Men Should Be Terrorized Too

This post, The Bitch Question, has provoked a strong response from one of the female commenters. I feel that she misunderstood the piece. I think that men should be terrorized too! The world of men is a world of fear. Men are careful what they say to each other. We are afraid of the responses of other men. We are afraid of their violence and their rage. So Man World is all about being nice to other men and not pissing them off. Makes for a pretty well-behaved place. There are strict rules in Man World. One of the rules is the fighting words rule. There are certain things that, if I say them to other men, that man has a right to hit me. Not kill me, but hit me. I know this, all men know this. So we don’t use words like that with other men. And if we do, we are well aware that that man has a right to hit us. He will hit us, and there’s hardly a man on Earth who will come to our defense. They will all say that that man had a right to hit us. Even a cop might agree. So Man World is actually a pretty peaceful place as long as you play by the rules. But we are all being terrorized, all the time. And it’s good and right. It makes for a very well behaved society. In Man World, I don’t get into it with other guys much. I show them respect, typically whether they deserve it or not. I even show scumbags respect, assuming they’ve done nothing to me. In fact, I might show them even more respect because I’m often afraid of them. Fear is the glue that holds the world of men together and makes it work. Without rules like that, we would be at each other’s throats all the time. Now I suppose I’m not being very nice to some guy out in Man World. All my words are OK, but I’m sort of cold, snide or arrogant. He has a right to retaliate against me, and often he will. He will act cold, snide or snooty back at me. If he starts being reactively aggressive, I can do various things. I can smile. I can compliment him. I can back off. I can look down. I can try to go into a submissive mode. Man World works like this: you show me respect, and I show you respect. Or, barring that, you’re at least not openly disrespectful. You show men respect because you are terrified of them. Terrified of their violence and rage. You fear them, so you humor them and butter them up. Women come along and upset the whole thing. Because women don’t understand these rules at all. Western women say things to us all the time that would get them hit or worse in Man World were they men. They violate all the rules of our world, and they do so just because they think we won’t dare hit them. It infuriates men, and I’m sure it gets a lot of women hit. One thing Western women do a lot is attack our masculinity. They do this even to the most macho of men. The only reason they do this is because they know that there’s nothing we hate worse. In Man World, if you attack a man’s masculinity, he might just hit you. Worse, he might try to kill you. So that’s one thing that we are very careful not to do, especially with more masculine men. When Western women attack our masculinity for no reason than because they know that we hate this more than anything else, they’re frankly asking to get murdered. Western women take lovers and even parade them around in front of their boyfriends and husbands to humiliate the man. That’s simply outrageous. It’s one thing to take a lover. It’s another to parade him around in front of your man. You’re once again frankly asking to get murdered. I don’t understand Western women. Why are they trying to get themselves killed?

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  1. “The world of men is a world of fear. ”
    think about this for a long time. chew on it. savor the taste. this is about as true to the heart of the matter as anything else you can say about men.
    well put Robert.

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