Did the US Go To War With Iraq For Israel?

A Jewish commenter recites the typical Jewish and especially Zionist apologia for Israel’s involvement in the Iraq War:

Anyone who believes that the US went to Iraq because of Israel has to explain how Israel has benefited from the Iraq War. Any takers?

Another comment is sure that were it not for Israel, there would have been no war in Iraq:

Well, a potential regional rival was eliminated. Also, logically speaking, whether or not Israel benefited is irrelevant.
Without Israel and the Israel lobby, there would have been no war. That is a fact.
Israeli leaders were pushing for the war, Israel provided us with much of that bogus WMD nonsense, etc.

Either view is too simple.
I don’t think we went to war “because of Israel,” but I do that the Israel Lobby wanted the war. That’s quite clear. The Lobby was one of the forces pushing the war. And the Lobby was working closely with the Israeli government in doing so. Still, to say that the US imperialist Bushies were the puppets of the Jews whispering in the King’s ear is ridiculous.
Israel has long wanted Saddam gone. A seminal paper issued about ten years ago by the JINSA and PNAC crowd, A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm, lays that out quite clearly.
Get rid of Saddam’s regime. Done. Saddam is gone. Saddam’s regime was one of Israel’s worst enemies.
Other goals:
Get rid of or disarm Gaddafi in Libya. Done.
Regime change in Syria. Not done, but I believe Syria is under sanctions.
Disarming or demobilization of Hezbollah. Not done, but the Lebanon War was part of this project. Incredibly, the UN has gotten in on this too with UN resolutions aimed at Hezbollah. Also Israel killed Imad Mughniyeh, military brain of Hezbollah.
Get rid of Yasser Arafat. Done. Israel probably killed him with poison.
Regime change in Iran or stopping Iran’s nuclear program. Not done, but there has been a low-level war against the nuclear program, UN sanctions, and constant threats of hot war.

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15 thoughts on “Did the US Go To War With Iraq For Israel?”

  1. Of course, I should clarify.
    Israel wasn’t the ONLY reason why we went to Iraq.
    However, absent of Israel and the Israel lobby, there would have been no war.
    The war was not for oil, since big oil was opposed to the war and in fact wanted to end sanctions and other forms of bullying against countries such as Iraq, Iran, and Libya.
    Another reason, is that the U.S. wanted to knock out an Arab state in order to send a message through its powerful military that it wasn’t to be fucked with.
    I’m willing to buy that. Still, that alone would not have made us go into Iraq.
    Israel was the key. Even before and during the early stages of the war, mainstream figures and many important officials/politicians in both the U.S. and Israel/Israel lobby made it pretty clear that Israel either wanted or played a big role in influencing the U.S’s decision to enter the war.
    This has been well documented.

    1. The notion that George Bush invaded Iraq in order to do Israel’s bidding is insane, I am sorry. That’s just ridiculous. George Bush and US imperialism had been itching to go at Saddam for quite some time. He was a real thorn in their side.

      1. I suspect the neocons (both in the media and the white house) used their high Ashkenazi verbal IQ to manipulate Bush, Cheney & the U.S. Public into supporting the war. Cheney was actually opposed to invading Iraq in the 1990s and made a very cogent argument against it (you can find this on YouTube). Reportedly after sept 11, wolfawitz started pestering bush non-stop about saddam hussein to the point where someone had to tell him to shut up because he was annoying bush.

    2. Hey, don’t take my word for it.
      Read what Mearsheimer, Walt, James Petras, and other specialists in U.S. foreign policy have to say.
      And yeah, don’t you think they would have toppled Saddam in 1991 if they really saw him as a thorn in their side?
      Keep in mind that the U.S. SUPPORTED Iraq and Saddam against Iran during the 80s.

  2. It was Israeli intelligence that provided the bulk of the phoney Iraq war intelligence linking Saddam to Al Qaeda and covert WMD program.
    Get rid of Yasser Arafat. Done. Israel probably killed him with poison.
    Come on Yasser died in a Paris hospital illness from aging health not poison.
    What about the other side of the coin with all the events outlined in Brzezinski’s 97 book The Grand Chessboard that has come to fruition regarding Eurasia?

  3. What about the 9/11 attack itself Israeli intelligence is all over that or does Robert think that 19 hijackers some apparently have twins as they are still alive where able to evade despite being monitored by at least 4 different intelligence agencies including the FBI in the US hijack four commercial planes with ooxcutters of all things.

    1. Well, I don’t think that the Mossad was behind 9/11.
      I just don’t think there’s enough solid proof for that claim.
      However, absent of Israel and the anger it caused in the Arab and Muslim world, there’s a good chance 9/11 wouldn’t have happened.
      Sure, Osama would have still been pissed about U.S. troops in the Middle East, but the aggression of Israel and U.S. support for such aggression really agitated him and many other Wahhabi extremists.
      U.S. support for Israel also agitates many flesh-and-blood people in the Middle East.
      U.S. support for Israel has been nothing short of a disaster for us.

      1. @Bay Area Guy
        What about the dancing Israelis, Israeli spy ring, uncle of one of the 9/11 pilots being an Israeli spy for 25 years in Lebanon, Silverstein owning WTC, Israelis arrested after 9/11, etc
        I think it was a conspiracy within a conspiracy that Britain and the US with jihadists brought in from London to attend flight schools and hijack US planes landing them and demanding US withdrawal troops from Chechnya so US /NATO could enter the Caucasus and Eurasia given that Russian supported Northern Alliance leader was killed the day before and that was suspected link to a jihadist who works for a British anti-terrorist organisation in London that Israel intercepted this plan and turned it into a suicide bomb attack.

      2. What about the dancing Israelis, Israeli spy ring, uncle of one of the 9/11 pilots being an Israeli spy for 25 years in Lebanon, Silverstein owning WTC, Israelis arrested after 9/11, etc
        Good point.
        I confess that I don’t know a ton about 9/11. I don’t focus on that subject too much.
        Still, while the Israelis may have exploited 9/11 or have possibly been aware of its coming, I have no solid evidence that they were directly behind it.

  4. Your comment is straight from the Israeli government. They pushed for this war from day one, and then after we blew the whistle on them, they said the war wasn’t good for Israel after all. Typical Jewish double-talk, lying, sophistry, sociopathic realpolitik crap.
    I don’t know if it’s Jewish per se, but the Israeli government is one of the most Machiavellian entities on the planet. I scarcely believe a word that they say about anything anymore. Boy who cried wolf.
    Can you believe the chutzpah of these bastards? They pushed for the war from day one, then afterward, they get called on their crap, and they deny the whole thing and say the war was bad for Israel, when in fact it was great for them.
    The Israeli government thinks in big picture terms. Saddam’s regime was a high level enemy of the state. Regime change in Baghdad has been a dream for decades in Tel Aviv. Sure, things are a bit unsettled now, but that doesn’t harm Israeli security all that much. Israeli defense thinks in terms of state entities in general, not silly little terrorist groups running here and there. The latter can only do so much damage.
    After the war, Ariel Sharon actually said, “Thanks! Good job. Now go take out Libya, Iran and Syria at the very least.” He actually said that. Soon afterward, Libya all but surrendered to Israel.

    1. Who blew the whistle?
      Well, Mearsheimer and Walt, mainly.
      I’m sure there are others, I just cannot think of them off the top of my head.

      1. LOL, lots of us were in the Palestine Sphere. Steven Sniegowski is one that comes to the top of my head. And Jeff Blankfort for sure. Andy over and Xymphora was onto this stuff right away. Most of us Jew-wise, pro-Pallie and anti-imperialist types were down with this stuff pretty quickly, long before Walt and Mearshimer. Walt and Mearshimer just confirmed what most of us already knew.

      2. Yeah good point.
        I guess before, with the likes of Stephen Sniegoski and those you mentioned, this stuff is old news.
        But I suppose that when prestigious academics such as Mearsheimer and Walt say it, such statements carry more wait.
        You’re right, I shouldn’t give them too much credit.

  5. No one needs to prove Israel benefitted, to prove that the original plan, that of implementing a pro-Israeli Iraqi government would have benefitted Israel.
    Sistani resisted the original plan, vetoed the original election set-up, and the plan failed.

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