Do Mexican or Hispanic Women Like Psychos?

From An Unmarried Man, an excellent comment in the comments section. He’s quite a good writer. Check him out.

Today I was at a Superior Market east of L.A. and this tall Latina beauty was setting up a table for Cazadores Tequila (she was a Cazadores model, I suppose but didn’t have the greatest skin) and 3 hard-core Mexicanos walked up decked out in their best Mexigear and talking major Spanish smack and acting up in front of the vixen. They began to kick a roll of paper towels back and forth like a soccer ball. They were buying meat and ice and one of them was a really scary looking older fellow, ugly as sin.I just wonder if their party will be the scene of any casualties tonight.

OK, this part I don’t understand. They are acting macho and psycho in front of the babe because they think she likes it? Around here, your average Mexican woman has a boyfriend who looks like he just got out of jail or prison or looks like he ought to be heading there and if you were a good citizen, you would talk to the cops to help show him the way. The Mexicana is usually a very nice, sweet, pleasant woman with a nice desk job in some professional office somewhere. At the end of the day, in comes hubby or her Old Man decked out for the Grey Bar Hotel. She follows him out, behind him, dutifully, head down. I was at the local drug store a while back. I had befriended some real psychos among the local gangbangers. A Bulldog gangbanger whom I had known for 2 years and had been in my place say 30 times over 2 years finally let loose and ripped me off. When my back was turned, he stole a $175 knife off the wall. I never confronted him about it. He will just deny it so ultra-realistically that I will eventually stop believing that he stole it, even though I know he did. He’s one of the world’s finest liars. He’s also Exhibit A in Sociopathy, but these guys can be charming at times, so I can deal with them. I’ve been dealing with sociopaths off and on for much of my life, so I can deal, but it generally doesn’t work. Relationships of any kind with sociopaths just don’t work. They usually damage or harm you in some way or another until you finally get rid of them, which is not so easy. How can anyone have a positive relationship with a sociopath? Is it even possible? I wonder. What are criminal relationship networks like? I suppose they have no real friends, right? Sooner or later, they all rip off, harm or kill each other, right? Anyway, the next night I was in the store. I on purposely went into my psycho mode where I felt like I was going to kill someone. Not any random person mind you, just maybe the guy who ripped me off and anyone who looked like him. I was mentally out for revenge and I can work myself into an actual homicidal state. It’s so realistic, people actually call security guards on me and try to evict me from stores. I’m not armed, so there’s nothing to act on even if I did, and I construct the psycho model in such a way that I won’t attack innocents post office style. It’s all just an elaborate Hollywood Act, but it does feel good. There’s a real pleasure that comes from feeling like a killer. I won’t go into details, but I had some experiences where for some reason or other, I would get into this mindset when talking to another person like this, “I’m going to kill you.” I wasn’t going to kill the person, and I had no means or real desire anyway, and I didn’t dig the mental setup. But sometimes I could not get outside it and got tired of fighting it. I’d just let it overwhelm me and sit back and get into it. The weird thing about the “I’m going to kill you,” mindset is how powerful it makes you feel! Damn! You’re 100 feet tall! Or 1000 feet tall! Or so tall, I don’t know how tall it is! You’re on a throne and you’re the biggest of the Big Men. I told one friend about this, and he said sure. “Sure,” he said. “You feel strong. You feel tall. You feel like God. That’s why people do that shit, you know? Kill people. To feel strong, powerful, to feel like God.” Well sure. Only God and give or take a life. If you take a life, you’re as big as the biggest of the Big Kahunas. And you walk like Hud while the people shudder, supplicate themselves, or get out of the way. Anyway, I was in the store. It was full of Mexicans, and most didn’t care. Mexican guys are always acting dangerous, so this is just normal. Everyone was sort of getting out of my way. Then this female clerk came up to me and confronted me like she was trying to stop a store shooting. I assured her I was just going to the bank. I came back, got my stuff and stood in line. There was some hot Mexicana single Mom in front of me, avoiding me. After I’m done, I take my stuff and go outside. She deliberately goes the wrong direction with her kids (my direction, opposite of her direction), then stops with her and her kids totally blocking my path. She looks terrified, but there’s something else. She did this for a reason, you know. I’m going to have to ask them to move or push through them. I ask them to move and they move out of way. So she’s terrified of me, but that turns her on. Weird. Which brings us back to the question in the title.

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  1. check out the scientific fundamentalist on this. The guy is an evolutionarry psychologist.
    Bacially, girls like extremely aggressive guys, who sometimes beat them, because their sons are more able to kill other men, outperforming them and breeding.
    This is similar to the domino affect, where a lucky bastard gets a hot chick by a random event, then is set up with girls after girls, all due to that. Girls like guys who sleep around alot, because his male children are better able to pass on his genes.

  2. I would say this is similar for black and mexican women, who like really angry aggressive guys, and not true for asian women, who seem to like a more passive sort of guy.
    I think this has to do with evolutionarry years spent in civilization. Races that have a long history with clear rules tend to be less aggressive and more farsighted, because those are often the qualities it takes to outcompete others in that enviroment.
    As eastern asians have about 3000 years plus living in a literate rule society, it makes sense they are less aggressive/psycho than us.

    this has been on my mind all day long.
    got into a pissing contest about “who’s the loneliest bastard” with with guy down the street today. he’s a real nice guy, Arab, runs a coffee shop (excellent cheese danish!) in Brooklyn. he worked at Rikers Island for a few year. can’t get a girl to save his life.
    wayyy too nice. a pleasure to sit and chat with. not educated in the same way i am, but a smart guy all the same.
    short. that’s probably his main failing. pretty tough looking. was once into weightlifting and the “designer steroids” whatever that shit is. he kept saying they’re not steroids lol. it’s all the same dude…
    women all want the same thing. tall dark and handsome. he maybe had one or two out of three, but definitely not the tall part. financially he’s doing alright…but these bitches they are all robots and they are all the same.
    the only solace is that they get the pump-and-dump treatment, feel bad for being “slutty” and for being alone except for the times they’re being pumped. eventually they get old and NOBODY will touch them because who wants an old woman?
    Sodini ALL THE WAY.

  4. holy shit did some PC bitch hijack the wiki article on Rape Fantasy? the first sub-heading is all about males’ rape fantasies? and the stats are clearly made up. wtf tell me what men fantasize about being raped??? as the saying goes…”can’t rape the willing”.

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