About the Ban Policy

A commenter comments on the ban policy:

How many people did you ban today?You should consider putting up a (dis)honor roll of all the banned commenters.

I deal with the suggestion below.
The banning is good and bad.
Comment sections that don’t ban are quickly ruined. In particular, you have to ban attacks on the author because otherwise this section will be full of mostly guys attacking me and me slamming them back. Lame or what? It will be full of fights.
Also the fact that we ban makes the other commenters act good towards each other. We actually allow fights between nonauthor commenters on here, but we don’t encourage it. Because of the ban policy though, commenters don’t fight too much. That’s good because even huge blogs have comment sections that are full of trolls and idiots fighting each other. The comments are basically trashed.
It’s also good because it makes Alpha and me act good. I have to act good on here because I ban. Make sense? Here’s how. Since I ban, I have to be pretty nice. Mostly to regs, but in general. Suppose I tore into commenters on a regular basis. Ok, then commenters would logically start flailing back at me, right? I mean, who could blame them? Then I would be forced to ban them, but I basically provoked them into a ban, no? It wouldn’t be fair. I would also be a bully by fighting people and not allowing them to fight back. I don’t bully people. It’s immoral. I used to, but not anymore.
There’s a downside to that in that I have to be nice to some truly horrible commenters, like Nazis for instance!
It also makes me write better. Say I want to write a piece totally massacring Jews or Blacks verbally. Well, my co-author is Black. She would probably threaten to quit. The comments section is full of Jews. They would get so mad they would either flail at me and get banned, or else they would take off. So the ban policy makes it so my posts are not so much screeching, bigoted and irrational diatribes.
So it’s good because it’s necessary and it makes the comments a decent place, but it’s also bad.
It’s bad because it scares people off from commenting. Even regular commenters see the bans and get frightened and inhibited about commenting. They are afraid to comment for fear they may get banned, I think.
73 people have been banned so far.
All bans can be petitioned, but hardly anyone ever does. Only one guy has, and the idiot has been rebanned twice after petitioning twice to come back! I think it’s to humiliating to ask to be unbanned or something.
A dishonor roll would not work due to the way in which people are banned. I can’t really explain the method on which we ban, but I don’t even necessarily know the handles that got banned, OK? If I tell how we ban though, then people will start trying to circumvent the bans, which can get extremely annoying. Thank God we have not had to deal with that.
There are a couple of regular commenters who got quickly banned after they showed up. They really pissed me off! They went a got a new name (really more than that, but I won’t go into details) and they surreptitiously circumvented the ban and came back, but this time they were good. They in effect asked that the ban be pulled. I caught on after a while, but as long as they were being good, I let them stay. I won’t name them. At least one is a reg now. The other’s been gone for a bit.
We do warn people, especially regs, if they are heading for a ban. So regs hardly ever get banned. Most bans are newbies, which is kind of sad, but they can always petition, you know.
I do kind of get off on banning the idiots, it’s true. I get to pound the Hell out of them hilariously in front of a cheering audience and then I don’t even give them a chance to fight back. How often in life can you do that? Hehe.

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