The USSR Killed 12,000 People a Day in the 1930's?

In the comments section, Robert Taylor says that the USSR was killing 12,000 people a day during the 1930’s.

I’m sure you would be an apologist, Robert, if you knew that the fastest time in economic growth in Russia was during the 1930′s when they were killing an average of 12,000 citizens per day. The more they accelerated the executions, the more people kept in line. Clearly this is a system that could be kept going indefinitely…

For which years in the 1930’s where they killing 12,000 a day? The entire period? That equals 4.3 million/yr. That equals out to 43 million killed in the USSR during the 1930’s. There were no 4.3 million/yr killed in the 1930’s in the USSR. There were probably around 1.4 million people killed in the USSR during the 1930’s, the Years of Terror. If you average out the whole decade, they were killing 38 people/day in the USSR during the 1930’s. You can see here the extremes to which the anti-Communists go in exaggerating the deaths that occurred in the USSR. Mr. Taylor has exaggerated the deaths in the 1930’s by a figure of 300X. Taylor’s numbers are pretty standard propagandists regarding the number of deaths in the USSR.

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0 thoughts on “The USSR Killed 12,000 People a Day in the 1930's?”

    1. 15 million is not 12,000/day. That would have been 4,000/day.
      Truth is it isn’t even 10% of that.
      1.4 million were killed in the 1930’s. True, 5 million died in a terrible famine, but that was not deliberate.

    2. Estimates come from one of two books I read a few years ago: Red Terror in Russia or Lethal Politics (which says about 15 million died in the 1930s).
      That is the most ridiculous number I have read.
      The USSR industrial output was second to the US at the time of WW2.
      Who would be able to power this large scale production output if large populations of the USSR were systematically killed or the major infrastructure projects?
      Who were the authors?
      It wasn’t Robert Conquest who worked for British intelligence anti-Communist propaganda unit?

      1. Black Book of Communism includes anyone during the Communist system died with there large numbers mainly from famines and diseases which critics have rightfully pointed out if the same critique was used on non Communist states more people did in India than in China.
        Plus they also include wars in Vietnam that US launched with the false flag incident in Gulf of Tonkin and Afghanistan which we now know US secretly started 6 months prior to the Soviet invasion training Muslim jihadists.
        Anyway I don’t think there is a need to create fantastic anti-Communist propaganda as the system doesn’t work anyway become it was not designed to.

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