Here. You’ve heard of bear-baiting, why not human baiting? Incredible stuff. A description:

On 6 July 1874 the Daily Telegraph published an article, written by James Greenwood, in which he reported on 25 June 1874 to have witnessed a fight between a man and a dog. Greenwood recounted the tale in his 1876 book, Low-Life Deeps, in the chapter called In the Potteries.The fighter, named ‘Brummy’, was a middle-aged dwarf about 4.5 feet (1.4 m) tall, with oversized features and bowed legs. He had apparently agreed to fight the dog for a bet, on his theory that no dog “could lick a man”. His “opponent” was a white bulldog named Physic. Held by its guardian, the dog apparently did not bark, but was excited to the point where tears ran from its eyes. The fight, watched by an audience of about 50, occurred at an old inn at Hanley, Staffordshire, in a large guest room, its windows closed and its floor covered in sawdust, with the ring cordoned off by a line. During the fight Brummy was bitten deeply several times on his arms, and the Bulldog was dealt several heavy blows to the head and ribs. After ten rounds the Bulldog’s head was heavily swollen, it had lost two teeth, and one of its eyes was closed. The fight lasted until round eleven when Brummy knocked the dog out.


Brummy and the bulldog go at it. Crazy, they are both on leashes. They put the dwarf on a leash too. Nuts.

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0 thoughts on “Human-Baiting”

  1. Crazy! I’d find it fascinating to watch a man fighting a strong, muscular dog, even though I don’t condone it. Let’s just say if someone put one up on youtube, I’d watch it.

  2. Unbelievable. I can’t find anything about it right now but there was a medieval game that involved nailing a cat to a tree and trying to headbutt it to death without being bitten.

  3. The fight reported between the midget Brummy and the bulldog Physic never took place and was a fictional account by the author. Subsequent, investigations at the time could not produce any witness or anyone that even heard of the alleged incident.

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