Are the Republicans the Party of Food Stamps?

Newt Gingrich recently said that the Republican Party is the party of the paychecks while the Democratic Party is the party of food stamps. It’s not a very good argument. Republicans have a poor record of job creation.
Capitalists care nothing whatsoever about creating jobs. In fact, it is the prerogative and duty of the capitalist to eliminate as many jobs as he possibly can. The more jobs he eliminates or replaces with overseas workers or low wage hires, often illegal, the more money he makes. The capitalist is the enemy of the worker, always and forever. This is a law of capitalist economics from its inception. The notion that out of work workers should vote for the party of the bosses who threw them out of work and who are their congenital enemies is ridiculous, but this is how Americans think.
Food stamps are ridiculous. They give you about $70/month to buy food with. I know, a roommate recently used food stamps. Try that some time – try to eat off $70/month.
The truth is that the more food stamps a state uses, the more likely they are to vote Republican!
Top 7 states in food stamps usage:
1) Missouri (16.8%)
2) Tennessee
3) Mississippi
4) West Virginia
5) Kentucky
6) Louisiana
7) South Carolina (14.8%)
All of those states voted Republican in the last election. Three of them, Mississippi, Louisiana and South Carolina, have voted Republican in almost every election in the past 45 years.
The more people use food stamps, the more they vote Republican!

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0 thoughts on “Are the Republicans the Party of Food Stamps?”

  1. After the tongue/cheek detachment, there’s a useful point here:
    The more of your neighbors use food stamps, the more likely you are to vote Republican.
    I’ve felt for a long time that the problem with trying to re-vitalize our economy is consumer complacency — few people want to work harder for a wider-screen TV or an SUV. The main thing they want is A HIGHER QUALITY OF NEIGHBOR.
    So any economic upswing just results in everyone trying to move to a better neighborhood, but the old neighbors just come with you. The result is a higher cost of housing, and people aren’t, on average, any better off.

  2. guess what im in illinois and i get food stamps! yeah! and i read hbd/political blogs. it is $200 per month for a single person here if your unemployed. im unemployed. that 200 actually feeds me and keeps me alive. it is more for mothers with children. oh and for your republican comment, i dunno. im here on a green card so i cant vote. also the food stamps are actually little debit cards. they are called “Illinois Link Cards”. so theyre not actually stamps lol

    1. I’m sure the friendly folks on Sailer’s blog would love to hear from a fellow HBDer who is getting food stamps with a green card.
      Why don’t you pop in and say hello?

  3. well i dont call myself a “hbder” i simply accept reality. why shouldnt i take advantage of food stamps? its free. free is free. plus, if America hadnt destroyed the USSR and wrecked my nation’s economy we wouldnt have had to immigrate here.

    1. not sure that we’re to blame for the destruction of the USSR, i mean y’all are some corrupt gangster people who laugh in the face of law. but okay, maybe we’re to blame a little bit.

  4. Are you sure they are anti immigration? I thought they were just against NAM immigration. Thilo was a HBD accepter and quite fond of jews but not muslims for the same reason.

  5. randy you americans are to blame for it. putin even explained that just recently, us troops shot at russians in the georgia conflict. and reagan and “evil empire” anyone? the type of sly kgb remarks made by Hillary Clinton and Mccain about Russia would be considered unthinkable to make about Mexico, or China because it would be “racist”. thats another thing, you Americans are filled with white guilt and self hate. by the way do you really if millions of Russians illegaly entered the US there would even be talks of amnesty and diversity? they would be deported in a heartbeat.n

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