Anti-Semitism Follows Jews Like Day Follows Night

A commenter was having a fit of drunken anti-Semitism in the comments section, and a Jewish commenter took him to task:

Was the bad day caused by Jews, or are they simply a convenient scapegoat/punching bag?

I don’t believe in the “scapegoat” theory of anti-Semitism. It’s ridiculous and self-serving for the Jews and lets them off the hook.
OTOH, sometimes it is true for sure – sometimes Jews are scapegoated.
Anti-Semitism is so complicated. It’s too complicated and important to be left to the Jews, from whom we will only get a Niagara of lies and self-serving crap.
The last person you should ask for an explication of anti-Semitism is a Jew. There’s too much at stake, and they are too emotionally wound up in the matter for them to be very honest about it.
I say do the Amish test.
Jews always say, “They hate us because we are different.” “They scapegoat us.” Bla bla bla bla bla [insert random Jewish silly argument].
Ok, let’s look at the Amish. The Amish are about as weird as an American group gets. They are different as can be. If anyone should be hated because they are different, it’s the Amish. So who hates the Amish? Basically zero people. Who hates the Jews? Lots of people. How come no one ever “scapegoats” the Amish?
Answer is that Amish people are very nice people.
Jews? Well, they are not so nice, to put it mildly. Jews simply do not have a reputation for being nice, friendly, decent type people. Kind of the opposite. And the New York Hasidic Jews that Randy was ranting about in the comments? They are about the most unpleasant Jews of them all.
I would agree though that a lot of anti-Semitism is sheer envy. Jews are markedly more successful than other groups in most places. Face it, Jews outcompete us Gentiles. AFAICT, judging from the anti-Semitism I see around me, this is what drives a lot of it. Sheer, flat out envy. Also, there is a notion that the Jews could not have outcompeted us fair and square (which I figure they did). They must have cheated! That makes people even more angry.
In all the retarded and endless Jewish tomes and pieces about anti-Semitism, (anti-Semitism being the favorite obsession of the Jews other than staring at the Jewish pool in the stream until they fall in) strangely enough, this is rarely commented on, yet it’s obviously driving most of it.
Hell, the Jews have even set up whole gigantic institutes for the mystification (Excuse, me, study!) of anti-Semitism like the Steven Roth (Onanistic) Institute for the Study of Antisemitism in (Where else?) Tel Aviv in which a tremendous amount of nonsense is written and many a Jew is ridiculously and worthlessly employed.

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8 thoughts on “Anti-Semitism Follows Jews Like Day Follows Night”

  1. Thank you for this post, Robert. But I’m not exactly buying the envy argument on your part.
    Jews could learn something from Asian Americans. Asian Americans are educationally and financially successful and have in many ways outcompeted whites, and yet they don’t engender the same hatred and resentment from white Americans. In fact, if you go to white nationalist blogs, they rarely talk about Asians at all. In fact, Jared Taylor even has deep respect for Northeast Asians.
    Why? Because they’re respectful (though contrary to some stereotypes, certainly not docile), they enjoy their money in private, they don’t try to exercise heavy influence over the major institutions of their host nation, and based on my own personal experience, they’re simply more pleasant people. I have had many good friendships with Asians.
    Asian Americans don’t form lobbies that seek to steer our foreign policy in an unconditionally pro-Chinese or pro-Korean direction that goes contrary to American interests.
    Asians are not the primary purveyors of Hollywood and pornographic perversion.
    Asians aren’t the ones who push Cultural Marxism and open borders.
    (though there are Critical Race Theorists like Frank Wu and the late Ronald Takaki, and a good number of Asians are liberal on racial issues. Although many of them at the same time don’t exactly have a ton of respect for blacks, and based on personal conversations with some Asian friends, are not huge fans of mass immigration or leftist dogma either. Of course, there are also Asians who are the opposite. This is a complex issue. Asians are a diverse group, judging from my own experience, and this would require an extensive essay to deal with, but I digress)
    I think someone put it this way.
    If a guy goes into a bar and gets kicked out, you might cut the guy some slack. For all we know, the bartender and other customers were assholes.
    But if this guy gets kicked out of bar after bar after bar, perhaps you just might start to think that there’s something wrong with the guy getting kicked out of the bar.
    I think Brother Nathanel put it best: They’re not innocent victims. There’s a reason they’ve been kicked out of country to country to country.
    Interestingly enough, as Bro Nathanael, Henry Makow, and even Kevin MacDonald acknowledge, the majority of Jews are not behind these vices. And yet a huge disproportion or majority of the people behind these vices happen to be Jews.
    Let me make one thing real clear: If Jews were mostly like JAY or Paul Gottfried, I would have no problem with them at all. I do not have problems with them on account of their blood or physical appearance, but rather their deeds and attitude.
    It’s interesting. Jews insist that anti-Semitism is always the result of irrational hatred, but a closer look at the record shows that many Jews themselves are responsible for provoking anti-Semitism. At least these True Torah Jews think so.
    So it’s really a matter of which came first: The chicken or the egg?

    1. BAG: Look up the China Lobby sometime. Although to be fair, it wasn’t dominated by Chinese Americans. At the time, there were few Asian Americans of any kind to speak of, due to pre-1966 immigration laws and quotas. But they did enslave U.S. foreign policy to the interests of the corrupt and incompetent Chinese Kuomintang government of the time, to our detriment. I believe most of the big players were Americans with cultural, religious, or business interests that dovetailed with the Chinese elites.
      BTW, there is quite a bit of hatred and envy of Asians in the U.S., particularly among downwardly mobile working class whites. And in the 19th century, hatred of Chinese in the Western states was quite lethal and over the top.

    2. Well, back then you had hatred of Asians (ie. riots, Chinese Exclusion Act, etc), but I’m hard-pressed to find much hatred for Asians today.
      Even some of the more radical white nationalist sites rarely talk about Asians.

  2. You see, if Jews really want to end anti-Semitism, then they ought to act as their ancestors did in the Middle East and elsewhere.
    They need to just sit down, shut up, and enjoy their money in private. They need to become more like Syrian Jews in the U.S. Syrian Jews have plenty of money and enjoy success, and yet you don’t see them trying to control the media, foreign policy, or government institutions.
    If Jews would just be quiet, leave their host societies alone, and be respectful towards the populations of host countries as their religion dictates (at least according to True Torah Jews), then people wouldn’t be so pissed at them.

  3. BAG writes: “Interestingly enough, as Bro Nathanael, Henry Makow, and even Kevin MacDonald acknowledge, the majority of Jews are not behind these vices. And yet a huge disproportion or majority of the people behind these vices happen to be Jews.”
    They’re not behind it, but most go along with whatever they are told by their drovers and vaqueros. Independent thinking isn’t Jewish. Yes, they’re bright, but the Talmud is a set of ancient law briefs and their laws are Noahide Halacha – the good of the community over the rights of the individual. In British case/American Constitutional law the individual’s rights are paramount.
    America is being moved away from the Constitutional toward the Halackhic perspective by large endowments to universities made by billionaire machers to establish Jewish studies departments. These include the study and application of Judaic law. There are two
    Jewish law chairs at Harvard.
    See “The Emergence of Jewish Law in Postmodernist Legal Theory” by Suzanne Last Stone
    Few Jews think and act outside of their 2,000 year old revolutionary Tikkun Olam box because of the risk of rejection by their immediate and extended family. The argument that a few bad apples spoil the barrel doesn’t apply when examining the divinely mandated behavior of the snoid swarm.

  4. The Emergence of Jewish Law in Postmodernist Legal Theory
    by Suzanne Last Stone
    Copy right 1994 by Suzanne Last Stone
    Table of Contents
    I. Introduction: The Halacha in Western Thought
    II. The Postmodern Turn to the Jewish Legal Model
    III: Uncoupling Jewish Law and Postmodern Thought
    IV: Conclusion: The Postmodern Temptation
    Anyone who is about to compare the universe of normative halachic discourse with that of the present postmodern culmination of Western discourse, should have a beard or, failing that, a French accent. I possess neither. But I do have a particular expertise in this topic, one that grew out of an attempt to answer a simple question: why, as I was reading through the American law journals, including Harvard’s own, was Rabbi Joseph Caro, the great sixteenth century codifier and mystic, emerging as one of the major American legal theorists of our day? The answer to that question, as it turned out, centers on the meeting of Jewish law and postmodernity.

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