How Many Ounces of Meat in a Soft Taco?

You’ve all been wondering that forever, huh?
Well, look no further.
Approximately 1.5-2 oz. of meat per soft taco. Taco Bell’s are 1.5 oz. So you can eat about 9-13.5 of them in a week if they are red meat soft tacos, which unfortunately they usually are. Say average 11-12 of them in a week.
I just ate three of them tonite, 1 carnitas (pork), 1 pastor (pork) and 1 asada (pork).I bought them at the local makeshift stand on the corner where most of the workers and customers speak Spanish as their primary language.
Around here, you can also get buche (stomach) and lengua (tongue). A few places offer cabeza (head) and tripe (intestines). They all taste pretty good. Tripe is especially good sometimes. Mexicans eat all the cow, and I mean all the cow.
Sunday night is some kind of eat out night for Mexicans. There are little makeshift taco stands set up all over the place on Saturday and Sunday night both. Few to none on Friday night. Weird.

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  1. You should assume soft tacos vary in preparation depending on sections of the US and sections of Mexico.
    The very first tacos I had were in Trinidad Colorado on a vacation. That was before there was any Mexican restaurant in my home city. They were hard shell tacos and they were huge.

  2. Probably not on Friday because Mexicans are traditionally Catholic and would avoid meat on Friday during Lent. Used to be year-round and some people still adhere to that. Same reason so many people have pizza on Friday.

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