Phil Spector at his Trial

Is this guy for real? Photo is from his trial. He was apparently convicted and sentenced to prison for manslaughter for killing an aspiring actress at his trial. My understanding is that’s not his real hair either. I don’t know what’s wrong with him. He’s said to be a first class millionaire psycho dude. Anti-Semites may wish to note that he’s a JEW. Make of that what you will. I love his production of his girl groups though. Ever heard Phil Spector’s Christmas Album. Check it out!

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22 thoughts on “Phil Spector at his Trial”

  1. Are you sure that picture was not taken after he was found guilty? LOL.
    Have you read or heard about latest studies that Jews and middle Easterners are part Neanderthal accounts for Jewish and Muslim psychopathic behaviour.
    The Controversial Story Of The Khazars
    The seldom-heard-of group of people known as the Khazars were hardly ever the subject of discussion outside scholarly circles—particularly those interested in Jewish history—until the release in 1976 of a controversial book entitled The Thirteenth Tribe by Jewish philosopher and social critic Arthur Koestler (1905-1983).
    However, independent of Koestler (whose work he had never before known), a Canadian- based writer of Jewish origins, Michael Bradley, released his own 1978 work, The Iceman Inheritance, followed up by its sequel, Chosen People From the Caucusus, in which (combined together) he put forth his thesis that the modern day people known as the Jews were descendants from the Khazars and that, indeed, the Khazars could trace their origins back to the Neanderthals.
    Bradley’s website at describes Bradley’s findings in part: In Chosen People from the Caucasus, Bradley focuses on the two separate groups of people who came from the Caucasus Mountains of the Middle East: the Biblical Hebrews who emerged from the southern Caucasus between 3000-2000 BC to invade Palestine, and the northern Caucasus “Khazars” who were converted to Judaism about 740A.D.

    1. It’s bullshit! Jews and Arabs are not Neandertals! Damn. Anti-Semites are so insane. I think everyone outside of Africa is part Neandertal. It’s only Blacks who have no Neandertal in them.

      1. The author of the book Iceman Inheritance is part Jewish himself and studies by western genetic scientists confirm the Neanderthal trace from the North Caucasus to the Mid East and parts of Europe.
        Would explain why Jews and Arabs/Muslims act in psychopathic ways like the Jewish international snuff crime network lead by Jewish criminals in Russia who would kidnap, rape and murder Russian children and sell the video to clients abroad uncovered in Italy in 2000 or Islamic international terrorism despite the propaganda is not fuelled by poverty as most leading terrorists like the Saudis are from middle to upper class families.

        1. It’s not! It’s not true! The Iceman Inheritance is anti-Semitic crap.
          Anyway, Jews are not sociopathic. If they were, they would have very high violent crime rates. They do not. Cops hate to work in Jewish cities because it is so boring and there is no crime. They are sociopathic in the sense that many high-IQ groups are like the Chinese – lie, cheat, steal and do anything for money.
          But that’s not the same thing as criminal sociopathy.
          I highly doubt that Arabs are sociopathic either. Arab societies are highly proper, work very well, and have extraordinarily low crime rates. This would not be the case with a sociopathic population.
          Is there a limit to the amount of conspiracy theory crap that you will imbibe, John?

        2. @Robert Lindsay
          Anyway, Jews are not sociopathic. If they were, they would have very high violent crime rates.
          They are involved in major international organised crime especially now with the “Russian” mafia whose head is a Ukrainian Jew called Moglevich as well as supporting enemy forces against the host country and the biggest mass murderers both capitalist and Communist are/were Jewish.
          I highly doubt that Arabs are sociopathic either.
          Funny because I thought that all those terrorists came from Iceland.
          Remove there oil wealth and police states and they would turn into Jordan or Palestine.

      2. You have cleanly missed the point. “anti-semetic’ doesn’t enter into it. If you read the data,it is clear most people who identify as jews are not semites at all. The neanderthal link is a bit too fuzzy to make much of but Eastern European “jews” are the progeny of the Kazars who converted in the seventh century. The genetics and the population numbers make that irrefutable. Jews from israel have more in common with the Palestinians than with the Ashkenazi “jews”. This doesn’t make anyone inferior it simply counters some ancient mythology which history is full of and that we all need to deal with.

  2. I love his music too. There can be a thin line between the ego required to achieve what he did and total insanity.
    Having enough money to isolate himself completely and surround himself only with yes-men, and lots of drugs, was probably what did it. Ronnie Spector was basically a prisoner in their house before she summoned the courage to leave.
    I think we need to relieve all multi-millionaires of their excess millions to keep them from losing their marbles. It’s for their own good. 🙂

    1. What did he do to that poor girl? I don’t know the story.
      Seems like a narcissist, or a malignant narcissist. Possibly a narcissistic sociopath. I don’t know much about his drug history. His favorite drug in recent years seems to be alcohol. He seems to have some real issues with women. He has pulled guns on women and threatened them, even in pubic, while plastered, a number of times. This is what got the one woman killed. Any guy who keeps pulling guns on chicks while he’s drunk has some issues.
      He sounds like a fuckin’ psycho, but supposedly a lot of rich people are like that.

  3. Yup, dude’s got issues.
    Having married Ronnie Bennett, former lead vocalist of The Ronettes, Spector has a glass coffin, like the one in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, installed in the basement of his mini-castle estate in Los Angeles. He leads Ronnie’s mother Beatrice to it, telling her it’s where Ronnie will lie if she ever tries to leave him.
    I read an interview with Ronnie where she said that on the rare occasions Spector let her leave the house, he made her drive with a man-sized dummy in the front seat. Weird.
    He pulled guns on lots of people, including the Ramones and Leonard Cohen.

    1. Ok, he’s a manic-depressive, that makes complete sense. I know a tremendous amount about this condition, let’s put it that way. I don’t think he had schizophrenia. He’s too together for that dx. Manic-depressives can definitely be dangerous, especially in the manic phase.

  4. Oh damn, I always thought that picture was photoshopped, I didn’t realize it was real.
    Also, FYI, type “Phil Spector no wig” into Google image to see what his real hair looks (or, should I say, does not look) like.

  5. Oh damn, I always thought that picture was photoshopped, I didn’t realize it was real.
    Also, FYI, type “Phil Spector no wig” into Google image to see what his real hair looks (or, should I say, does not look) like.
    Damn, that’s one wild looking fuckin’ wig man. I want one like that. Where can I get one? Must be custom.

  6. Is JohnUK one of those BNP types? John, could you elaborate on the split between the BNP and the National Front, and even on the former BNP and NF types who are now National Bolshevik and National Anarchist Brits who actually believe the Islamic Culture is an ally against American/Jewish subcultural imperial degradation?
    Your take, John?

    1. No I’m not a BNP type at all.
      In my high school we had a lot of dumb, aggressive retarded people from neighbouring areas which are all notorious for being bad areas with police curfews and all, no where near as bad as the US though so race was never an issue for me with large Muslim populations centred in England like Birmingham and London.
      The only real minority is Pakistani’s who mainly own newsagents and I have never had a problem with them.
      From what I understand is that far right and nationalist groups in Europe are aligning themselves with Jewish groups and individuals following the lead of Geert Wilder to tackle the Muslim immigration problem.
      According to this the English Defence League which is an offshoot of the National Front I think I might be wrong is forging contacts with groups in the tea party movement.
      I didn’t know there was a National Bolshevik group in Britain odd that former far right members would become members of a far right group.

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