Alt Left: Is the Palestinian Solidarity Movement Taking Over the White Christian West?

Olive is a Jewish commenter who is a pretty reasonable person. However, she tends to buy into neocon scare stories from the likes of the slimy Ultra Jew Daniel Pipes. One of Pipes’ theories is that the Palestinian solidarity movement is sweeping the White West, the result being Arabization and Islamicization of the West. This is actually a joke.


I don’t like Daniel Pipes either, and I never said the UK was becoming “Arabized.” Just that this supposed support for the Palestinians goes far beyond that. They now see the Palestinians through the same lens that Westerners supposedly saw the holocaust survivors.

As victims they can do no wrong and their culture should be elevated to a different status and beyond criticism. Anything critical we might say about Islam or the Arab world is dismissed as “Zionist propaganda.”

Olive also spoke about how hordes of White Christian Westerners were going to Palestinian cultural festivals and even celebrating Muslim holidays.

I’ve never heard of a Palestinian cultural festival. But I might go to one, maybe for the food. Also your typical Western Palestinian is a very nice, warm, and friendly person, a typical Arab. Unlike most Western Whites. It’s nice to meet friendly people.

We have a few Palestinians around me. You can talk to the men, and they are very friendly. The woman are not very approachable, perhaps for cultural reasons. But the Arabs in this town act very good. They act better than the native Euro-White people, many of whom look like they are strung out on meth.

I’ve never heard of a White Western non-Muslim celebrating a Muslim holiday to show how much they love the Palestinians.

There are not that many Whites in the US who think the way Olive described. Or on the Left either. Even in the UK, I do not think there are too many. Some Leftists are in on this, but there are not many of those folks. I would say that these types are far eclipsed by the Islam-haters in the BNP and it’s offshoots, many of which have British Jewish support.

This whole thing about pro-Palestinian sentiment taking over the West is preposterous. Most liberals don’t care about the Palestinians that much. We think Arabs are uncivilized, and we are dubious and wary at best about Islam, especially in our countries.

Liberals just don’t like the US supporting a big fat bully, Israel, that pushes the Palestinians around, that’s all. Liberals support the underdogs and the oppressed and fight the bullies and the oppressors. The oppressed don’t have to be good citizens. They need only be oppressed. Then we sign on.

So with US liberals it’s not so much support for Palestinians (Tough sell!) as it is disgust with an openly fascist ethnic nationalist state in Israel. Openly fascist ethnic nationalists do go against almost everything we liberals stand for, you know.

As far as support for the Palestinians, their religion, their culture, whatever, that’s just a fringe group called the Palestinian Solidarity Movement. Compared to the Jewish Lobby in the US and the world, it’s so tiny in the West that it’s almost a joke. In fact, I think it is a joke! Why isn’t Daniel Pipes laughing? He should be doubled over.

Yes, some of the PSM folks elevate Arab and Palestinian culture and religion ridiculously, refuse to criticize them, call all critics Zionists, etc.

I was part of that movement for a while. The group I was with was run by Palestinian Communists (most of the top membership were apparently members of the PFLP political wing).

I was thrown out as a “Zionist spy or agent” (LOL) after a while. I suggested that Ashkenazi Jews had roots in the Middle East, and I criticized Arabs and their crap culture. I also slammed Islam. You can’t do that. You can be as anti-Semitic as all get out (the Palestinian Solidarity movement is full of anti-Semitism) but don’t you criticize their pet Arabs and Muslims.

The group was also full of Muslims, and they make sure you can’t attack their lousy religion. Also, the Whites are mostly Muslim sympathizers, and periodically one of these idiots “embraces Islam” (converts to Islam) to the cheers of the whole crowd. Even the Communists cheer! It makes you want to puke. There were a few Middle Eastern Christians in the group, but they were the minority. Even the Arab Communists were pro-Islam. It’s sickening!

In terms of Western Whites, this PSM thing is a fringe movement of a bunch of crazies. It has little to no importance in the scheme of things. Pipes is a nut and a liar for blowing the movement out of proportion, but I suspect he knows he’s lying? You never know with Super Jews. They lie like rugs.

What is it with Jews and lying, anyway?

Does their religion give them permission to lie, maybe to save or help the Jews, or fight the enemies of the Jews? As so many things can be interpreted as protecting the Jews from their enemies, this gives Super Jews a lot of opportunities to lie religiously.

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15 thoughts on “Alt Left: Is the Palestinian Solidarity Movement Taking Over the White Christian West?”

  1. This is interesting. Among far left radical whites, sure, you have some of this “nobility of the oppressed” nonsense when it comes to feelings towards Palestinians. I do agree with Gay State Girl that this whole “Palestinians are so noble and can do no wrong” dogma is silly and counterproductive.

    Among white nationalists, they don’t really like Palestinians so much as they use their suffering to bash Jews.

    Therefore, with the exception of far leftists and white nationalists, I really don’t see this Palestinian solidarity (genuine among loony leftists and fake among white nationalists) among among whites.

  2. I don’t think Olive’s remark was that far off. To reiterate, I certainly see this whole third world, “nobility of the oppressed” romanticism and nonsense among far leftists.

    To a smaller extent, they even extend this unwillingness to criticize victim groups to Jews (now how Jews are still a victim group is beyond me).

    (ie. they don’t like talking about the Israel lobby or Jewish influence, which results in otherwise intelligent people like Noam Chomsky making bogus claims regarding the reasons for the war in Iraq and how the Israel lobby is just another lobby, etc)

    Victim groups are the left’s sacred cows.

  3. I reject the label “zionist.” I believe it is unrealistic to have a peaceful jewish state in the middle east and I think Israel should be relocated to the Kimberly region of Western Australia.

    I never liked Daniel Pipes I just think he makes some good points. I dont forsee white christians embracing Islam but leftists who were formerly supportive of , minority rights are embracing a culture that deprives human rights to women, homosexuals and the disabled. Leftists who were once the biggest of critics of Christianity are now defending Islam.

    Lindsay lives in a working class politically conservative and culturally apathetic area so he may not get to see this “love affair” firsthand but I live in Boston and I see this all the time. There is a recent faascination with Islam and Middle Eastern culture because of solidarity with the Palestinians, Iraqis and Afghans. Leftists regularly attend Middle Eastern cultural celebrations, Muslim holidays and go to Boston area mosques to show their support. Every year the city of Boston hosts the International Palestinian film festival. In an effort to built tolerance school children toward Islam, schools have been taking students to mosques to learn about Islam.

    1. Hi gay state girl, I’m from massachusetts too. I had no idea Boston was getting into this stuff. I don’t involve myself in middle eastern issues personally. I was under the impression though that antizionist sentiment wasnt all that big in Boston. Its more something I associate with street protests in san Francisco although I have no idea what the majority of liberals in san francisco feel about the issue.

  4. I think we all need to read the Qu’aran at least once
    to realise it is about as progressive as the Old Testament. Judaism and Islam are bedfellows, and are extremely hostile to infidel secular notions like civil liberties, the rule of secular law, and the Declaration of the Rights of Man, as well as lily livered Christian notions like loving your neighbour and the forgiveness of transgressions.
    In the Old Testament, if your neighbour does you wrong, you simply kill him…ESPECIALLY if he is a non-Jew. In that case it’s practically your duty. Of course, there are “liberal” versions of both, Reform Judaism and Sunni Islam as practised in Morocco, which can probably co-exist with liberal democracies. The Waha’bbis from Saudi Arabia; forget it. They need the closest surveillance, if not house arrest. Shias need to be watched, too, in case they go all Sayyid Qutb on us.

    Now there’s an American blogger whom Lindsay knows and who has investigated the Qu’aran and Islam rather thoroughly, and blogs about it. Can we have his name and the internet address of his blog,

    Oh and while I’m on the topic of religion:

    Fuck the Pope! But use a condom.

    He’s just paid us a visit in the UK.

    1. I agree with the first sentence of this comment in tone and substance.

      Which blogger? This one?

      That’s an excellent critique of Islam. I’m not sure where he’s coming from exactly, whether it’s Christian or atheist. The guy is not a progressive person. Instead, he is a typical sort of rightwing populist kind of guy. He writes quite well though. I’m impressed with him. He’s also led a rather interesting life for an American.

      Sayyid Qutb was a Sunni. I’m quite sure he was an ultra-Sunni. He would probably have advocated that the Shia be killed on the basis that they are non-Muslims. Qutb introduced the notion that Muslim sinners have effectively left the faith. He denounced them as apostates.

      In Islam, if you leave the faith as an apostate, you can be killed. Therefore, this leads to the notion that any Muslim not pure enough can be said to be an apostate and killed on that basis. This is the spiritual essence of Al Qaeda’s philosophy.

      1. Robert,

        The idea that apostates can be killed for leaving Islam is not set in stone.

        Firstly, the Qur’an, God’s Word to Muslims, nowhere states an explicit sentence of death for an apostate.

        Secondly,it is on record that when the Muslims were facing persecution in Mecca, from the pagan tribal nationalists (“What you preach is against what our fathers have taught us, and their fathers before them.”), the Prophet Muhammed (saws) sent a delegation to the “just king”, the Christian Negus of Abyssinia. They stayed there for awhile under the Christian Negus’ protection, many of them settled there and established the first Muslim communities in Africa, and one of them converted to Christianity. There were no calls for death upon this person by any Muslims.

        The hadith about apostates being killed is taken by many scholars to refer to a specific period of time when the Muslims had made agreements with the tribes throughout the Arabian peninsula who had accepted Islam as a religion, and as the political bond that kept the larger consolidation of power together. So when these tribes committed apostasy, they were not only leaving Islam, they were abandoning their treaty obligations such as paying zakat (tax) to the caliph. It was a breach of an agreement and constituted an act of war at the time.

        So technically you’re right, there have been scholars and people who argue that apostates be killed so therefore you can be killed for leaving Islam. But you would have to see empirically how many times that has happened throughout history and how many times the action was committed by states, and not by individuals taking the law into their own hands.

    2. Fuck the Pope! But use a condom.

      A fun play on language… but I must pass….I wouldn’t bang that guy with Rob’s dick.

  5. Dear Robert
    I have to agree with Olive to some extent. Pro-palestinianism is becoming in the West what anti-apartheid used to be. It would go too far to say that sympathy for the Palestinians is sweeping the West, but they are getting much more support than many other oppressed nationalities. Just compare the support for the Palestinians with the negligible support given to the Kurds in Turkey or the Tamils in Sri Lanka, even though the Turkish-Kurdish and the Singalese-Tamil conflicts have claimed far more lives than the Jewish-Palestinian conflict.
    Palestine is becoming one of those issues which divide the left from the right. Nearly every right-winger nowadays is fanatically pro-Zionist while most leftists are pro-Palestinian.
    I’ll believe that support for the Palestinians is really sweeping all of the West when the US stops giving more aid to Israel than to all of sub-Saharan Africa and stops selling weapons to Israel.

    Regards. James

  6. Robert wrot:
    “In Islam, if you leave the faith as an apostate, you can be killed.”

    In Christianity, if you sass your mom or dad you can be killed. There hasn’t been too many cases of that lately tho’. Same for Islam.
    It’s an old argument.
    I’m not as down on Islam as many, after a few yrs of light research on the Qur’an and having visited Muslim-dominated countries, I’ve found that it’s no worse or better than Christianity, and I don’t have a problem with Christians, they can be both good and bad. IMO more good than bad.
    Muslims seem to be even more devout and walking-the-walk than Christians (or Jews)..that’s meant as a compliment.
    I do agree 100% with Robert’s description of the average liberal’s motivations for supporting the Palestinians over the Israelis. With me, it’s also partly due to the USS Liberty incident since A: I’m an American ex-sailor and B: I went thru what that crew went thru.

  7. To David:

    In Christianity, if you sass your mom or dad you can be killed.

    Not that I am aware of… can you cite an example..? Granted Christians were doing all sorts of stupid crap (burn witch burn, “freeing Jerusalem” , whomping on Jews in Europe every so often to name a few..) up until a few hundred years ago.

    There hasn’t been too many cases of that lately tho’. Same for Islam. It’s an old argument.

    There was active discussion of killing a guy in Afghanistan who had converted to Christianity within the past four years.. so not so old of an argument. Apparently the President didn’t think it would be such a bad idea. The US interceded and gave the guy asylum. The Taliban will kill anyone that they think is proselytizing Christianity.

  8. Well Uncle Milt, there’s that comandment about honoring thy parents, and there’s a passage calling for stoning kids that sass their parents. I remember being suprised when I saw it 40 yrs ago in Sunday school when reading the Bibble. Believe me, for every extreme measure called-for in the Qur’an there’s a similar one in the Bibble.
    They are antiquated and probably taken out of context since they were writ. Like all that stuff in the Qur’an about chopping off heads and such, it was really just discussing 7th-8th century warfare when under attack.

    As for apostacy, my observation stands, it’s not really practiced. Trying to convert Muslims to Christianity isn’t abandoning your religion, and I know of no cases where those trying to do so were executed for that…threatened with death yes, taken into custody, ransomed, chased yes, but not actually executed. I could be wrong, but it’s not a regular practice. The latest case in Afghanistan wasn’t a case where they were tried in a religious “court” and executed..they were being detained and escaped, and were shot while running away. And using the Taliban as examples of practitioners of Islam is as flawed as using some toothless inbred Apalachian snake-dancer as an examle of mainstream Christianity, IMO.

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