Really Cool Friulian Site

Repost from the old site. This very well-done site is all in the Friulian language. Has lots of good graphics and tons of great links. I can’t read it, but it’s cool to look at it. If you can read Friulian (or Furlan in Friulian) give it a go. It’s also interesting how many bloggers are blogging in Friulian. Italy now accepts Friulian as a minority language and schools are now offering it as a course. It’s still spoken by 794,000 speakers in the region. It’s spoken in far northeastern Italy. Friulian is closest to Ladin and Romansch. That is, it’s straight up from Vulgar Latin along with those two. Those three languages are probably the closest to pure Latin of any of the Romance languages. There are quite a few Friulian speakers in Canada. Until recently, the region was quite poor, hence many speakers left the area. There are also some speakers in Argentina and Brazil. Good overview here.

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