Reactionary Scum Lie About US Public Schools

Which is why all of the screaming about failing schools is retarded and frankly just reactionary propaganda.

So that school that you taught at in LA was not a failing school…? They exist certainly…but there is a great deal of propaganda being thrown around.

Those schools (there were more than one) were failing because they were full of low-class ghetto Blacks! How are are you “failing schools” guys going to fix that problem? Send em back to Africa?

The schools are failing due to lousy fucking kids! It’s not our fault! It’s not the teachers’ fault. It’s not the administrators’ fault. It’s the kids’ fault. They act horrible and refuse to learn. There’s nothing wrong with the school itself. The problem is the students.

I taught in schools all over LA and I’m not sure if I ever saw one school where the teachers or administrators were screwing up. I saw possibly one teacher who may have been incompetent. He was Black and possibly an alcoholic. I think he mostly showed movies most of the time. I met another one who was an alcoholic too (she drank in class) but somehow she was still able to do her job quite well.

Almost all teachers were very hard-working and competent, although at some schools, you wonder why they even try, since the students mostly just sit there and absolutely refuse to do any work whatsoever. The administrators are riding on your ass constantly and in the White areas the horrible parents are on your ass all the time. In the White areas, it’s actually worse, since the horrible kids are actually trying to get the teachers in trouble or fired much of the time!

The reactionary scum look at this and say the school is failing. It’s the school’s fault, it’s the teachers’ fault, it’s the administrators’ fault. All lies! The kids are scumbags, and they destroy the schools and refuse to learn. In the ghetto, the schools do seem to be underfunded. They are falling apart, books are old and falling apart, etc.

The kids have destroyed the schools. With the assistance of their parents, I might add.

The reactionary scum look at underfunded schools and say they are failing. Of course. They are broke! Their solution? Cut off the money!

The reactionary maggots in the US (almost all White) have always hated public eduction. They hate the schools, and they especially hate the teachers. White America has always hated schoolteachers. One reason they hate them is due to their unions. It’s one of the last effective unions around in this country, which is why the White rightwing dogs are always frothing about them.

Now think of what a US conservative really is, and tell me he’s not a scumbag.

He hates public eduction. The truth even worse: he wants to destroy it. That’s what all this “vouchers” and “charter schools” BS nonsense is all about. It’s a plot to destroy the public schools and especially to destroy the teachers unions. The Right has always hated public education in the US. Study the huge fight we liberals had to wage to get public education in the first place in this country back in the 1830’s. The Right wanted all education in the US to be private forever. They’ve never changed. They hated the schools in 1835, and they hate the schools in 2010.

He hates teachers! Wow. That’s breathtaking. White America has always hated schoolteachers. The White middle class considers teacher to be a loser profession. Teachers don’t get a lot of respect. You get way more respect in the Hispanic community as a teacher. The more money a White makes, the more scorn he has for teachers. Businessmen especially hate teachers because many of the older ones hate education and are just all about money and “I never went to college!” bragging.

A lot of the hatred for the schools has come about since the Civil Rights Era. White Americans see their White taxes going for schools for the “niggers and beaners.” They hate that. So they want to destroy the schools, or at least not have their White money going for non-White schools.

Don’t forget that America is a profoundly anti-intellectual country. Recent Hispanic immigrants have far more respect for education and an educated American than a typical ignorant White American.

Keep in mind that before 1960, the dropout rate was extremely high, especially in rural areas. Black schools had extremely high dropout rates. So did Hispanics. Many more Blacks and Hispanics graduate from high school now than in the past. When my grandfather graduated from high school in 1908, he had to take Greek, Latin and other high-end courses. You shake your head. How things have been dumbed down! Not so. When he graduated, only

Schools were forcibly integrated in 1965, and a major push was made to keep all kids in school through 12th grade. As before, many can’t hack it, but they graduate anyway. The ones who are terming out now in many cases would have long ago dropped out in the past. They are not very smart, barely smart enough to graduate from the 12th grade. All of these kids are taking the tests now and sure scores are dropping and popular articles about how dumb students are proliferate. Many of these students who can barely graduate high school have bought the line that everyone needs to go to college. These kids are taking SAT’s now and the scores are dropping. What do you expect?

In the last 50 years, the

Tests show that the average 18 year old has better verbal and math skills, and has greater knowledge, than an 18 year old 50 years ago. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, rightwingers.

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41 thoughts on “Reactionary Scum Lie About US Public Schools”

    1. Oh yeah, I like this black blogger very much indeed!

      Although I just find it strange that the so-called “blackest man on the internet” is named Denmark, which is one of the whitest countries on earth.

      Still, I have much respect for Garveyites and other black nationalists.

  1. What conservatives SAY they hate about teachers is the unions (they’re always careful to say “teachers’ unions”). What they actually hate is that they used to be able to pay teachers nothing, because they were almost all women, against whom it was legal and universal to discriminate in the rest of the labor force.

    50 years ago, becoming a teacher was the epitome of professional accomplishment for half the working-age population. Now that those people are becoming doctors and lawyers, the quality of teaching talent pool available at the price has plummeted, even though the price has gone up.

  2. But Bob, Kids (especially adolescent boys), have hated school since the dawn of time – it’s unnatural for kids even to be in a school (schools are only a few hundred years old), let alone enjoy what’s going on, the kids who are actually attentive are only attentive because their parents impressed it upon them.
    Anyhow, Bob, my point is that school is an unnatural environment (kids should be roaming the fields and woods)- and this afct has been known forever, it has always been o of he tasks of the competent teacher to get round this somehow, perhaps not as a ‘pocket Hitler’, but by at least using charisma and showmanshipand somehow making the ‘vital connection’.
    It’s not ‘christians to the lions’ time at the best run schools.

  3. Truth is teachers make a lot of money. More per hour than an accountant, if you run the numbers. (I am doing an MBA in accounting after finishing a communications degree that just got me into sales and customer service gigs at under $16 an hour). Teachers also get great job security (if they can find a job), and most of all a sweet pension, like any other government worker. Teachers around here can make (**can currently top out at**) $70++ thousand a year working only 9 months a year. Just how sweet is that? Wish I made that kind of dough.

    1. I agree that education should be more relevant. Why would blacks and hispanics care about Shakespeare or Geometry? Emphasis should be placed on effective communication skill, Business and Economics, Computers and Technology and Vocational training. It should include more time outside the classroom. Traditional subjects should be offered but in the way of half courses.

      1. When it came to math, especially, one of the questions I would hear from kids was “Why do we need to know this?” (Not just Black and Hispanic kids want to know this, BTW.)

        Teachers hate that question.

        I wanted to tell them, “Because some people who were around a long time ago and are long dead decided that in order to be educated, you needed to know it. And the Board of Education agrees. I hate these problems about trains leaving different locations in different directions as much as you do, but educated people know how to solve them. So stop crying and get on it!”

        1. “When it came to math, especially, one of the questions I would hear from kids was “Why do we need to know this?” (Not just Black and Hispanic kids want to know this, BTW.)”

          Here’s why:

          The truth is math gives too much of an advantage to those with math facility not to be taught to everyone. At least the attempt to teach math has to made.

          The train problem is important, not that that it involves a train but that it involves velocity, time, speed, and the ability to relate these concepts in mathematical form. You could use a horse or car or insects. Those are incidental, the concepts are universal.

          1. Oh, yes. I completely agree. Sometimes it’s planes, sometimes it’s trains…it really doesn’t matter. They generally don’t like “word problems,” no matter what they’re about.

            My own feeling is that after years of passively receiving information, they actually have to think about what they’re doing when they have to solve this kind of problem. They have to integrate various kinds of information and come up with equations (or inequalities) in order to solve it.

      2. I agree that education should be more relevant. Why would blacks and hispanics care about Shakespeare or Geometry?

        Well ancient Egyptians which are certainly African (but we could debate all day about whether they are Black..) had a hand in the early development of Geometry (Pyramids.. etc..) Aside from that if one wants to go to college, you’ll have to take Geometry at some point. As for Shakespeare, his influence is so strong in Western culture, knowing some of his plays leads an understanding to modern drama and fiction.

        1. High school students don’t appreciate Shakespeare or get anything out of it. It would be wiser to invest the time and money teaching them something that would stay with them, that they could use in real life.

  4. no way in hell do hispanics value education more than us whites. alot of so called education is just BS brainwashing anyway.

    1. “no way in hell do hispanics value education more than us whites. ”

      Hispanics love education. It’s just that the love not reciprocated.

      A lot of Mexicans love teachers, too. Some of them because teachers receive a guaranteed income.

      “alot of so called education is just BS brainwashing anyway.”

      According to Buddha, most people are damaged by education. But a small minority can use it well.

  5. What do u think of my analysis? I thought about teaching once but since I would only enjoy teaching 6th grade and younger it just didn’t appeal to me; the whole idea of gay guys teaching that age group bothered me some but not a lot. So I thought I would be an admistratior at the schools. Only problem there is is that you have to start out as a teacher. I decided to pursue a master in public administration because they can make the same amount per hour but after one class I quit because it would be hard to find a job or I might have to move to some area to find a job (somewhere I did not want to be). So I decided on the MBA in accounting mostly because I thought it would give me the most options. I actually want to work for the federal government, ideally, because of the life/work balance. An MBA outside of accounting is at a disadvantage relative to the public admin. student because the degree is less specialized– this is assuming the the mba and the mpa person does not have an undergrad in accounting. I just want an easy job that will allow me an upper-middle class lifestyle, any suggestions?

  6. “There’s nothing wrong with the school itself. The problem is the students.”

    Yep, public education tries to fit the square peg into the round hole; it tries to solve an insoluble problem. And therein lies the problem.

    “You shake your head. How things have been dumbed down! Not so. When he graduated, only 1% of the population graduated from high school.”

    What’s inconsistent about both being true (things being dumbed down and more people graduating HS)? The former follows directly as a consequence of the latter being changed.

    Anyway, I think something along the lines of Gay State Girl’s ideas would be the best course to follow. It’s not that we should entirely drop the more “academic,” subjects from the curriculum, but we should limit them to the students to whom these subjects have real appeal and relevance.

  7. Bob says the jihad against public schools is led by rich Whites.

    Notice he doesn’t deny working-middle class Whites aren’t in love with integrated schools either.

    Nor does he point to the mistakes of the left and unions in alienating White working-middlers, by pushing integration, as did Maury at the NB blog.

    Who’s closer to the truth? Why Maury of course.

    1. It isn’t just rich Whites, but they are leading the charge, trust me!

      It’s true that a lot of middle class and even working class Whites send their kids to private schools instead of public schools. Here in California, the only person I ever met who was on the Anti Public Education Jihad was a relative from Hawaii who was very, very wealthy. All of his kids went to fancy private schools. He was on the whole “public schools suck and private schools are better” thing. He could not be reasoned with.

  8. Schools were forcibly integrated in 1965, and a major push was made to keep all kids in school through 12th grade. As before, many can’t hack it, but they graduate anyway. The ones who are terming out now in many cases would have long ago dropped out in the past.

    In my opinion there is a lot to be said for the German system of education, wherein at the age of 10 or 12, children are essentially streamlined into different schooling systems on the basis of performance. Only around 15-20% of the population ends up in the Gymnasium system, which is the most rigorous curriculum intended for students bound for university (although I believe many children from the other schooling systems end up in university as well through taking entrance exams). The rest of the population is sent to various different types of schools, some of which are finished by the age of 15 or 16, whereupon the children are entered into various vocational training programs or apprenticeships so as to learn a specific trade.

    It seems almost totalitarian in a sense, but also reasonable. I also think there have been various reform/equalization measure discussions on the table for some time in Germany, but I’m not too well-read on the matter.

    1. Actually we tried that in the US, but it ran into the race problem. Most of the Blacks and Browns were being tracked into the vocational programs, and the Black and Brown leaders screamed, so we got rid of it.

      So many things in the US boil down to race. It’s just amazing.

    2. 10-12 is too early to determine the academic ability of students. Many are immature at that age and dont take school seriously. This system will favor girls as they are more mature at that age.

      While I like the apprentice system in Germany and value real world experience to classroom experience, Germany does not allow for more opportunities to further education to those without rigorous education. They do not have an affordable community college system like the US.

        1. I know German colleges are free. What I said was a community college system with transitional courses to help students adjust to higher level academics courses and learn skills they did not learn in high school and then transfer to four year colleges.

          In Australia they put you on a track at 15 and you will basically be in that field your entire life. You can not go back and learn another field.

      1. >10-12 is too early to determine the academic ability of students

        I may be wrong, but I think that IQ scoring as early as the age of 5 or 6 remains fairly constant over the duration of an individual’s lifetime.

        1. >For US and UK Blacks, it declines until age 18-24

          That seems kind of weird biologically speaking.

          Maybe there is some sort of massive underclass cultural dumbing-down effect at work here?

        2. “I may be wrong, but I think that IQ scoring as early as the age of 5 or 6 remains fairly constant over the duration of an individual’s lifetime.”

          6 or 7 seems about right. I remember at that age having a pretty good idea where I stood in terms of intelligence with those around me. Just by having arguments with other kids. I never got a sense that people as they aged with me were suddenly getting smarter or slower than me. I never once had a friend in 2nd grade that I thought was dumber than me become smarter than me in the 3rd grade. And my friends didn’t change their relative positions either. Bill didn’t one year become smarter than John. Very different than growth in height, where people would change in height relative to each other.

  9. To whatever extent a movement against American public education is led by rich Whites who wish also to employ an ethical socialism in regards to their working-middle ethnic kindred’s educational opportunities, there is nothing wrong with such politics.

  10. State school indoctrinators are ignorant fuckbags, they don’t actually teach you anything. Most of what they tell you is actually false (i.e., don’t split infinitives, an asinine non-rule based on LATIN grammar). I’d rather have a child taught by witch doctors than these cretinous subhumans.

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