And Women Should Terrorize Men

If I want a woman to treat me the way I want to be treated, there are a couple of things I can do. First of all, I need to try to be nice to her, if she deserves it. If she’s being nice to me, I’ll be nice to her. If you want people to be nice to you, be nice to them. That’s a number one rule with men, women, everyone. Second, she ought to make me afraid of her righteous rage. I know quite a few people who I am afraid to open up on, much less even criticize. They get pretty angry at best, or fly into wild rages at worst, often if I merely criticize them. They’ve got me terrorized. I must say that it works. On a more reasonable level, a woman needs to let me know that she will defend herself if I attack her unreasonably. If I am afraid of her righteous self-defensive rage, then this will keep me from giving in to my worst tendencies and picking on her or beating up on her psychologically. If she’s bad, I have a right to get pissed, but this will keep me from acting sadistic, mean or cruel, which unfortunately I can be.

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0 thoughts on “And Women Should Terrorize Men”

  1. I like to see myself as an equal opportunity feminist.
    Women want equality? Fine, let’s give it to them!
    -That means that women have to pay for restaurant meals and movie tickets.
    -If women hit men, men have the right to hit women.
    -Women have to serve in the military if there’s ever (hopefully not) a draft anytime soon.
    I think George Castanza said it best: “Feminists are all about equality, but when the check comes, where are they?!”

    1. Yeah they hit us all the time now, huh?
      Isn’t that ridiculous? They think they can pummel us. But if we hit them back, we are going to jail, say the cops. Women say they have the right to hit us, but we can’t hit them back, because “men are stronger.” WTH sort of nonsense is that? Where do these bitches get off thinking they can hit us now anyway?
      I hear stories about Western women hitting men all the time. In fact, I’ve heard that most domestic violence is actually started physically by the woman.

    2. Like I said, if they want equality, they’ll GET equality.
      You see, to feminists, equality = having the same corporate and political positions as men, and yet still receiving the chivalrous/kiddie gloves treatment.
      They want to have their cake and eat it too.

      1. I don’t about the bit about making them pay for stuff though. Women will never do this, no matter how much $ they make. If there’s no sexual stuff involved though, then Hell yeah, she needs to pay her way. Once you start getting into the sexual arena, she wants you to pay her way. You can hold out and insist that she needs to go 50-50 on everything, but then you’re not getting any. At some point, you have to be realistic and realize that things are the way they are and there’s nothing you can do about it.
        OTOH, as long as they are trading sex for money, which most all of them do, we have a right to call them whores. If they don’t want to be called whores, they can quit charging us for sex. Deal?

  2. My last girlfriend was Jewish, a tenured professor of art and the mother of two cocky bi-racial kids on affirmative action scholarships to Sarah Lawarence and McGill University respectively. Their deadbeat dad pulled in a quarter of a million dollars a year running some kind of a university poverty studies program in Cincinnati. I hung around listening to the “progressive,” Pan Africanist, anti-White critical theorizing until I couldn’t take another minute of it. I’m a lot happier now that I don’t have to attend the scintillating Seders, or put up with the multi-culti hubris of Nigerian, Ghanian and Mexican academic ingrates whining about the diminishing returns of the suburban lives they are living.

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