More Organized Violence Vs. Disorganized Violence

Alpha Unit asks whether Organized Violence is compatible with civilization and suggests it is not:

Organized Violence is compatible with civilization?
I think I know what you mean by this, but Organized Violence is usually destructive of civilization. It has a way of removing that civilized veneer from those who engage in it and from those affected by it.

Civilizations engage in Organized Violence from time to time. Most empires of the past fought quite a few wars and they kept on going. The great US and European civilizations have fought some serious wars over the past 100 years but they pick up the pieces and move right along.
Continuous disorganized violence simply destroys everything and prevents any meaningful civilization from getting started in the first place.
The Arabs have a good civilization, very orderly and reasonable. Sure, they engage in Organized Violence from time to time, but generally most Arab states pick up the pieces and move right along afterward. The Organized Violence in Iraq has been extraordinary since 2003.
But Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Lebanon, Egypt and Libya have engaged in some serious Organized Violence over the past half century. After a while it ends, then they pick up the pieces and move right along.
Arab societies lack much Disorganized Violence (crime) so they are actually quite civilized and livable. Continuous high Disorganized Violence (crime) seems to prevent civilization from getting hold or destroy whatever civilization got going before the crime wave. Look at Black ghettos and African cities and what chaos there is. A lot of that chaos is directly attributable to Disorganized Violence (crime). It ruins everything.
Occasional bursts of Disorganized Violence (crime waves) followed by periods of relative calm are also compatible with civilization because the crime settles down after a bit and things can move along once again.

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