Poor Jews?

Angela in the comments is trying to disabuse us of the stereotype that all Jews make at least a middle class living. She links to this article, which doesn’t make a very good case.
Since when is $35K “near poverty?” That study is ridiculous. Those are just typical struggling middle class people, like so many Whites here in California.Welcome to the White Middle Class Quicksand Swamp, Jews! Have fun and don’t sink too low!
I would not call that near-poverty. They’re only considered poor because the cost of living is so high in New York. They’re not considered poor by the US government.
Yeah, for a Jew, $35K is “near-poverty.” LOL, I bet. Says a lot, huh?
Gimme $35K/yr so I can be “near-poor.” Sounds terrible LOL.
It *is* true that apparently 10% of all US Jews actually *do* live in poverty. There are some poor or low income Jews out there. I’ve been to Jewish sites and they talk about it.
As we might expect from stereotype of hyper-grasping US Jews, the poor or low-income Jews on the site I went to were furious at US Jewry for treating them like dirt for being “losers.” They go to family gatherings and everyone is “How come you’re not a doctor or a lawyer?” and “You’re a loser!”
There used to be a number of Jewish beats and hippies (my heroes) were lived more or less deliberately in poverty or on low incomes to purse and artistic or free-spirited life, but I don’t think there is much of that anymore. My friend the famous science fiction writer Avram Davidson never had any money. The guy was funny. He dressed like a bum on the streets. He even smoked hand-rolled cigarettes too, LOL. And Avram was really Jewish, I mean really Jewish, even though he left Judaism later in life.
Your average US Jew is so fucking into $ they make me sick. I thought US Whites were bad. US Jews are like US Whites X 10.
Come to think of it, I don’t want to be a Jew after all. They can take their grasping, hyper-achievement demanding culture and shove it right up you know where. Screw that.
You know, do you think it’s possible US Jews could maybe develop some other value to base how good of a person you are on how much money you make? Damn.
There’s a reason why I’m a dropout. I’ve had it up to here with this grasping society that judges your quality as a human being on how much damn money you make. I’m out. Bye. I’m through with all of that and everyone who thinks like that. Permanent divorce. I’m so much happier too. Whew!
Nevertheless, there are poor and low income Jews in the US, especially in New York City. Many of them are either Hasidic or are recent immigrants from the former Soviet Union. The 40,000 Uzbek Jew in New York are particularly poor.
Angela links to three other articles that make the case that poor and low income Jews do in fact exist in the US. The articles talk about the stigma of being a low-income Jew in the US, and blame Gentiles a lot for the anti-Semitic stereotype that all Jews are rich. What these articles leave out though is that these Jews are probably treated worse by their own ultra-grasping, hypermaterialistic culture than by anyone else.
I have a pretty low opinion of Chabad, but at least they are kinder to low income Jews, better than the rest of their uppity community. Let’s give credit where it’s due.
It’s definitely a fact that here in California, no matter what kind of community you live in, if you meet a Jew, young or old, they usually tend to have some money. Not necessarily rich, but they’re doing all right. They’re much more likely to be into some decent money than your average White Gentile. I have noticed this and so have my friends. Stereotypes exist for a reason. There is more than a lump of truth to them!

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0 thoughts on “Poor Jews?”

  1. I completely disagree with your generalizations of Jews, but it falls into line with all your collectivist outlook on things…
    I prefer Rabbi Daniel Lapin’s explanation:

    1. yeah what the fuck is up with THAT? fucking Jews getting preferential treatment by law? shit makes me mad, i would toss them all into the oven. so manipulative, so conniving…
      in upstate new york, they buy up all this land and then claim it as church property to dodge the taxes…they are a bunch of scumbags. maybe no more scummier than your typical CEO…but they can all go fucking die. the CEOs too.

      1. LOL, Randy lives in New York surrounded by Jews and Blacks. No wonder he’s turning racist. Anti-Semitism follows Jews like day follows night. LOL. Cure for anti-Semitism? Move away from large concentrations of Jews, LOL.

      2. LOL, Randy lives in New York surrounded by Jews and Blacks. No wonder he’s turning racist
        Yup, and I was born and raised in the Bay Area with a bunch of Jews and non-whites, and as a result have negative attitudes towards those group (well, mainly blacks and Jews, and to a much smaller extent Hispanics) so Randy is hardly alone in that sense.
        Cure for anti-Semitism? Move away from large concentrations of Jews, LOL.
        This, along with that study I posted showing that the most stressful cities are the most diverse, while the least stressful are more homogenous and white, validates my theory that the one’s love for diversity is related to his distance from it.
        Oh, don’t get me wrong. I have plenty of non-white friends, including several Hispanic and Asian co-workers at my food court job, my all-Asian pick-up basketball friends (just got back from a game, and even hit a couple of 3’s!), and my all non-white friend group in high school.
        Yet paradoxically, I have white nationalist leanings, in spite of all my non-white friends and exposure to different groups.
        Yeah, who knows? Perhaps the solution is to move to a place like Iowa or Oregon. I hardly imagine that whites there are really racist, considering they don’t actually have to deal with anyone different.

        1. As of now? Well, I have a friend who has a Jewish father, which makes him similar to Tim Wise.
          (although unlike Wise, he isn’t a far left turd)
          In high school, I certainly did. I’m still pretty cool with them.
          When it comes to Jews, if we avoid anything related to politics or race, I’m cool with Jews. But the second controversial political or racial issues come up, I’m on guard in the presence of Jews.

        2. Actually no, I do trust my personal friend, because I know him and because he is more right leaning, which means that he’s not a white bashing turd.
          Same thing with Lawrence Auster. Even though he has Zionist and neocon tendencies, he’s pro-white and has written an excellent article against open borders. For that reason, he’s fine by me.
          It’s the Jews whose views I don’t yet know that I must worry about. And based on my personal experience, many Jews are indeed liberal/lefty. Although to be fair, your average Jew is not like Tim Wise or Susan Sontag.
          (also, my friend doesn’t consider himself Jewish, since his father was Jewish, unlike Wise, who has a similar background, but flaunts his Jewishness when it suits him)

  2. Daniel Lapin conveniently forgot the favors and
    awards he bestowed on his friend Jack “Sniper School” Abramhoff when that investigation was underway. It was in the news here where he lives in a suburban enclave of wealthy Jews. I watched the media gloss the whole thing over.
    Lapin, Abramhoff and commentator Michael Medved arrived in the Pacific Northwest together from Southern California at about the same time where they’d been involved together in setting up a synagogue based on the revisionist Zionist teachings of the first Ashkanazi rabbi of British Mandate Palestine, Abraham Isaac Kook. So, they’re what’s called “Kooks. ”
    Lapin sounds British or Australian or something. This was a surprise. The delivery reminds me of Ron Popiel, the TV pitchman that sells bald spot paint and “The Pocket Fisherman.”
    Keep in mind The US has more Jews than anyplace else in the world now. They’re raised on paranoia and avoid censuses so the oft repeated “2% of the population” line is an old and defensive canard. They’re always 2% of any population and 72.6%
    of practicing urologists.
    The charities they give to are generally Judeocentric and often money laundering fronts. Israel Shamir’s speculations on the Bernie Madoff paper trail is a good entry level course in high Hebrewnomics. Another source of inside info are Joaquin Martillo’s writings on the network of Zionist organizations in the US masquerading as human rights non-profits (Save Darfur etc).
    Remind me to avoid all future Von Mieses Institute conferences until they put an imam on the after dinner speakers schedule.

      1. Compared to other ultra orthodox sects chabad is pretty tolerant. They have to have good relations with non jews in the government and in the business world. You should check out modern orthodox groups. They maintain an orthodox lifestyle while still living in the real world, value secular education, and have relations with non jews. And most of us are educated middle class professionals; a few are upper middle class but very few are rich. Rich jews just dont want to maintain an orthodox lifestyle.

        1. i am not sure if all the members are racist but one of their founding rabbis said some prety sick stuff such as its ok to take an organ from a gentile.
          in la most middle class jews are either orthodox or assimilated jews with no ties to the community. most reform jews are wealthy.

        2. Are you offended that ultra orthos want to send their children to separate schools?
          That’s interesting. I’m not answering for Robert, but it seems to me that your implication is that the ultra orthos shouldn’t be condemned just because they wan to send their children to separate schools.
          Perhaps I’m reading this wrong, but I cannot see too many other reasons why you would ask that.
          My question is then as follows: Would you extend this courtesy to white nationalists who want to send their kids to all white schools?

        3. of course she has no reply for your comment BAG. she steals your fucking name and likes to make comments but gets all quiet when she’s called out for her double standards. weak.

  3. where i am from in LA it seems most Jewish areas are fairly wealthy there really isn’t a strong jewish middle class and most jews who are live in gentile areas. there is basically a jewish belt around beverly hills from westwood to hancock park and down to pico and up into the wealthy parts of the valley south of the 101. all wealthy areas.

  4. December 2006
    There will be no more Christmas trees at Sea-Tac Airport this season after the Port of Seattle received at least one complaint about them.
    For more than 25 years, the airport has celebrated the holidays with Christmas trees over its entrances. But overnight, the Port of Seattle ordered all 15 trees removed.
    The Port of Seattle said it had little choice. It said a Seattle rabbi with the Central Organization for Jewish Education hired an attorney and threatened to sue if the airport did not erect an eight-foot menorah to balance the message of the Christmas trees.
    According to airport spokeswoman, the two sides could not reach an agreement before the lawsuit was to be filed, so the trees were removed instead.
    The airline companies that lease space in the airport are not being required to remove decorations from their check-in counters.
    “Bloom’s conclusion seems to be that the Iowans he deals with, both in Postville and in Iowa City, are by nature of long isolation and homogeneity suspicious of and slow to welcome any outsiders, Jewish or otherwise, and that they are willing to try to get along with people who try to get along with them. The Lubavitchers, with their unconcealed attitudes of superiority, their rufusal to moderate even some of their behaviors in deference to local custom (even behaviors that don’t infringe at all on their beliefs, such as keeping their yards neat or refraining from attempting to bargain prices at the stores, which the townsfolk see as insulting) and their complete disinterest in having any sort of relationship with the people they are living alongside, consistently show no inclination at all to try to get along. And Bloom, as a Jew and an outsider, ultimately chooses the path of trying to fit in over that of flaunting his difference. He chooses as his role model Doc Wolf, the legendary doctor of Postville and surrounding areas who for over 60 years doctored the locals, delivered babies and made housecalls, with most people unaware that he was Jewish and those who did not caring. ”
    Postville A Clash of Cultures in Heartland America

    1. they should make that menorah 2% of the height of the christmass tree to keep things fair. since they’re only 2% of the population.

    2. Yeah, this is a Christian country.
      When Jews start demanding that Israel accommodate Christmas trees and mosques in majority Jewish areas, then I’ll be convinced by all of their moral posturing against “intolerance.”

  5. To BAG:
    That’s interesting. I’m not answering for Robert, but it seems to me that your implication is that the ultra orthos shouldn’t be condemned just because they wan to send their children to separate schools……My question is then as follows: Would you extend this courtesy to white nationalists who want to send their kids to all white schools?
    Devout Christians can and do send their kids to separate schools (or more often they use Home School…) so I don’t see why ultra Orthodox Jews can’t do the same.

      1. Most well-to-do whites already send their children to all-white, or to be more precise, non-black schools.
        Which is perfectly fine.
        I just think it’s silly the way so many people get up in arms about the separation between whites and blacks.
        If whites want to send their kids to non-black schools, then that’s fine. They’re under no obligation to mix their kids with blacks.

  6. Bay Area Guy
    Ultra Orthodox jews send their children to yeshivas with the understanding that they will be shielded from TV, hollywood, popular music and the internet and so they can know who their children’s friends are. If white nationalists expressed similar motives in a respectful manner, and quietly built their own schools, free of Gangsta Rap and BET, I’d see no reason why they shouldn’t be allowed to. But white nationalists explicitly say that they don’t want their kids to be with blacks.

    1. But white nationalists explicitly say that they don’t want their kids to be with blacks.
      Which is perfectly fine.
      I mean, why would they want to have their kids be with blacks?
      They should be allowed to associate with whomever they please.
      This integration and “diversity” nonsense has gone far enough.
      And on another note, I do think that WN’s ought to build their own schools, their own film industries, and basically build a white nation, free of non-white influence.

        1. To Rob and Alpha:
          Can’t do it. Can’t have private all-White schools in the US, at least AFAICT. I believe they are illegal. As they ought to be.
          Don’t the Amish send their children to schools that are Amish…? The issue here is religion not race.
          The link above seems to indicate that the Amish do have their own schools.

        2. You know, that actually is a good point. What would the legality of say an “all White” or “all Black” private school be from state to state? I am sure you are correct, it would be illegal in California, but what of other states? As long as the school receives no federal money, could it possibly float by in say Arizona, or some states in the South?
          Now I am curious…From a legal standpoint.

          1. I was curious about this, too, so I checked to see what federal law has to say about this. The Civil RIghts Act of 1964 prohibits racial discrimination in all public schools and in any school receiving federal funds. Title IV, which addresses education, wouldn’t apply to privately funded schools.
            But each state might have its own anti-discrimination laws.

        3. Ah, so federal funding has a lot to do with it, just like the Fed’s dealing with private businesses and such.

      1. I just find it so amazing how there’s no greater sin in the Western world than “racism,” “hate,” “bigotry,” etc.
        We’re all taught to praise “diversity” and revile those who do not sufficiently appreciate diversity.
        It makes me wonder whether or not white people are easily mislead, or simply racially suicidal.

        1. Yeah, suicidal was what I was leaning at.
          If our white ancestors could see us now, aside from being impressed with the technology we enjoy, they would regard us with great contempt.
          They would look down on so-called “white men” (which I think has increasingly become an oxymoron).

  7. the Hassids in NYC collect benefits and legal favoritism…the laws are written so that these insular Jews can get benefits for segregating themselves from Americans…FUCK THEM…why don’t the pay the money to take care of their own?
    ANSWER: they are cheap Jews. fuck them, fuck poor Jews, they aren’t white and they don’t like us, and they want to claim benefits as minorities…fuck them let them look after their own people.

      1. i’ve had a bit to drink, bad day, and i like to come here to rant a bit. hard to find a place to have an open discussion of this type.
        please do not ban me!

        1. Alcohol is similar to sodium pentathal, no?
          I won’t ban you. You can say what you want on here, but keep it quiet about that. Mostly you just can’t attack me or Alpha. Other than that, you can pretty much say what you want.
          I guess theoretically a commenter might get so disruptive we might have to ban them, but that has not occurred yet.

  8. immediately upon reading the headline i recall this line from Steven Jesse Bernstein where he talks about being teased for being a Jew, and having his lunch money stolen, and one of the taunts was “never heard of a poor Jew”.
    man…that guy was off the fucking hook. died a suicide, stabbed himself in the throat. who fucking does THAT?

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