Union Busters, Inc.

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Check it out. I shouldn’t really have to explain this link to most of my readers, but for those who don’t get it, this is a corporation that sells materials to other corporations to help them defeat unions.

Check out the Union Avoidance link – snarky management bastards giving the high-fives for defeating the workers’ attempts to level the playing field with management by voting in a union.

Check out the Employee Satisfaction link. If you really want your employees to be satisfied, let em form a union, what the Hell. If you’re going to give them everything (just about) that they would have gotten anyway if they formed a union, so let them form a union. Why not? Possibly power.

This is hard for most American morons to figure out. In a non-union workplace, management has 100

Your average American working class moron* type here in California hates labor unions. I’ve known quite a few who worked at unionized workplaces, and they despised it. They were too stupid to figure out that the only reason they were making bank at that particular job was because of the union.

They insisted that “the union never did anything for the workers”. In large part, this is a failure of the union. If your average worker, “low-information” as he no doubt is, thinks the union doesn’t do anything for the workers (and thus, his union dues that he resentfully forks over are wasted) the union has failed in its efforts to communicate to workers the importance of a unionized workplace.

Check out the unionized workplace link. Saddled with a union? Here’s how to get rid of it!

Check out the motto at the bottom, “Helping the workplace work.” Tell me what that means?

*I don’t mean to imply that working class people are morons. However, any working-class person who hates unions needs to have their head examined. I wager few European working class people are that stupid, but here in the US, it’s just about the norm. I don’t know how anti-union working class people are in other regions, but it’s pretty normal here in the West.

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