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      1. I don’t think that the Mexican economy has collapsed. Mexico is the wealthiest country in Latin America. It’s as rich as Romania. The problem is an elite that steals all the wealth.

  1. Just spare me the white Hispanics like Vicente Fox and Gael Garcia Bernal who bitch because we don’t want them to dump their entire underclass on us.
    What do you think of the proposed border wall?
    It’s a silly waste of money. First, the excuses to build it have a lot to do with terrorism. But the [9/11] terrorists didn’t come from Mexico. Second, there is the world economy. Everyone is talking about free trade, but the wall doesn’t allow for free trade of labor — although it’s needed.

    Gael might be mestizo for all I know, but check out how white his parents look:
    (This is an HBD blog, but it’s the only place I’ve seen pictures of his folks.)
    I don’t deny any of the US evildoing in Mexico, I just note that it’s those of us in the working class who are expected to pay the whole tab.

    1. @LaFleur
      Like a colonial puppet master and a genocidal one at that the US should bear the responsibility of Mexicans immigrating to the US.
      If they didn’t then they would probably be dead. Blood is on their hands.
      It seems the US wants the agreement that they can run Mexico as a narco-terror state like they are setting up Afghanistan where the topic millionaires are US aligned and the state is run by the narco-militia death squads put it wants the population to stay there and die.
      On the topic of terrorism terrorists cannot operate without well known and long established organisations and banks with long established ties to US intelligence as did the 9/11 hijackers through various organisations and banks.

      1. My point is it works out great for the elites in both countries, and it’s shit for everyone else. The Mexican elite are in on it. The US elite doesn’t just want them to stay there and die. The cheap slave labor via the current arrangement is just swell for them.
        It’s difficult for the US plebes to vote against black budget shit they don’t get a say in at all. The Death State at this point is completely detached from the people. It doesn’t matter what party you vote for; they’re both part of it. It would be nice if the purveyors of whiteness as original sin like Tim Wise et al acknowledged this. But it would cut into their bottom line.

        1. I think you are right. Obama is an imperialist corporatist, just like Bush and the Republicans. On some things, there is not a tremendous amount of difference. This shit about Obama being a socialist, Communist or Marxist is some kind of a sick joke.

      2. There is a low level war there, but the people getting killed are gang members, cops, military and a few folks like local politicians and journalists.
        Regular people? Not so much.
        Your ordinary Mexican is not “going to die” if they stay in Mexico. It’s a ridiculous idea.

        1. @Robert Lindsay
          I disagree due to the engineered collapse of the economy all the infrastructure and social services have collapsed with it including health care which they probably have cases of malnutrition, bad infant mortality, etc not to mention the effect that the drug consumption has on the population.
          What Mexico needs is a hard ass nationalist leader who will assert sovereignty and go against the interests of the US and the NWO like what was done before in another country that was in worse shape than Mexico.

  2. robert, if mexico is so bad, why do you want them to come here? you’ve previously said that US whites are too right wing and a white minority in the future is a good thing.

    1. It’s a tough call. I only want the legal ones to come here, and I want much better screening of them so we tend to import good ones more than bad ones.
      US Whites need to decline into a minority! The sooner the better really. But there is going to be a tremendous downside to this two. Either scenario is not that great, but I’m a socialist, and I’ve had it with these asshole rightwing Whites. I want them gone. The downside will be all the negative stuff that comes from being a non-White country, but at least we will have some sort of socialism in the US.
      I’m an economic man. I’m mostly concerned with economics. I don’t care much about race. I would never go into the voting booth and vote for the one “who’s tough on the niggers and Mexicans” or vote for “the one who’s for the Whites.” That’s such a retarded way to vote. I can’t understand why any White person would vote that way.
      Marx was right. Economics trumps everything.
      Economics uber alles!

      1. US Whites need to decline into a minority! The sooner the better really
        Why would you want that?
        Would you want the US to turn into South Africa were white farmers get massacred by black gangs.

        1. It’s not going to happen except in the fevered fantasies of White nationalists. The new group is going to be Hispanics, and they won’t massacre any Whites.
          US Whites are horrifying reactionary. I mean, they are really frightening. They are some of the most rightwing people on Earth. I’m a socialist. I hate rightwingers. I want them gone. The quickest way to get rid of the Right in the US is to get rid of US Whites.

  3. if socialism is so great why are the “4 Asian tigers” capitalist countries? even red china is slowly turning to capitalism. Hong Kong was a barren rock, but rapidly developed. its rated as worlds most economic freedom.

    1. I consider those to be shitholes.
      However, Singapore has a good social democracy. Hong Kong is a fucking shithole. I don’t know much about South Korea, but they recently had a Socialist President. Taiwan has a reasonably well-developed social democracy, but they need to do a lot more.
      We support social democracy on this site you know.
      We are opposed to laissez faire radical free market neoliberalism as it practiced by the reactionary capitalist dogs in the US.
      By my definition, most of the world is actually socialist in one form or another or is at least run by socialist parties.
      This is the way it ought to be. It is the US and a few other outliers that are shitholes due to their radical neoliberal unrestrained freemarket capitalist crap.
      Sure, it creates wealth. So fuckin’ what? Come to my town sometime. There are homeless people walking around all over this town. Men and women both. What kind of shit is that? What’s up with that? Why are they homeless? WTF man? America can take its wealth and shove it right up its ass. If we’re so rich, what’s with all the homeless people. In a society like ours, there should be very few homeless people. Maybe 1000 in the whole country, mostly voluntary hobo types.

    1. Thing is, they already had a Left revolution. In 1910. Killed 5% of the population. Mexicans are just crazy and love death enough to do it again, but they feel that it’s not really necessary. The PRI that ruled for so many years is a socialist party that is a member of the Socialist International. That’s why Mexico did not have a revolution during the 1980’s when the whole region was on fire. I remember at the time I asked my Mother why they were not having a revolution too, and she said, “They already had their revolution.”
      It’s true, but that rev is wearing thin. They say in Mexico that there is a revolution every 100 years. We will see about that.

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