So Hitler Was a Communist After All

[youtube=] National Bolsheviks claiming that Hitler was a socialist/Communist after all, which means he was good in their book. The more NazBol crap you check out, the weirder it gets. This stuff makes my head spin. No! Hitler was not a Communist! No! Hitler was not a socialist! No! Hitler was not pro-Bolshevik! No! Hitler was not pro-USSR and the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact does not prove this. No! Operation Barbarossa was not a war between two socialist states over rival ideology, like the China-Vietnam War in 1979, or the Vietnam-Kampuchea War in 1979! Wrong, wrong, wrong! Admittedly, it’s a complex question, but few political scientists would agree with this, Hitlerism being the mysterious beast that it was. Stalin’s USSR was not, not, not a White racialist state a la the USSR. This is Nazbol fantasy. If you can make it through more than 2 minutes of this Nazi tribute, a gold star. You also have a strong stomach or are not easily bored. If you like this video, well. Um. Screw you.

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13 thoughts on “So Hitler Was a Communist After All”

  1. It doesn’t matter what kind of analysis we do of the Nazi Party Program (which by the way states clearly that they wanted nationalization of a lot of “trusts” and wanted to establish “division of profits” etc) or other rhetoric, all we have to do it look at the historical evidence of what actually happened.
    There were leftists and rightists in the Nazi party. Strasser and Goebells were notorious leftists. The party’s economic planner through their rise, Fried (Zimmerman), was notoriously anti-capitalist… but the point is that what happened was as time went on, Hitler took more and more power of the economy, inhibiting freedom of trade and business. He continuously improvised every time one of his “plans” failed, just as Socialism is bound to do.
    In October 1936, the “four year plan” was established and the government took over basically every aspect of economic policy and the media. The government told shop owners what prices to establish and how much wages would be. Market exchange was not present. Yeah, they didn’t follow a Bolshevik strategy, but they were headed there.

  2. What has long been suppressed is that Hitler was actually a BUDDHIST! Yes, you know now it makes sense – his vegetarianism, his love of flowers… It’s now known that when he was locked in his room, unavailable to anyone, he was chanting and meditating. The truth is that he sent the German army into Russia to see if they were alright, because he’d heard there was a famine. They were under strict instructions not to use their weapons, but to offer a flower to anyone who attacked them; but some Russian yobbos got rowdy, and … soldiers, you know… things got a bit out of hand

    1. Tibet was the most rascist, fascist state at the time were the population were slaves to a handfull of leading rulers imploying things like eye gouging.

  3. Nazis were definitely socialist. I don’t see how you can dispute that without some sort of no true Scotsman type argument.

  4. I don’t see how you can say the Nazis were not socialist.
    Off course they were.
    That’s like saying the sky is not blue.

  5. Stalin was a (became a) Russifier, a Great Russian national socialist imperialist. As such, minorities were instructed that Russian folkways were to be comparatively exalted that the Russian people were the most socialistically advanced. No there was no “racial purity” as such promoted, but neither was multi-cultural egalitarian phony socialism advanced. The Jew was respected as long as he maintained a “Soviet First” attitude. This of course precluded being either a Zionist or a ticketless cosmopolitian and rabbinical education as would lead to either attitude was restricted, just as a runaway Ukrainian or Kazahk liberalism or nationalism was kept in check. For some minorities this was more of a challenge than for others of course.

  6. Lafayette confuses degraded forms of sectarian Buddhism with the early authentic–the real thing, similiar forms of which can also be found in Advaita Vedanta and the philosophy of Plotinus.
    Check Dark Zen sites and as exemplary.

    1. The good old myth of the “true real authentic old and very rare” version of the thing [= inexistant, or almost so] … Very funny; really.

  7. What we call Nazi Party is the NSDAP (national socialist party of the german workers), and they were purely socialists and nationalists. Mein Kampf is purely National Socialist. Therefore, Hitler was nationalist and socialist. Fascism and Nazism are just two forms of Socialism, just like Bolchevism, Menchevism, Marxism or other form of the Communist branch of the Socialist ideology were. Fascism and Nazism are far closer to Communisms thant any other branch of Socialism, because they share the property of being revolutionary movements, within the boudaries of the socialist ideologies, being at the nationalist (in the sense “everyone should be ruled by germans / italians”) and ecologist (even if they still was productivists as well) inclinations, and on the other the communisms were more productivists (in the sense we must produce and produce because workers should work) and internationalists (in the sense “everyone should be ruled by bolcheviks”).
    Hitler’s most inspirational guy was Benito Mussolini, a former Socialist activist desperated by the slowliness and the bureaucracy of the party, then he left for leading the Fascist Party in Italia, a party with the socialist ideology applied to the (quite new) italian nation.
    There is not any doubt that Nazism, Bolchevism, Menchevism, Fascism, Trotskism and so forth are closely related, and they all are variants of socialisms, guys. Please open your eyes, accept the truth, you all are fascinated by an ideology at least as dangerous as their near cousins.

  8. I think hitler was an social democrat, and not autistic like friedman. The nazi party originally had many genuine leftists in it during its infancy, but as it grew it gained more conservative economic elements as it was needed to be popular to the upperclass as well as having less workers rights and milirarism can (and did during nazi germany) lead to funneling money from the upper class to the government with some dividents to the upper class, granted that the scheme works, namely through the military or war spoils or in the case of nazi germany slavery.
    Funneling of money came through the German labour front taking away workerss right to organize, massive privatazation of public goods (modern privitazation comes from nazi germany), taking debt from upper class people, corporate slavery (in the real word) and maybe lebensborn could be a way to give the upper class an harem. Many in the SS were of royal backround, and the capital owning class tried to predate on the previously named conditions. The reason for hitler did this was loyalty from the upperclass, and to consolidate power as Hitler was THE way to gain infinate fortunes for the bourgeoisie.
    Hitler also belived in a big mans view of history, claiming that individual initiative was more important than historical materialism, he also belived that racialism was manifested in the types of individual that nations created, as well as beliving that violence was good as long as it was victorious (might makes right). Racialism and militarism were therefor also reasons for hitler not being like the SPD.
    While hitler was the furher, he lied on shaky grounds. I think nazi germany would eventually become like the USA or Russia in terms of economics, with some government involvment when really nescessary, some R and D spending, an Yuge military, Poor workers rights and rising capital gains, blaming the societies ill on issues not relating to economics, and no individual being able to fix the societies poverty thanks to upper class conspiracies.
    I think the Nazi education system would be better than america, focusing on trades military education (much PE making the population healtheir) and STEM while having the humanities teached when young as propaganda. The internet would be shunned outside of the upper class, making barries of entry create an beurocratic and corporate elite unchallanged taking all the smart people amongst their ranks.
    His welfare spending was just to gain trust from the lowerclass even though it was on a defecit.

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