What Is the Radical Feminist Line on Womanizers?

On the Are Most Womanizers Gay or Bisexual post, BAG perceptively poses a couple of questions:

Are most womanizers gay or bisexual?
Short Answer: Hell No!
Slightly Longer Answer: This is simply more radical feminist BS.

Really? Is that the radfem line? Is this how the Fempire Strikes Back?
A pox on those shrews, dykes, bitches, misandrists, hags, maids and witches. I hate them so much. They’ve taken the feminine principle and ran nuts with it. They’re long past the goal line, so far away we can’t even see them anymore. They are truly producers of nothing, following Weininger.
Au contraire, this theory is just wrong. Many or most true womanizers are actually philogynists (which is what I am). There! I made up a new word. Someone give me a MacArthur Genius Grant, will ya? Or is gynophile better?

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0 thoughts on “What Is the Radical Feminist Line on Womanizers?”

  1. Guess so. I prefer to associate with women. If I’m going to socialize at all, I’d prefer to socialize, talk on the phone, talk online, etc with women. I can’t stand men. If I had my way, I’d be around women all the time.
    OTOH, I’m woman-wise the same way I’m Jew-wise. I know what both groups are all about, I don’t have any illusions about either one, nor do I put up with woman-crap or Jew-crap.

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