More Sex Offender Mass Hysteria

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Good article, and the comments are great too. The article and comments go beyond the sex offender bit into other ridiculous and absurd excesses of law enforcement and punishment.
Reading stuff like this, I am starting to understand why the libertarians and anarchists hate the state so much. It seems we do have an out of control Injustice System in this country. It’s not just sex offenders, it’s all sorts of offenders. Little did I know that a felony conviction nearly screws you for life.
Little did I know that the system is set up for the purpose of making money – that the entire law enforcement, corrections, treatment, monitoring and parole system is designed to milk money out of people who are mostly too poor to pay for it. As if the conviction wasn’t bad enough, the system extracts profit from you like a slave on a plantation.
When I lived in the mountains a couple of years ago, a friend downstairs did 6 weeks in jail. For what? For being poor. He had some old DUI, and he had to pay all these $1000’s in fines, and I guess he was just too poor to pay them. He got pulled over and hauled into jail essentially for the crime of being poor .
There’s a fellow here in the complex who has a similar mess. He was driving a car without a license. Why? He didn’t have the money to pay for the license. He kept driving the car anyway, because he needed it to get to work. He got a ticket for driving without a license. Now he’s apparently got a felony conviction.
Both of these guys are White. I shudder to think of what Blacks and Hispanics must go through.
We are one of the world’s leaders in imprisoning people. You can say what you want about that, but that the criminal justice system has been turned into just another capitalist industry, making its money off convicts and parolees, is downright sickening.

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2 thoughts on “More Sex Offender Mass Hysteria”

  1. The matter is in that people need to face the fact that the World finds young people attractive. Refer to Mr. Cullen’s revolutionary report on the issue. Mr Cullen is the World authority on that. Mr. Cullen’s report is found under the Suns Winnipeg thread under the Editorial Beware of Ignatieffs Common Touch. (Click the 2nd or third post) If you want to leave a comment click the Battle for free speech post and put one there. Read only the first 41 pages

  2. ever since Dateline’s to catch a predator was put on the air it seemed such a glaring example of a product of sex offender hysteria, yet you can’t help but wonder if the media’s eroticism of teens/underage and if the saturation of sexually suggestive or explicit media has caused a rise in pedophiliac behavior and fantasies… it’s insane to see that during their stings dozens of men of all ages and backgrounds show up thinking they are meeting a teen for sex, when these men only represent those who were in the area, responded to the online decoy and showed up in person! someone often says at the end of the program ‘they should do this in every town’, you have to wonder if there would be any men left without charges at all if they did! to me it seems that the media and the sex hysteria itself has caused a double-edged problem…the hypersexuality of media encourages both adults AND teens/children to desire sex, to think about sex, to work at making themselves attractive so that others will want them..

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