No Black Geniuses?

If you hang around White nationalist fora a lot you will hear quite a lot of nonsense about Black people. Since one of the WN’s arguments in favor of White Supremacy which they all believe in is that “Niggers ain’t got no brains” = Whites are much smarter than Blacks, it is quite ironic that you find so many out and out retarded statements by Whites coming from the mouths of the most supremacist of Whites.
One common line, heard quite commonly on the more moderate fora like American Renaissance, is that Black geniuses are essentially rare to nonexistent. They then go down through the list of very smart Blacks, but someone not a one of these niggers is smart enough to be an actual out and out genius! There is some sort of genius bar to be pole-vaulted over, but the darn contraption is set up in such a way so that only Whites can make it over the bar.
Some of these articles descend into long, intellectual treatises, replete will all sorts of evidence and referencing, about how even the smartest of Blacks somehow to do not reach the ultimate genius of some of the greatest White geniuses, who are then listed. Beethoven, Milton, Shakespeare, even Emerson and Lincoln.
On a certain dumbass White Supremacist level on which a huge % of Whites can relate (sadly including me) this “argument” finds your average White person nodding his head. Sure! Where’s the Black Shakespeare anyway? Duh. It makes so much sense.
Except it doesn’t. As David alluded in the comments section the other day, arguments like this are unprovable. As he said, it’s not so much they aren’t right, it’s worse than that. They aren’t even wrong! In short, they are utterly untestable and therefore ridiculous. We argue over angels on pinheads.
First of all, when one wanders into the towering Easter Island statue heights of genius, one deals with the chewy question of who are the real super-genius, who are the more geniuses, who are the runner-ups and who deserve to be forgotten. There is almost no way to scientifically quantify this. Philosophy is as kick-ass as it gets. I’ve heard Cornel West speak, and as far as I’m concerned, he’s as good as Plato, Nietzsche and Sartre. Better, in fact, because he synthesizes all three masterfully. And even better yet because he sort of makes sense, and none of the above, especially the latter two, do much at all for me.
So on what basis do we say that Black philosophy has never produced a Plato, Nietzsche or Sartre? This is intellectual masturbation.
The same argument is made about music. Where is the Black Beethoven? Sure, the racist idiot in the White mind screams, where is he? He is nowhere and everywhere you look. Ornette Coleman, Charlie Parker, Robert Johnson, and I’m only getting started.
So when I saw this video of the savant, at first I thought no way is this guy Black. In my racist heart (yes I have a black place there) I had thought, “There can’t be any Black savants. Blacks are too stupid to be savants. Only Whites can be savants.”
Lo and behold, here is a Black savant, a Frenchman. And he’s quite Black all right, looks like he just stepped out of the Congo.
The contrarians will say that he’s not a genius, he’s just a savant. But here we get into the idiot argument of what is genius. Otto Weininger says genius is present to some degree or another in all humans. Surely this Black fellow has more than a touch, in fact quite a bit, of the gift, strange as it may be.
Ok, so you want to talk IQ instead. My understanding is that there are Black students at MIT, typically majoring in mathematics or related fields, all African immigrants, who have IQ’s tested at 160-180. These are anecdotal reports, but they don’t surprise me. Exactly how high does your IQ need to be before you are a genius anyway?

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34 thoughts on “No Black Geniuses?”

  1. there are no black winners of the Fields Medal, which is like the Nobel Prize of mathematics. there has been maybe one or two women, but zero blacks.

    1. Geniuses are dispersed across different fields of study–however evenly or evenly. Genius is said to be an IQ over 140, yet not all of these people enter positions in academia. Field Medals are awarded geniuses of math selected among other geniuses of math. I think you fuck up the percentage with a multidimensional conjunction which involves nothing but rarity on top of rarity. Yeah. Not surprised you have not found anything.

  2. What most of these WN’S is to get into a tit-for-tat comparison of the accomplishments of whites and blacks, Europeans and Africans, in an attempt to tally up the ledger and proclaim one or the other the historical victor.

    1. Cornel West is another black Critical Race Theorist, who’s a professor of religion and black studies at Princeton.
      Along with Kimberle Crenshaw, Eduardo-Bonilla Silva, Beverly Daniel Tatum, and others, he’s another typical Critical Race Theorist.
      Although, to his credit, he also adds class analysis as well.

  3. there’s an american blk spectrum kid with the very same ability. I will post something about him here.
    robert you gonna give me credit for this video or what 🙁
    *chic noir gives robert the sad face*

  4. The best examples of black geniuses are the mathematicians David Blackwell and Ernest Wilkins. Blackwell received a PhD in mathematics at age 22 and was inducted into the prestigious National Academy of Sciences in 1965. Any student of advanced statistics knows of the Rao-Blackwell theorem named after him.
    Ernest Wilkins received a PhD in mathematics at the age of 19 and worked with Eugene Wigner (Nobel-prize winning physicist) developing mathematical models for neutron absorption.

  5. There I a very fast white sprinter out of Europe he I so fast that he is the fastest white man that has ever been timed in the 100 meters. He runs it in 9.92 seconds!! Out of 71 of the fastest people he’s is one of them. The other 70 are black people. This is not racism it is an obvious fact. Black people out of certain parts of the world have more fast twitch muscle fiber. It is just as obvious that white people are intellectually superior. NO black person has EVER scored an 800 on the GRE test given to college graduates. EVER!!!
    2.3% of whites score there regularly and 10% of Asians. That means that 1 out 10 Asians that take the test every year score that high or higher and a black person has NEVER scored that high!! Also keep in mind that people with as little as 1/64 black in themselves can claim African American (for the free money). In other words if you even have a tiny minuscule amount of black in you….. Well you know the rest.

    1. Your statistics regarding college graduates and GRE testings are inaccurate. The GRE and other graduate level testing (I.e. GMAT) are administered based on graduate candidate choices. In other words, the GRE is not the standard deviation of measurement. To imply there are only two variables within your frame of reasoning, makes your facts less reliable and more hypothetical.

      1. Yes, those percentages are very correct. No African, or African American have ever scored a 800, only 23 have reached as high as a 714 from the 324,697 blacks who have taken the test.

  6. I am a black female, have an IQ score of 147, and also believe that all of society is dumb. It is extremely difficult to converse with people of less intelligence.The interesting thing is that people will constantly challenge you when they feel you are smarter than them. I found this to be true in my profession. I feel all alone as a genius. Having high intelligence is really hard because most people will spend time trying to discredit you.

  7. I’ve heard Jay-Z is worth north of one hundred million dollars.
    He started out life as a music hall mascot then crack dealer on the streets to rap star to celebrity. Now, at 44 years old, he is married to one of the most famous women in America and worth more than 100 million Americans combined.
    He’s won a Field’s Medal in my book.
    Dre is so high up the ladder I cannot comment on him because floating that close to outer space he is practically invisible to most Americans ability to even fathom him. At this point, like the Koch brothers, he has attained mythical status. I suppose we could fire his medal upwards on a rocket?

    1. Jay Z is actually worth $650 million. Most of it from business, not rapping. Beyonce is just under half a billion. Together you’re looking a billion dollar husband and wife.

      1. Also, many other rappers are following that path. I’m glad to see the black man earning great wealth off his talents and then parlaying that capital into business enterprises outside of music.

        1. Selling a sugar water product (rap) to a segment of society that can’t think for themselves doesn’t make a genius. The people you’re referring to are successful capitalists targeting an ignorant base audience. It’s easy money.

        2. I’m a fan of rap music, so thanks for insulting me. And if you’ve seen my posting history over the last 5 years I’ve been here, I can think perfectly fine for myself. Because you don’t happen to like rap music doesn’t mean it’s bad music. It just means you don’t understand the nuances of it or relate to it.
          And if it’s easy money, then go become a rapper yourself. It’ll be the easier million dollars you’ll ever make, according to you.

        3. And who you exactly? Jay Z is living a life one could only dream of. And entirely self-made. You on the other hand are just some random guy on the internet.

        4. This conversation is about black geniuses, not which parts of pop culture we happen to enjoy. The fact that these people have become wealthy from selling their wares doesn’t make them genius, it makes them successful. My apologies if my low opinion of rap culture offends you.

  8. The same we need to admire the black man superiority on sports, we need to acknowledge that they just “imitate” the white man cognitive intelligence. The average IQ of whites is 100 the blacks <90 and the “yellows” are even higher… 105

      1. Phil, the fake black man says:

        Except what he isn’t talking about is averages, like you are pointing out, but outliers.

        Where’s your proof that they are outliers? Most rational and intelligent people would say that they are a representative sample. It’s more plausible that if more blacks had the opportunity, more blacks would join their ranks. It’s the same reason we don’t find any Northern European great thinkers, scientists or philosophers of antiquity or during the middle ages. Why is that? Was it because they were stupid? No. It was because they didn’t have the means or the opportunity by which their genius could be expressed.
        You are such a closed-minded simpleton.

  9. No black geniuses? Then what are all the African math graduate students doing at my school? I seriously doubt affirmative action works in math. Brown nosing and soft instructors, contrary to what some punks and haters say, don’t exist in math, everything is earned.
    Of course,there could be the scenario where the African math graduate students are retaking every course to make a B, but I doubt if that’s true.

    1. Yeah definitely as Robert said, black geniuses exist in music. No argument there. Of course, the WN screams music is useless for building civilization, but so what? Genius is genius.

  10. Genius is based so much on work, maybe 90 percent, so even with genius, the lazy accomplish nothing.

  11. Hi, I’m average, have IQ of 99. I feel intellectually superior to the most of the people from my surroundings. I work as a dishwasher in restaurant (work which requires IQ of 80…). I’m starting electrical college in September where will be some math. May mathematical exercise increase my IQ ?

    1. This is interesting. Are you from the UK? What race are most of the people you work with? What do you estimate their average IQ is?
      As far as raising your IQ, how old are you?

  12. “typically majoring in mathematics or related fields, all African immigrants, who have IQ’s tested at 160-180.”
    …….”all African immigrants….”
    In other words, motivated people from the African continent, who understand and appreciate the educational opportunities only available in America. People who haven’t been able to blame others for their own failures or lack of achievement. People who don’t get to fall back on the “racism” or “white supremacy” excuses if they don’t perform at a similar level. People who may be a mere generation removed from African slavery, or straight out of the bush, bone through the nose and lip plates. People who know America offers blacks far more opportunities for success and equality, than anywhere else in the world.
    Yet so called “African-Americans”, who benefit from generations of American education, literacy and advancement programs, not to mention Affirmative Action and quotas, and the privilege of far higher socioeconomic status, are apparently nowhere to be found.
    Oh wait…they’re lapping up the ideology of victimization and blame, filling seats in “Black Studies” and “Social Justice” classes while while whipping themselves up into a narcissistic frenzy of self-entitlement.

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