. I was going to rate it on the website afterward but couldn’t decide. I don’t know. It was like watching 2 girls 1 cup, you know you’re a sick fuck if you enjoy it, but yet it’s hard to not want to see it. I couldn’t have seen paying 12 bucks to see it in a theater, but I could see a bunch of friends getting stoned and watching it on netflix for the fuck of it.

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