Larry Summers Leaves the Administration!

Three cheers!
Summers and especially Rubin have pretty much wrecked this Administration. Obama’s Administration has been run by bankers from the very start. The financial reform bill was stripped of most of its useful teeth by Rubin, Summers and Senators on the Hill.
Now he can go back to Harvard where he indoctrinates students in the Economics Department with neoclassical, nonsensical brain poison.

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0 thoughts on “Larry Summers Leaves the Administration!”

  1. Actually, I wish he would form a think tank devoted to data-driven examination of demographic employment patterns.
    I doubt societal barriers are the reason there are so few female chess grandmasters.

  2. This is good news. Hopefully, nobody Summers trains will end up attaining a high position of power in future administrations.

  3. Whatever happened to Anne Williamson? She testified against Larry Summers at a legislative hearing when he and his proteges at Harvard were being investigated for kickbacks in their democratization of Russia by “disaster capitalism”
    The book she was preparing, mentioned in the testimony, was never published and she’s since disappeared. The other day I was watching Max Kaiser from that Starbuck’s in Paris he podcasts from and a decrepit hunched over old bag lady shuffled by the window behind him. He turned around, tapped on it and then turned back to the camera and said, “Why, there goes poor Anne Williamson.”

  4. Yes.
    These cunts have a lot to answer for – they fuck up everything they touch, and then leave through the back-door when no one is looking.
    Remember how that ‘highly intelligent, smart Harvard economist’ Jeffrey Sachs single-handedly fucked-up Russia with his ‘shock -therapy’ – how that that fat untermensch dumb, corrupt useless cunt Yeltsin was stupid enough to beieve the cunts – and the actual toll on the long suffering Russian people, literally milions of excess deaths and untold human misery.
    ‘Economists’ (especially ‘smart’ American Friedmanites) are not only fucking useless, but positively evil and dangerous.
    Use the bastards for vivisection I say, like the ancient Greek Heron of Alexandria perform a live dissection on them to illustrate the function of the nervous system, only this time video tape the performance and put it on youtube.

    1. hmmm, is there a bit of hostility somewhere there, or do you have us totally fooled and are you really a Sachs and Yeltsin loving, tea partier yourself?

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