Deadly STD's

There are a few STD’s out there that can actually kill you. The most famous one is HIV. Although many people with HIV appear to be living long lives, it’s still killing quite a few people. A young, 23 year old gay “bareback” porn star in the US recently got it and was dead within the year. It’s mostly being transmitted via anal sex with gay men, but there are cases in the straight community now. In general, it goes male to female. Even that is not so easy, but it can be done via vaginal sex. It is much, much harder to get HIV from a woman via vaginal sex, but apparently it can be done. We are seeing a few cases now here in the US and in France of young men getting it from vaginal sex with young women. But these cases are pretty rare. Another one is HPV, the human papilloma virus, or genital warts. Most people are going to catch it sooner or later in life anyway, so there’s not much you can do about aside from being celibate. I had it myself at one point. Whether I still do, I am not sure. However, in a very small There’s not much to be done about it, but a new vaccine called Guardasil has come out that protects against 70 Hepatitis B infects your liver, and in some cases, it kills you. Reports in the gay community indicate that up to 70 That’s about it on the fatal STD’s. That’ll give you something to worry about next time you have sex. However, we are leaving out one fatal STD that effects all of us, even the celibate and children. It’s called life itself, no?

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  1. Bob, an in-depth (definitely no pun intended!) article all about the ‘young bare-back gay porn star’ (whatever that means), in question would be much appreciated by Lindsay fans.
    Also a good Marxian analysis of the LA porn bizz wouldn’t go amiss.
    Is it true that MOST black American have got herpes?, Does Oprah have it, for example (well the odds are 50/50).
    Herpes is very much the ‘American disease’ rather like syph was known as the ‘French disease’ in historical times, the ‘English disease’ is apparently ‘downing tools on the job’ ie male pattern impotence so named after legendary defunct British motor manufactuere, British Leyland and its heroic, Stakhanovite strike record in days of British union militancy in the 1970s, when it was calculated that Leyland ‘workers’ worked one day out of three in total per annum , interesting aside. – and herpetology doesn’t mean the study of herpes (and in particular the socio/political and cultural ramifications in the USA), but it means the scientific study of snakes and allied reptiles.
    Anyhow, there’s an excellent English actor named Robert Lindsay, did you know that?
    He is very versatile, being trained at the elite RADA school and working with the Royal Shakespeare Company, he’s also done a lot of low comedy for TV.
    His most famous role was portraying a Marxist ‘urban guerilla’ revolutionary, rather ironically, in BBC TV’s ‘Citizen Smith. Google it.

    1. I am not sure I can find the story on him again! But I can look…
      The porn biz is sleazy as fuck. Not sure I even want to write about it. But I’ve had some ideas anyway.
      What is male pattern impotence anyway? Can you describe it for me in its British context?
      Yes, I know all about herpes. Let’s just leave it at that. Much ado about not much, I would say. 16% of Americans have it, and 1/2 of Blacks do, so Oprah may well, but I’m not sure. Blacks like her may be less likely to have it.
      Yes, I know about herpetology. Actually, I love snakes, reptiles and amphibians. I catch them a lot and study them. I like to take snakes up to big macho guys who I know are terrified of them and shove the live snake right in the guy’s face and say, “HI!.” The guy freaks out and almost shits a brick right there LOL. Snakes are not hard to catch bu they are extremely fast and some should not be picked up at all as they are too ill-tempered. Also you can harm them when you grab them and this makes me sad.
      I know all about the name Robert Lindsay. Some guy thought that that was me, that I was the actor. A blogger named Lenin and Lenin’s Tomb said I chose that name deliberately to infiltrate the Left and make fun of it as I am a rightwing racist infiltrating the Left to try to turn it racist or some such shit.

  2. To Alpha:
    According to the CDC, 39% of Black Americans have herpes.
    Any idea how they arrived at those figures…? Via survey..? If Rob’s assertion that Whites have herpes at a rate of 16% are correct then the difference between those figures seem too wide.

    1. The CDC’s estimates are based on something called the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.

  3. ‘Male pattern impotence’ – Past the age of 40 the equipment ceases to work – especially in the pre-viagra days, before science had ound the remedy.
    Anyhow, back in 1970s marxist trade unions ruled the roost in Britain and strike followed strike ‘downing tools on the job’ was an unofficial way to describe a walk-out from work over some grieviance, some wag made a joke out of this calling it ‘British Leyland disease’ and made the obvious comparison to male impotence.
    The phrase ‘political eunuch’ was also much in vogue then – the meaning was an politician in opposition, in office (so to speak), but not in power.
    It is significant that the meme equates ‘sexual’ power with political power – the idea is instinctive and deeper than most think.Basically women are attracted only to money ie the expression of political power.

  4. talking about ‘political eunuchs’, did you know that real rather than metaphorical political eunuchs actually existed (in ancient Rome and Ottoman Turkey), and that the Ottoman Empire was actually run by a caste of ‘administrative eunuchs’, who basically were the Sultan’s elite civil service?
    For some curious reason, the eunuchs were divided by race (‘The Black and White Eunuch Show’, if you will), with the white eunuchs being favored as administrators, the black eunuchs as soldiers.
    Apparently the eunuchs were very able and loyal administrators and officials, running the empire like a smooth machine.But unfortunately they were hyper bitchy and catty to each other, forever intriguing against rivals.

  5. Is it rue that genital herpes gives one ‘cold sores’ on one’s knob?
    Strangely enough, there is an old American tradition of rubbing powder cocaine on one’s helmet prior to coitus (as Kinsey would say), the idea being that the anaesthetic properties of charlie dull the nerve endings of the todger (in effect making it cold), thereby allowing the extended prolongation of intercourse and supposedly a stupendous orgasm.Rather like a baked Alaska in fact.
    From what I’ve heard this is an old wive’s tale and all the coke does is to ‘send your dick to sleep’, the effect being compared to two polar bears copulating on an ice-berg.
    Anyhow one dick (both literally and metaphorically), went one better than that.He actually injected cocaine solution into John Thomas. The end result was not ecstatsy as he thought, but a visit to ER, near death experience and the amputatin of 7 fingers and both legs.

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