Why Are Religious Schools Allowed to Discriminate on the Basis of Religion But Not on Race?

In the comments section, BAG asks:

Okay, Uncle Milton, but what I don’t get is why it’s okay to discriminate based on religion, but not race? The way I see it, either all discrimination is okay, or none of it is okay.

We’ve had a ton of problems in US schools with discrimination on the basis of race. On the other hand, we’ve had zero problems in US schools with discrimination on the basis of religion, or very few for that matter. Some universities used to discriminate against Jews, but those were not religious schools. It’s a sociological phenomenon. If you allowed religious schools to discriminate on the basis of race, this could create a major social problem. In places like the South all these “Christian” schools would spring up overnight more or less with “No Niggers” signs hung out front. That would not be acceptable. We fought a great big conflict to get rid of de jure segregated schooling in this country. It’s true that these laws leave Whites with no way to escape sending their kids to schools with Blacks other than moving away from them, but it’s really not much of a problem in terms of private or religious schools. Sure, private and religious schools have to accept Blacks if they meet the criteria, but if you screw up or screw off in private or religious schools, they boot you right on out of there. So I imagine that though private and religious schools in the US surely have Blacks in them, I’m quite certain that those Blacks are studious and well-behaved, else they are gone. I mean, these are religious schools! You can’t very well force them to accept people of other religions! That’s insane. On what basis could you force Christian schools to accept Hindus, Muslims and Jews? On what basis could you accept Jewish schools to accept Hindus, Muslims and Christians? It’s nuts, and no one is being harmed by these restrictions anyway, so there’s no reasons to fix them up.

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    1. Although, I think that it would have been better for whites to stay and stick to their guns than flee.
      Cowards flee, men fight.

      1. I’m not even referring to de jure segregation in places like the South.
        I’m primarily referring to white flight in urban Northern areas who fled previously white areas.
        The way I see it, the whites should have said, “this is our neighborhood, and it will remain our neighborhood.”
        They should have all stayed within their neighborhoods and refused to move. One or two blacks? Big whup, they’re hardly a threat in such small numbers.
        Had they done that, this country’s major cities wouldn’t be overrun by non-whites.

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