L-1 Visas, Evil Stepchildren of the Hindu 1-B Visas

Due to crackdowns on Hindu 1-B visas, US corporations have decided to use another loophole called the L-1 visa. With the L-1 visa, the worker is simply hired overseas. Then the overseas worker is transferred to the US, where they work at 1/3 the wages of a US worker. The US worker, in the familiar scenario, is forced to train his replacement. Then he is fired and replaced by some clown from somewhere in Asia. These are the folks, the plutocrats, that James Schipper recently said in the comments section we should not be offending too much. We have to give them what they want. Otherwise? Otherwise they will stop investing. I really don’t know what to say about this. I want to get rid of most all of the Hindu 1-B’s. Then I want to go after all of the L-1 visas. The Tea Partiers never met a Hindu 1-B or L-1 Visa holder they did not love with all of their heart. We know this because the Tea Partiers support Corporate America to the hilt. Corporate America ruined the US and nearly the world economy. Corporate America is responsible for the economic downturn and the fact that standard fiscal measures are not working well to get us out of it. Stimulus spending and loose money will only have so much effect when corporations are not hiring Americans anymore, or when corporations have so destroyed good US union wages that consumer demand has been quashed by shit wages. The current downturn is demand-driven. There is a lack of consumer demand. The low demand is due to decades of Hindu 1-B and L-1 Visas, offshoring, hiring of illegal immigrants, and consistent smashing down of the wages of the remaining workers. Fordism said you paid your Ford workers enough so they could afford to buy one of the cars they were building. Fordism is dead and gone. Until there is a revival of US demand, that is, until high paying jobs come home from overseas or out of the hands of Hindu job thief invaders, or until wages of US workers start rising, the dead economy will continue to flounder. Republican economic policy is all supply side, all the time. This cannot possibly do anything to fix a broken economy. US businesses are sitting on a mountain of cash. We have had 30 years of supply side economics. It hasn’t worked in any one of those 30 years, and it’s not working now. It’s not going to work in the future either. Businesses are not hiring because they don’t have any customers. Giving them more mountains of cash to sit on is not going to bring one more customer into their businesses. So Republican economic plans cannot possibly do anything do bring back customers. It can’t work even on paper. The New York Times and other fonts of MSM evil have been writing a lot of articles lately saying essentially, “Get used to permanent 10 By the way, the stimulus did work as expected, so I am told. The degree to which even stimulus spending won’t work as expected anymore because no one is hiring any Americans anymore at living wages remains to be seen, but it doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with the stimulus spending model. Unlike neoliberalism, Keynesian economics actually works. It’s been proven over and over. I don’t have too many solutions on this blog. For starters though:

  1. Radically cut back, or get rid of, Hindu 1-B visas.
  2. Get rid of L-1 visas altogether.
  3. Look into R-1 visas (apparently another outrageous scam whereby foreigners are imported to do “seasonal” work that “Americans won’t do”).
  4. Keep deporting illegals, and start some major crackdowns on employers through the use of E-Verify program, which Obama has refused to implement.
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2 thoughts on “L-1 Visas, Evil Stepchildren of the Hindu 1-B Visas”

  1. To Rob:
    Then the overseas worker is transferred to the US, where they work at 1/3 the wages of a US worker.
    No the L-1 visa worker (in the US..) is generally not 1/3 the cost of the US worker that they replace. They are, however generally cheaper and much more docile.. knowing that if they don’t slave away their visa can be pulled and they will have to return to their home country. Part of the differential is 26 year Raj replaces 48 year Patrick… Patrick has years of experience but he also kids that he occasionally needs to leave work for, higher wages due to seniority, and higher medical costs. The savings more likely, are around 20% to 40% but do that with 10,000 staff members and you are looking at some serious savings… which will net you a fat bonus enabling you to get many blowjobs from Su Ling at the local massage parlor.. in the US on HO visa. Life is good.. for you.. fuck everyone else.. especially Su Ling.. Jin Chan… etc.

  2. ear Robert
    Just to clarify one thing: I’m totally opposed to global capitalism. If it were up to me, there would be virtually no immigration into any Western country and very strong fiscal disincentives would be implemented to discourage capitalists from investing or lending abroad. I favor national capitalism. Global capitalism only means the liberation of big business from any national restrictions and loyalties. It totally separates the capitalist class from the rest of the population. Under national capitalism, capital and labor are much more in the same boat than under global capitalism.
    As I stated before here, the two most labor-friendly pieces of legislation ever adopted by Congress were the Chinese Exclusion Act and the Immigration Restriction Act of 1924.
    However, if there is a capitalist mode of production, we can’t antagonize the capitalists too much because otherwise production will suffer and that is bad for everybody.
    The deal should be: You invest in your own country and don’t bring in any foreign labor, and we’ll treat you right. You want to be global, and we’ll crack down on you.
    Regards. James

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