Sex Offenders: Second Thoughts

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After I posted a couple of pieces on child molester mass hysteria, they got linked to some sex offender support groups and I got some comments. I started doing a lot more research, and I must say, I am not impressed with the sex offender support groups or their research. One of their favorite papers claims to show only 5% recidivism rate over 3 years or 10 years or 15 years or whatever, but apparently that’s fraudulent.
One good study did find a 25% recidivism rate after 15 years. This is the same study that the RSO (registered sex offender) supporters quote as having a 5% relapse rate. At that’s only for re-offenses.
While at Fresno State University in the early 1990’s, I did a ton of reading in journals. I liked the psychology journals a lot.
In one I found a study that used confidential interview procedures to determine the true rate of recidivism, because a lot of these guys reoffend and don’t get caught. Anyway, these guys can admit to molesting kids online or in an interview, and there’s usually nothing that can be done, since we don’t know who the victim is, when the crime occurred, etc.
That study found a re-offense rate (not a re-arrest rate) for child molesters of 50% over 25 years. I think that’s about right.
There’s tremendous debate about what constitutes pedophilia, but this site, Wikisposure, ought to give you a pretty good idea. It’s an anti-pedophile site set up the To Catch a Predator folks (Perverted Justice), and it profiles lots of sex offenders, most of whom are out and out pedophiles. Looking through the profiles gives you a pretty good idea of what these guys are all about.
I’m even listed in the “articles to be done” category, which is either scary or hilarious, since I signed a petition calling for reform of these crazy laws. So anyone who wants to go there and say a bunch of evil stuff about me, just get yourself an account and log on .
According to the FBI, a large number, possibly a majority of cases, are not committed by opportunistic non-pedophilic molesters, but by males who are actually pedophilic in one way or another. To what degree, I’m not sure, but most of those profiled at Wikisposure are obviously preferential molesters.
The sex offender propaganda says that 90% of molestations are just opportunistic crimes by non-pedophilic males. Apparently that’s just not true.
However, all normal heterosexual adult males are maximally attracted to females aged 16, 17 and up into adulthood, so I strongly disagree with calling men who have sex with these girls pedophiles or even sex offenders. It’s not called “pedophilia”; it’s called “fucking a teenage girl.”
All males also have very high, though not maximal, attraction to girls aged 14 and 15, so that’s not really abnormal or pedophilia either. Once you get into girls aged 13 and below, no adult of any age should be messing with them, period. They’re just too young, and at some point, it is out and out child molesting. However, I do not think that persons under age 18 having sex with a 13 year old is abnormal.
Main thing about pedophiles, if you look at Wikisposure, is that it’s obvious that the vast majority really don’t have much interest in adults. A few do, but those are the minority. What turns em on is kids, and they usually have a preferential AoA, or age of attraction . It’s usually phrased something like, “My AoA is 6-11.”
A few of these guys are completely out and well-known in the community. Some have admitted to molesting kids and just got away with it. That’s not enough to arrest or convict someone. A number of the older ones are roaming around the world. Mexico seems to be a favorite place. Boylovers do seem to dramatically outnumber the girllovers, despite the gay rights protestations.
I’m very sympathetic to teens going down for consensual sex and to young men aged 18-21 going down for sex with girls 14-17. The Romeo and Juliet cases are the most tragic of all. I’m also sympathetic to guys aged 21-29 going down sex with girls aged 15-17. The latter is surely illegal, and you’re a fool if you do it, but whatever it is, it’s not pedophilia.
I would prefer to see the age of consent lowered to 15 for both sexes.
For 14 year olds, sex with 14-21 year olds should be legal. Adults having sex with those 13 and under would be a crime. For 13 year olds, sex with 13-17 yr olds should be legal. These are Romeo and Juliet cases.
I’m primarily opposed to the conflation of this sort of sex with actual pedophilia and child molesting.
I also find the whole Child Molester Mass Hysteria thing very alarming. People are being accused of being child molesters merely because others regard them as odd or eccentric, for trying to make pleasant conversation with teenage girls, even when the girls have jobs that require them to interface with the public, or for ogling older attractive teenage girls.
These people have not been convicted or accused of any sex crimes whatsoever, and these are the most tragic cases of all. It’s normal to try to talk to anyone who has a job interfacing with the public. All normal males are attracted to pretty 16-17 year old females. In this way, utterly normal behavior is insanely conflated with “child molesting” by a puritanical, man-hating public.
Teens trading naked pics of themselves on videophones are going down on child porn trafficking charges. 15 year old girls take crotch shots of their pussies and send them to 18 year old males, and the guy goes down on child porn charges.
How bout the girl? One thing I noticed about all this stuff above: it’s always the boy who goes down, never the little teenage slut running to the cops. Some justice.
Nor do I think pics of naked 14-17 yr old girls, having sex or not, is the same thing as “child porn”. I imagine your average male would like to look at something like that. But please, if any of you guys out there have any such pics on your computer, get rid of them. Society has gone insane about this stuff these days.
I still think that the residence and lifestyle restrictions for these guys is absurd. Screw a 15 year old girl, and you can never be in any place where “children” are present! That means Starbucks. That means the supermarket. That means anywhere. What a bunch of police state bullshit. GMAB.
I think Perverted Justice, which puts real adults behind fake profiles of mostly 13-15 year old girls, is silly. Most of these guys aren’t “pedophiles” anyway. Jerry Lee Lewis married his 13 year old cousin when he was in his 20’s.
They arrange a meeting with the guy, the guy shows up, and he gets busted, and he never bopped any girl, and there was no girl anyway. The guy gets 3-16 years (WTH?) in prison. Entrapment anyone? Adult males, don’t talk sex to teenage girls on the Net. Don’t go meet them for sex. There are traps everywhere.
But I’m not particularly sympathetic to guys who committed what I consider actual sex offenses. You guys messed up, and a lot of you have got a problem. You need to get it under control, quit blaming the victims, and try hard to make sure you don’t do that again. Yeah, it’s a witch hunt, but there’s also a bunch of twisted idiots out there we need to watch, and a bunch of others who fucked up bad and need to clean up or else.

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  1. The matter is in that people need to face the fact that the World finds young people attractive. Refer to Mr. Cullen’s revolutionary report on the issue. Mr Cullen is the World authority on that. Mr. Cullen’s report is found under the Suns Winnipeg thread under the Editorial Beware of Ignatieffs Common Touch. (Click the 2nd or third post) If you want to leave a comment click the Battle for free speech post and put one there. Read only the first 41 pages

  2. Of course men like young teens and that was considered normal until the dawn of modern society. However, liking children is bizarre, and can’t be tolerated by society cause it puts children in danger (They could get molested, raped, and especially have their innocence stolen from them. The damage is irreversable.).
    Of course, in our modern society you might get made fun of, or called a “faggot” if you like young teen girls. A lot of women will hate you, and men will join the bandwagon too. But in the past, nobody really cared.

    1. I think a lot of the women who hate “guys who like young teen girls”, also hate older men who like college age girls. They, in general, hate a lot of older men, and vent this anger on “PC offenders”.
      Of course, though, I can understand why in certain situations, liking young teen girls can be bad. For instance, a middle school teacher who fancies young teen girls isn’t going to be professional, and well, obviously a lot of trouble will parents will arise. Best thing, if you feel that way and your in that job, then keep your thoughts and feelings private.

      1. Actually, an older man, who is a professor liking college age girls can be bad, cause, again, it’s very unprofessional and leads to trouble.

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