Drag Kings: WTH?


Excuse me, but this is ridiculous! Drag queens, OK, I can handle that. They’ve been around forever. But this is really weird. Obviously, these are all a bunch of lesbians, right?

Damn that’s weird!

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3 thoughts on “Drag Kings: WTH?”

  1. They’re neither picking my pocket nor breaking my leg, but, yes, I don’t see why anyone would do this. Being a drag queen might conceivably be fun, but this?

  2. They’re really weird cos I get the impression they’re meant to be all like “We are being exaggeratedly masculine like Bizarro World Drag Queens” but being masculine, in our culture (well for the most part, there are still Casanovas and James Bonds and body builders, more so in the Black bits of Western culture, where men are more showy) is a lot about not making any kind of exaggerated attempts to look a particular way to impress the opposite sex (and being all understated and “I don’t have to do shit to impress you”), so they all just end up wearing bland suits and shit or else looking absurd and like gay dudes. Plus lesbians are not exactly known for exhibitionism.

    Reminds me of the Japanese onnabe phenomenon (might be the same thing as drag kings) where these girls dress up like guys and then works as “hostesses” in Japanese hostess clubs only for girls without even any kind of tacit acknowledgement ever going on between the girls and the “guys” that they’re actually girls. Apparently the girls who visit the clubs think they’re straight. Seems like some Japanese girls seem like they’re into soft and delicate looking guys in a way that even Japanese men can’t provide! At least that’s how I understand it.

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