Do Hispanics Respect Education?

Hacienda is one of my finest commenters. An excellent writer with quite a bit of wisdom, he exemplifies Otto Weininger’s observation that genius is present in some quantity or other in all humans. Check out his comments to see what I mean.
Hacienda feels that Hispanics do indeed love education.

No way in hell do Hispanics value education more than us whites.
Hispanics love education. It’s just that the love not reciprocated.
A lot of Mexicans love teachers, too. Some of them because teachers receive a guaranteed income.

Hispanics tend to respect the educated very much, but they don’t necessarily want to go get an education themselves. They are funny that way. Some of the men less so, but that’s a sour grapes thing from working class Hispanic guys who never went to college. Keep in mind also that in Latin America, many men of letters are very macho, regular types. The stereotype of the faggy writer is not so common. So you can be a man of letters without having your masculinity called into suspicion.
Indeed, I found that recent immigrants really, really deeply respected me as a teacher. They would actually come to Parent-teacher meetings and their respect for me was something you almost never saw in a White person. These were poor Salvadorans and Guatemalans. They probably never even got an education in their lives. The recent immigrants respect education very much. So do many of the illegals. The ones who do not are the more assimilated ones.
However, the smarter ones of those, especially if they have good jobs and make some money, also respect education. This is analogous to the Mexican elite. They respect it because few Chicanos go to college and get a good college education. It’s a rarity in their culture, and they respect that. Many Mexicans, especially the ones who still speak Spanish and have a connection to Mexico, have deep respect for an educated man.

  1. He is rare.
  2. Mexican society deeply respects education.
  3. Part of this respect is from Iberian culture, which has always revered education.

You find analogies to this sort of thing all through Latin America. It’s especially prominent in the women. Latinas with a close connection to Latin America (recent immigrants or those who live there) really love educated men. I think they are considered a prize down there. Few folks are educated, and an educated man is rare and revered. He’s a hot catch for your average poor Latina.
This is not the case with many of the more assimilated Latinos in the US. They have assimilated to the stupidest of US culture, especially Black culture and poor White / White trash / lowest of the White working class culture. Nevertheless, there is still not a hostility to educated individuals per se or to the notion of someone getting a good education. Some of these gangbanger types are amazed at my education. It’s just that they are not interested in it themselves. But they don’t necessarily hate educated types.
The hatred of the intellectual and the educated man, shared tragically by the White American woman,  is a rather uniquely American thing.

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0 thoughts on “Do Hispanics Respect Education?”

  1. Yeah. I get wistful with Mexican women or they with me. They associate things in me in part because I’m Korean- education, schooling, professional or technical success. Funny thing is I don’t really give a sh+t about any of that. LOL. And the truth is I don’t use this to score with them because, I’m honest in a way. And I don’t find Mexican women really sexy. At least not as sexy as Asian women. Attractive, yes, but not sexy.
    I do think that this kind of education romanticism in Hispanics is a good thing. Any kind of romanticism is in itself of good thing, and a romanticism that motivates people to study? That’s a real good thing. Score one for public education. LOL.
    BTW, I attended an open house at Ruben Ayala H.S. in Chino Hills. 90% school in California. You’re absolutely correct, a schools effectiveness depends almost entirely on the student quality. The rest is administration covering their asses. Higher ups shifting the burden to the teacher underlings, because they are afraid of the parents. That’s public education for you in California.

  2. If you really want to see a country where educated people are despised, try England, most particularly the white trash/chav subculture that rules the roost there.
    Labour (supposedly ‘socialist’ but actually conservative manques), wrecked the education of generations of poor but bright kids in England by forcing through mixed ability teaching right through High School level.
    Basically and student who tried to learn was physically attacked and ostracised by the chavs.

  3. Bob, just google the term ‘chav’ for a fuller explanation.
    To yer average chav shitcunt in England only 3 things matter in life:
    1/. Watching soccer (football) on the television, putting on an exagerrated, histrionic display of support for ‘your’ team or national squad – to the point of violence and actual murder of rivals (yes, this has happened).About 20 topflight ‘leagues or championships’ for British soccer run simultaneously in the longest sporting season in the world – a ‘vitally important’ game occurs every other day on average, the chavs love it, but don’t realise they are being played for cunts by big business.
    2/. Watching ‘EastEnders’. Yes, the BBC (which grories in the self styled label of ‘world’s best broadcaster) broadcasts a particulary horrible soap-opera (made for chavs by chav wannabes) 5 times a week plus a Sunday repeat (in case you missed it).The show is pure, unadulterated lower class shit about low class people.The chavs love it and model themselves on characters from the show.It’s the reason why most English men of a certain age shave their heads bald – you see the ‘hardmen’ characters in EastEnders have bald heads..
    3/. Snorting ‘charlie’. Although chavs indulge in all drugs copiously, ‘charlie’ (as they universally refer cocaine) has taken the place of ‘soma’ to the persians with the chavs or the host of heaven to a catholic.In short, chav culture revers cocaine to the staus of god.

    1. What you say about East Enders is probably the funniest thing I’ll hear all day.In the U.S., “East Enders” is broadcast on PBS (Public “educational television;” to be fair, there’s a lot of good stuff on it as well). Most Americans who watch “East Enders” are upper middle class people–especially women–who have pretensions to education or culture. I wish I could inform the self-important c—s my ex-wife used to hang around with about this. Their heads would explode, lol. These were the people who looked down their noses at me for watching South Park!

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