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  1. It says in The Michael Eric Dyson Reader that The Isis Papers has sold nearly 40,000 copies, mostly through independent black booksellers. It would be interesting to compare her level of influence among black people with that of white conspiracy theorists among white people.

    1. I think that your best bet is The Turner Diaries.
      I think of all white nationalist/conspiracy theory books, that one has probably enjoyed the most influence.
      Something tells me that works Jared Taylor, Tom Sunic, Ted Pike, and others haven’t enjoyed a ton of success.

  2. Black Supremacists are usually more entertaining than other supremacists. I guess because it’s a bigger stretch. If you’re a White Supremacist, you can point to 500 years of inventiveness. If you’re a Jewish Supremacist you can allude to the proportion of Nobel prizes. If you’re a Chinese Supremacist you brag about the length of Chinese civilisation.
    However, if you’re a Black Supremacist you can only try to convince people that King Tut looked like Wesley Snipes, and point out that Human can be written Hue-man. Ironically, the only evidence this supplies is that Black Supremacists are unable to think coherently.
    (on the other hand, African achievements in things like metalwork.. benin bronzes etc .. probably excelled most of northern Europe at the time .. why do blacks never talk about these actual examples, and instead invent nutty stories?)

    1. Yeah, white, Jewish, and Asian supremacists have real concrete things to point to.
      And you’re right. There were indeed glorious ancient and medieval black societies such as Ethiopia, Nubia, Mali, Songhai, etc.
      Why do they not glorify THEM? Why must they constantly try to claim that the ancient Egyptians looked like Eddie Murphy?
      Whether they realize it or note, these black supremacist loons give white nationalists plenty of ammunition. Which is fine by me!

      1. They don’t celebrate real African achievements because they are fixated with White achievements. Hence they have to find a way to convince themselves that they are actually responsible for Greek civilisation etc.
        The Black Supremacist may go on about ‘decolonizing the mind’, but in their obsessions they show that their minds are far from decolonized. They are unable to think of themselves except through the prism of The White Man.

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