White Men Raping Black Women in the South

A commenter, apparently a militant Black, has left some comments in the Fake White Slavemaster Black Slave Rape Epidemic post. They point out that White men continued raping Black women after Liberation in 1865 all the way up to the Second Liberation in 1964. A good summary here:

The sexual exploitation of black women by white men had its roots in slavery, but continued, often unpunished, through the better part of the twentieth century. As Reconstruction collapsed and Jim Crow arose, white men abducted and assaulted black women with alarming regularity.

White men lured black women and girls away from home with promises of steady work and better wages; attacked them on the job; abducted them at gun-point while traveling to or from home, work or church; raped them as a form of retribution or to enforce rules of racial and economic hierarchy; sexually humiliated and assaulted them on streetcars and buses, in taxi cabs and trains, and other public spaces.

I am sure this sort of thing went on. I am curious, though, was there any justice in these cases? What was the resolution? If the Black victim went to the police, would there be any arrests, charges, trials, convictions? At any rate, White men don’t seem to be raping Black women much these days, though the figures about the extent of this are controversial. I am quite sure that most of the rapes committed against Black women in the South during this period were Black men raping Black women, as is always the case. Which makes this comment suspect:

100 yrs after the Emancipation, black women were treated with disrespect by white men.

Given that most rapes of Black women were by Black men, why don’t we say that 100 years after Emancipation, black women were treated with disrespect by Black men? I have problems with indicting entire races with various offenses. Militant Blacks get all hung up on White men raping Black women, first as slaves, then afterward. Certainly there was some of this, but not as much as the Blacks make it out to be. The comments threads at Abagond are full of enraged militant Black women ranting on and on about how White men raped Black women. They essentially make us out to be a race of rapists. It’s all a bit strange, considering that Black men rape women at a rate 6X that of White men. And contrary to White nationalists, the vast majority of their victims are Black women. A Black woman is 4-5X more likely to be raped by a Black man as a White woman is. Which makes you wonder, why aren’t these radical Black women ranting about their own men when they go on and on about rape.

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0 thoughts on “White Men Raping Black Women in the South”

  1. maybe the women are too wrapped up in being black militants to acknowledge they’re being raped mainly by black men?

  2. 1. rapes of any group of women are mostly done by the men from her group.
    2. Too many blk women who worked as domestic servants after slavery have stories and the very white looking children.
    3. Storm Thrumond was not an anomaly, I give his family +2 for being honest.
    4. It was ruled that it was impossible to rape a blk woman. In other words, any awful sexual thing that happened to a blk woman was okay.

  3. It’s all a bit strange, considering that Black men rape women at a rate 6X that of White men
    most women don’t report having been raped & most women are raped by men from the same race. Most women are raped by men they know.
    I have no idea why the men in these parts are so trifling when it comes to rape. Don’t play around with a woman having her body violated to win some points in the e-race war. We got to live with that shit, not you men.

        1. Good! I was out of town for a while. Hope you’re doing well.
          It can be difficult for women to navigate the Wild West atmosphere here. You handle it gracefully.

  4. It can be difficult for women to navigate the Wild West atmosphere here. You handle it gracefully.
    Both of you do. I like both of you young ladies a lot. Really I do, no kidding.

    1. why thank you robert. I find it difficult form any type of long terme-anger with you.
      A man who likes to eat is always number one in my book. Now i know what alpha unit stays so close to you.
      *chic noir gives robert a big smile*
      It can be difficult for women to navigate the Wild West atmosphere here. You handle it gracefully
      thank you lafleur, I’ve told you before you’re one of my favorite commenters on the web.

      1. you’re about a senseless educated bitch. This Robert motherfucker pretended to know some thing so evidenced about white men vs black women a girls were untrue and you’re turned being cordial with his ass. This is why we have it so hard. smh

  5. Those militant Black women have been brainwashed by their fellow militant Black men to hate White men for what have done to them in the past, but ignore everything that Black men have
    been doing to them presently to keep the Pan-African movement going.

  6. YOU SAID:
    “I am quite sure that most of the rapes committed against Black women in the South during this period were Black men raping Black women, as is always the case.”
    I need to see a site or reference book that can point me in the direction to affirm that what you say is true. There are so many reasons in history for why white men raped black women. Production of more slaves equalled free investments. It was done many times to virgin black girls to establish ownership. And it was even done, in many cases with the (white) wife’s knowledge and many of times it was overlooked because white women had no rights what so ever. At the men of the day, we cannot know for sure about the stats on rape, be it black on black or white on black. Unless you are references a credible source. And even then, we must question how credible it is. Because white women in history were used to reporting rape and officers believing her, whether it was true or not-it was documented. Whereas, no one cared to document or take seriously the rape of a black woman. They were property. So today black women may not, in fact, report being raped as its in African American culture that that is frowned upon. Women keep that sort of shame to themselves and move forward. Hence, terms like, “strong black women”. Whereas maybe in white communities it is not frowned upon to speak up. To know culture is to know all of why things are. Whether people speak up or not will determine what facts are essentially documented and seen as credible statistics. You follow?

  7. Frist of all my mother explained it the right way to me she said the black kings over in africa raped the women,so don’t go blameing the white person.I’m black and indian so we did most of these things to our selves.

    1. You sound so ignorant. Why can’t any women of any race get raped by a white man? They commit crimes too. Just because the news wants to make you guys look like saints, any man of any race can commit a terrible crime, even WHITE men!

  8. Rape is wrong in general. But what kind of retard passes the buck on rape and exploitation. Its common knowledge that the US was built on slavery and rape of black culture so maybe you are being miseducated about your own heritage of you are white or maybe your mind is being twisted if you are black to pick apart an article and put together some cooked up statistics that you pulled out of your head and put it all on black men. Please.

    1. You are wrong. Look who wins Civil War. It was not Confederate/South (which was as You said build on slavery and abuse of black people in the name of aristocratic bullshit). Yankees created this country – and as I remember they gave work to black people too. Slavery was wrong, but now instead of reconciliation both races seek to blame each other.
      As to so called black community now is time that black women start to see that most murderous people in this country are their own brothas (gangsta ones). You can’t even blame slavery while the same race/crime statistics are showed in Western Europe. European country leaders even start spoke hate speech toward immigrants (guess from – Africa). Eastern European are more sincere (less political correct) and spoke openly that really few blacks that lives there makes more troubles than rest of immigrants, plus people from this countries are really against immigrants (they are extremely traditionalist). To be realistic, it was independent African countries built on war with constant extermination, elite power abuse and corruption.

  9. The slave master considered his wife beautiful and pure, so the slave women were used for unholy sexual gratification and perversion. When slave women were sold they were disrobed and their breasts, buttocks, and genitals were examined. We were told this was for making sure they were healthy, fit, and strong enough to work, but this was also done for sexual appeal. They also impregnated the slave women to create more attractive slave children with lighter skin and finer hair. Also slave women were used sexually by other white men who paid the slave master or the slave master let other men have sex with the slave women as payment or compensation.

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