A Serbian Film

Quite possibly one of the most evil movies ever made.
Review here. Another review.
Apparently up there with Pasoloni’s Salo, Philosophy of a Knife, Men Behind the Sun, the Saw films, Hostel, Ichi the Killer, The Human CentipedeGummo, Inside, Virginie Despentes’ Baise-moi and Gaspar Noe’s Irreversible .
About Salo, this anecdote is interesting:

Incidentally a friend of mine manages a DVD and music store, and she says literally everyone who bought Salo was a well dressed middle aged business man. Clearly fiendish pervs.

Wealthy White male middle aged capitalists are sick fucks, not just obviously, but deep down inside too. Who would have thunk it?
About Irreversible:

The first 30 minutes of the film has a background noise with a frequency of 28Hz (low frequency, almost inaudible), similar to the noise produced by an earthquake. In humans, it causes nausea, sickness and vertigo. It was the main cause of people walking out of the theaters during the first part of the film in places like Cannes and San Sebastian.

Looks like the makers of A Serbian Film are having a hard time getting distribution. No wonder.

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30 thoughts on “A Serbian Film”

  1. Screenwriter Srdjan Spasojevic fielded questions during a Q&A, framing the movie as an angry reaction to the country’s rampant censorship laws. “This is a diary of our own molestation by the Serbian government,” he said. “We’re giving this back to you.”
    I think a real artist would come up with a better statement regarding oppression than flinging his own shit. This shock value approach is so tired. Yawn.
    Incidentally a friend of mine manages a DVD and music store, and she says literally everyone who bought Salo was a well dressed middle aged business man. Clearly fiendish pervs.
    I think Pasolini has a little more credibility than this Serbian guy, but there you go. The audience for this stuff doesn’t give two shits about any artistic statement. They just want to be titillated, and the hack filmmakers know it.

  2. Wealthy White male middle aged capitalists are sick fucks, not just obviously, but deep down inside too.
    My gut feeling is a lot of them are dead inside, and need more and more stimulation to get any response at all. Witness the increasingly extreme Sasha Grey-type porn. I’ve never watched any of it, but it sounds pretty gross from what I’ve read.

      1. I read an interview with her somewhere.
        Apparently, before filming a scene, she stuffed herself with as many Big Macs as she could eat. Then she got, uh, face fucked, I believe is the way they put it, until she vomited up the Big Macs all over the guy.
        Sexy times, huh? Doesn’t it make you want to go have a wank right now?
        There are also things involving milk and enemas that I would rather not think about.

        1. I read that interview. She did that in real life I think. Not in a movie. She likes to puke on her partners and get puked on in real life. There is little or no puking going on in mainstream porn. Max Hardcore was doing stuff like that in movies, and he’s in prison now for peddling obscene material. A right and proper sentence I may add.
          BTW, Max Hardcore is a JEW too. Hear that, anti-Semites? I don’t think Max Hardcore is a very nice person. I’ve seen some of his movies. Sick fuck.
          She does a milk enema and then shoots it out her ass? Ugh, gross.

    1. Only thing I have heard is that in one scene with Rocco Sigfredi, she asks him to punch her in the stomach, and he does, really hard. She falls over in pain but apparently she digs it. Then there is a scene in another movie where she has sex with a guy in a Teddy Bear outfit.
      LOTS of women are into pain, humiliation, abuse, all that crap. I’m not really into it myself, but I’ve gotten plenty of requests, occasionally granted. There is something seriously fucked in the head about women; they’re masochists. I was so confused about this that once I asked my mother why I kept meeting pain freaks. She said, “Well, being a woman is painful, physically and psychologically. You either learn to love pain or you’re going to be miserable.

        1. Yeah, there are a lot of women who aren’t into it, but there are SO MANY that are. It’s downright weird. I don’t get women. Didn’t Freud say something like masochism was part of the female character? Lot of gay men are into masochism too. And sadism. I don’t get queers either. They seem like they are just totally perverted fucks.

        2. Your mom’s answer reveals that it is a
          way to deal with abuse, rather than something that is hard-wired. There’s nothing outside of childbirth that makes it especially painful to be a woman. It’s environmental.
          As for Freud, I need to research him more, but there are a lot of writers who think he pulled many of his theories out of his ass.

  3. LOL!
    First Mira, and now this. For some reason, I’m not exactly fond of Serbs. Granted, they have no good reason to be fond of us, considering that we bombed them, but oh well.
    (also, Mira claims that she’s ethnically 1/4 non-Serb, and thus doesn’t ethnically identify herself as a Serb. So I guess I shouldn’t be too judgmental of Serbs)
    I just find it pathetic the way she always is dying for approval among the black Critical Race Theorist crowd.

    1. Her desire to look down on white Americans must have something to do with her country’s fucked up history. Seriously, where does she get off?

    2. Yeah, for all our country’s flaws (and believe me, there are plenty), I would much rather live here than in a fucked-up place like Serbia, that’s for sure.
      I mean, I just find it hilarious the way foreigners are seen as fountains of wisdom.
      Sure, Americans aren’t exactly the most informed and enlightened people on the face of the earth, but who is?

      1. Serbia *really sucks*! I mean really really really really sucks! Especially from a liberal point of view. It’s basically a fascist state with a population that is profoundly fascist to the core. See how they attacked the gay rights parade in Serbia today with firebombs? This is what I mean. Fuck Serbia. There is something terribly wrong with those people.

        1. Bosnia is an Islamo-fascist state the president was an Islamo-fascist who personally meet Bin Ladin in his office in 95 in Sarajevo and gave citizenship to the senior 9/11 hijackers, even wiring money to Atta in the US and with US military contractor MPRI Croatia ethnically cleansed 200,000 Serbs from the Krijina in 3 days.
          Serb for the most part is innocent certainly out of all the combatants the most innocent with all the propaganda horror atrocity stories being debunked by forensic examinations.
          There is something terribly wrong with those people.
          Yes they are not being genocided quickly enough luckily they have a puppet president in power who does exactly what the US tells him to do.

        2. I think what the U.S. did to Serbia was shameful and foolish.
          We need to simply leave the world alone, stop acting as world police, and attend to our own damn business.
          If dictators want to kill off people, let them. At least let’s not be the ones installing dictators.
          Invade the world, invite the world’s wrath.

      2. Yeah, I think there’s a tendency among lefty Americans to view foreigners as fountains of wisdom.
        You see, whether it’s “white privilege” or what have you, everything is a zero-sum game to them.
        So if Americans aren’t the most enlightened people on the earth, then surely foreigners must be geniuses! Foreigners are no more enlightened, kind, or loving than we are.
        The only difference is that we’re more powerful and influential than them, thus our negative actions have more serious consequences.
        And yeah, while Americans can certainly be criticized, and rightfully so, who the hell is a Serb to critique ANYONE?

        1. @Bay Area Guy
          They have a lot to criticise the US for first by breaking up Yugoslavia, then by supporting and training anti-Serb forces by training militants/fighters with CIA black flights illegally breaking the embargo to deliver weapons to Islamic terrorists in Bosnia and weapons to Croatia.
          Supporting international Islamic terrorism against the Serbs and bombing Bosnian Serbs based on Muslim false flag market bombings.
          The international especially US media flat out lying provoking war against Serbia. Most of the fake Serb atrocity stories came from US PR Company Rudder Finn
          Bombing of Serbia and supporting (training, financing, etc) KLA terrorism based on phoney atrocity in Racak orchestrated by the US for justification for the attack.
          “The strategy began in late 1998 when “a huge CIA mission (got) underway in Kosovo”. President Miloševic had allowed the Kosovo Diplomatic Observer Mission to enter Kosovo to monitor the situation in the province. This ad hoc group was immediately stuffed with British and American intelligence agents and special forces – men from the CIA, US naval intelligence, the British SAS and something called “14th intelligence”, a body within the British army which operates side by side with the SAS “to provide what is known as ‘deep surveillance’ ”. The immediate purpose of this operation was “Intelligence Preparation of Battlefield” – a modern version of what the Duke of Wellington used to do, riding up and down the battlefield to get the lie of the land before engaging the enemy. So as Marshall puts it, “Officially, the KDOM was run by the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe … unofficially, the CIA ran (it) … The organisation was just packed with them … It was a CIA front.” Many of the officers in fact worked for another CIA front, DynCorp, the Virginia-based company which employs mainly “members of US military elite units, or the CIA”, as Marshall says. They used the KDOM, which later became the Kosovo Verification Mission, for espionage. Instead of doing the monitoring tasks assigned to them, officers would go off and use their global positioning devices to locate and identify targets which would be later bombed by Nato. Quite how the Yugoslavs could allow 2,000 highly trained secret service agents to roam around their territory is difficult to understand, especially since, as Marshall shows, they knew perfectly well what was going on.
          The head of the Kosovo Verification Mission was William Walker, the man deputed to oust Manuel Noriega from power in Panama, and a former ambassador to El Salvador whose US-supported government ran death squads. Walker “discovered” the “massacre” at Racak in January 1999, the event which was used as a pretext for starting the process which led to the bombing which began on 24th March. There is much evidence to suggest that Racak was staged, and that the bodies found were in fact those of KLA fighters, not civilians as was alleged. What is certain is that Walker’s role was so key that the country road in Kosovo which leads to Racak has now been renamed after him. Marshall writes that the date for the war – spring 1999 – was not only decided in late December 1998, but also that the date was communicated to the KLA at the time. This means that when the “massacre” occurred and when Madeleine Albright declared, “Spring has come early,” she was behaving rather like Joseph Goebbels who, on hearing the news of the Reichstag fire in 1933, is supposed to have remarked, “What, already?”
          At any rate, when the KVM was withdrawn on the eve of the Nato bombing, Marshall says that the CIA officers in it gave all their satellite phones and GPS equipment to the KLA. “The KLA were being trained by the Americans, partially equipped by them, and virtually given territory,” Marshall writes – even though he, like all other reporters, helped propagate the myth of systematic Serb atrocities committed against a totally passive Albanian civilian population.”

          Theft of Kosovo
          Depleted Uranium
          Buying up Serbian industry at fire-sale prices.
          Ethnic cleansing again of Serbs in Kosovo.
          Organ harvesting and selling of captured Serb civilians by KLA terrorist. (while they were still alive I might add).
          Show trial in The Hague and murder of Serb defendants including Milosevic.
          Genocide against the Serbs
          And what has the US created in the Balkans? The largest terrorist/drug and sex trafficking base in the world certainly in Europe anyway.

  4. well i just want to say i love sasha grey. i think shes great. she does quite a few scenes wearing a dog leash LOL. thats an increasing porn trend

  5. Drop the Serb-bashing. The Serbs were the victims. And worse, like the Palestinians, like the Afghans, Iraqis, Hugo Chavez, you name them… they were demonized and caricatured of the villains, instead of victims of a NATO genocide. There aren’t many countries in the world where you could hold a gay pride event without getting some reaction like that. There aren’t many places in the USA or UK where you could do it.
    I’ve seen Serbian film. A Serb friend sent me a copy. Well, at least it’s not pretending to be good, clean healthy fun like the Saw and Hostel films – they’re not of course; they’re about enjoying nasty things happening to people. Serbian film is really well made, and very funny in a no-holds-barred sort of way, and disturbing, and a bit much. And I have to admit, it’s a bit pointless. I too don’t really feel that the director’s spiel about ‘throwing back the shit that’s thrown at us’ is genuine. It’s just an attempt to gain notoriety by outdoing Hostel and Saw, and it does that, and also sends them up. But who needs it? What next?
    It’s worth seeing once as a curiosity. I say that as someone who has never watched Pasolini’s Salo – I don’t know why, I just can’t bring myself to look at that. It feels to me like it would be participating in it. Serbian film is just a send-up, albeit ‘a bit much’.

    1. Drop the Serb-bashing. The Serbs were the victims.
      Oh I know that. I know that the U.S. did some fucked-up shit to them.
      However, that doesn’t mean that the Serbs are beyond criticism. They’re hardly innocent little angels.

  6. John Uk – I read that review and comments on Gray Falcon. A couple of them really hit the nail on the head. I’m a bit mystified as to why my Serbian friend (who is gay, by the way – I’m not, by the way) is so keen for everyone to see this. But then again it IS quite something – and maybe just tongue-in-cheek enough for my stomach. I think the director’s bullshit is ‘unhelpful’ though.

  7. Having said that, I feel I’ve neglected some genuine quality in Serbian film – the visceral. Especially in the end, it has the feel of a Greek tragedy like Sophocles, Oedipus, Elektra and so on, or Shakespeare’s King Lear and Titus Andronicus, where characters suffer the utmost horror and degradation, eating or buggering their children and worse – horrors most of our art (especially cinematic) can only make a joke out of, or look away from, while our military is inflicting even more unimaginable horror on the world, like on Serbia. There IS something real here.
    This is an excellent review of another Serbian film, ‘in the same vein’ – I’m told it’s better, but I haven’t seen it – by Kim Nicolini (Kim Dot Dammit). She writes very well, and captures some of the genuine tragic element – it’s also quite long:
    Death of a porno gang

  8. Sorry to harp on about this, but re above I should state that comparison with Sophocles obviously also shows up the difference in the approach to ‘this sort of content’ between that of great drama and poetry, and that of schlock-horror special effects. We’re still reading Sophocles nearly 3 thousand years later; Serbian movie is worth watching once, maybe twice.

  9. I can’t think of any movie from that part of the world I’ve liked. Oh, maybe Black Cat, White Cat, by Emile Kurustica. But it might be Croatian rather than Serbian.
    Hey Lafayette, any thoughts on that cunt David Cameron yet? Similar to Thatcher, or worse? (I suspect worse) And why are the Lib Dems going along for the ride? I look forward to their autodestruction…

  10. Hi Abiezer. Try ‘Turneja’ – it’s highly recommended, and not sensationalist shit, and no I haven’t watched it myself yet, though I’ve got it – a serious film. A big attraction is Mira Furlan, a Croatian (but a nice one, not one of the nazis) who was Yugoslavia’s most celebrated classical actress before making a name in the West in for instance the greatest achievement in film, the 90s SF tv series Babylon 5, where she played Delenn, and she had a big part in Lost too.
    David Cameron is no better than he should be, as they say. He’ll be worse than Thatcher, but only because the Labour Party and the unions have completely betrayed their constituents, and the Trots have systematically undermined every effort to organise outside the Labour party. Cameron’s pushing at an open door.
    I remember the first tv shot I saw of Cameron entering Number 10 after he won. Gone were the innocent sheep eyes, replaced with a bully’s leer and swagger: ” Now you’re for it granny; we’ll have those wheelchairs and freedom passes off you…”

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