Why America Sucks

All the voters are White. Of course the country is a reactionary nightmare.

As you can see, the overwhelming majority of US voters are White. It is US White voters and only US White voters who have sent America down the conservative and reactionary sewer pipe in the last 30 years. An operation that is yet ongoing, and that seems to be gaining quite a bit of steam. In the 2006 election, it was even worse. 79% of the voters were White.

The electorate also is overwhelmingly White.

The voter pool is also overwhelmingly White. So the argument that Blacks and Hispanics don’t turn out to vote is washed up. Even if they all turned out to vote, it wouldn’t matter much. It would only shift the electorate maybe -3% away from the reactionary Whites.

As long as America is overwhelmingly White, it will be a terrifyingly reactionary and backwards place, the laughingstock of the Western World. There is nothing inherently reactionary about White people. In Europe, they are reliably socialist. Someone show me a reactionary and non-socialist country in Europe please? In New Zealand and Australia, Whites are quite socialist, whatever their limitations in recent days with the horror specter of Mr. Howard.

In Latin America, it is true, Whites are reactionary, extremely so. Even in Uruguay and Argentina, they are reactionary. But these countries also have a revolutionary White Left that in the past has given the White elites the bullets and bombs they so richly deserve.

Argentina today, though a reactionary and Third World mess like the rest of the continent, at least has a Leftist President. A real Leftist, not an Obama rightwinger. The Argentine elite is alarmed about the Communist takeover of Argentina, Commies being coded as “fascists,” and are openly calling for the return of the fascist dictatorship. Fascist Argentines bashing Left opponents as fascists while calling for the return of Argentine fascism. Typical fascist obfuscation and mind-warping.

They claim that Kirchner had Commie “brownshirts” in the streets who have taken over entire zones. The Commie Kirchner is supposedly trying to “censor the media” by breaking up the reactionary media monopolies that own nearly the entire media of the land. But why should the Right own 90% of the media? By what rights? Capitalist rights? Hell with that.

Media should be delineated democratically according to predilection. If 30% of the population is Left, then 30% of the media should be Left. If that can’t be done, part of the Right media should be confiscated, at gunpoint if possible, and then turned over to folks representing 30% of the population. It’s only right and proper.

Uruguay elected a former Left wing guerrilla, but I’m not sure how much will change, as he is dedicated to following the neoliberal suicide model. Is Uruguay a more socialist state than the USA? An interesting question.

Costa Rica is a pretty socialist place, which is interesting since anti-Communist fools and liars always uphold Costa Rica on their social figures, comparing it to Cuba on the grounds that Cuba is not so hot. What these congenital liars don’t realize (Or maybe they do!) is that all of Costa Rica’s great figures are attributable to Costa Rican social democracy.

Those are the countries in which Whites are a majority.

In the rest of Latin America, Whites are a minority, and they are frighteningly conservative to reactionary. They have generally stayed in power through repression, fraud, imprisoning, assaulting, kidnapping, torturing and murdering the opposition. White elites have done this in most countries in the region: Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Bolivia, Venezuela, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Mexico.

The implication is that Whites will only support any kind of socialism where they are a good, solid majority. They are only 65% of the US now, so this may be why they are headed this way.

The entire rightwing movement in the US for the last 30 years has been coming from Whites. Has it been coming from Hispanics? Of course not. Has it been coming from Blacks? Please. Has it been coming from Jews? Pull the other one. Has it been coming from Asians? Forget it.

So when you read that “the voters” are furious with Obama and support all sorts of reactionary monstrosities in opposition to him, it’s US Whites, and only US Whites, who are leading this Tea Party opposition wave to Obama. And much of it is undoubtedly racist, no matter how much they scream that it’s not.

US Whites, as a % of  the population, are declining. Every 2-3 years, they decline another 1%. That’s a pretty shocking decline. Progressives ought to celebrate White decline, in spite of all the negative consequences that go along with it. If Whites were progressive people, we could reliably oppose White decline. But they aren’t, and they will never be.

The other day, my mother (smartest women on Earth) told me that in the lifetime of my brother and I, we will live to see the US become a more progressive country. If all goes according to plan, I will take off around 2035 or so. The reason for this, she said, is the decline of Whites.

White nationalists have told me that a declining White America will lead to a more progressive place. Their reasoning for this is curious, and doesn’t make much sense. One guy told me that as Whites decline further and further, they will get more and more radical. As they dip below 40%, they will take up arms against any progressive regime seen as non-White. What he’s saying is that Whites will grow more violent and militant as they decline. I find this dubious. He also said that a majority non-White American government would be too incompetent to install a reliable and functioning sort of socialism. I find that dubious as well.

Will Hispanics, Blacks, Jews and Asians continue to be reliably progressive into the future? It’s an interesting question. Majority-Indian, mulatto and mestizo places like Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and Panama are quite backwards and rightwing. A White minority in all places continues to rule to the detriment of everyone else. Usually they enforce their rule at gunpoint and often with deadly force. But they get the votes of mestizos, Indians and mulattos to do this.

In the Caribbean, Black and mulatto elites have treated their own people horribly. This is particularly the case in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Most of the Black Caribbean is not very socialist, with the exception of Cuba. But Dominica is an equitable country, and Trinidad and Tobago has a decent amount of socialism. Socialism was arrested in Jamaica with the US assault on Manley, a White socialist.

The record in Black Africa is not good in terms of socialism. North African Arab states are much more socialist than Black Africa. True, there is not much to divide in the first place, but still. Even Black African countries that have fallen into some money are still horribly rightwing. Gabon, a wealthy African country, has nightmarish levels of poverty, malnutrition, maternal mortality, child and infant mortality. Apparently, as has always been the case in Africa, a tiny Black elite has grabbed control over the economy for themselves and possibly their tribe and is locking out everyone else.

Given that mestizos, mulattos and Blacks have a poor record of setting up socialist systems in their own lands, one wonders just how socialist they will be here in the US as they grow in numbers. So far, they have been realiably socialist, but what will the future bring.

The model in mulatto, mestizo and Black countries is typically astounding gaps between the rich and the poor, horrifying levels of poverty, and often an enraged, militant and sometimes armed but cash-starved Left minority battling the elite for power. In these countries, poverty is a big deal, the opposite of the US. So there, all parties, from Right to Left, run on reducing poverty and fighting for the poor, with a few overtly fascist exceptions in Guatemala, El Salvador, (Honduras?) and Colombia and a strange overtly rightwing government in Chile, increasingly a US model state in Latin America.

The Right has the entire media spectrum. In Honduras, a 99% mestizo country, a reactionary and murderous elite owns 99+% of the media. This is typical across the region. The assumption is that the non-White masses are simply badly brainwashed.

The ignorant mestizo, mulatto and Black electorate tends to vote for parties that often have progressive sounding names. In many cases, these parties are said to be overtly socialist parties. This is especially the case in the Caribbean, where almost every party has a socialist-sounding name. So down there, the Right calls themselves socialists, progressives and populists fighting for the poor while they implement reaction.

A similar dynamic is seen in Africa, where most parties have socialist-sounding names.

In other words, the US model of reactionary parties having open reactionary images, programs and politics is nonexistent in most of Latin America and Africa. No one would vote for it. In fact, it’s anathema in most of the world! It’s nearly nonexistent also in Arabia, South Asia, Europe, SE Asia and NE Asia. Turkey does have an overtly rightwing government.

Other than Turkey, show me one overtly reactionary party along the lines of the US Republican Party in power in any of these places.

One wonders if the model of the US reactionaries will change in the future with White decline. Will we see the rise of a backwards mestizo, mulatto or Black elite looking for votes possibly on an ethnic basis. Will we see the rise of fake populism and fake socialism, where the Right will operate rightwing parties with socialist and progressive sounding names campaigning on poverty reduction and helping the have-nots, to get the non-White vote? Will the Republican Party model of an openly and brazenly reactionary party become nonviable as non-Whites refuse to support it, according the model in the rest of the world?

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16 thoughts on “Why America Sucks”

  1. It’s not that they’re white. It’s that whites WHO LIVE AROUND NON-WHITES become reactionary. Vermont, Maine and Oregon are liberal. Large conservative states are ones with big minority populations — Texas, Arizona, Georgia. (Some sparse states are conservative because their economy is based on farming, and hence inherited wealth.)

    If you can find a state-by-state chart of percent minority population and the Presidential Republican vote among whites, you’ll find an almost perfect correlation outside Mountain Time Zone.

    1. This is hardly true outside of the South. Most of the white Republicans live in rural areas and have less experience with blacks than the suburban liberal white voters.

      1. Suburban liberals don’t live with Blacks. Or Hispanics.

        I will say that here in California, as the state became less and less White, the Whites have become more and more reactionary. The average White person I meet around here is so rightwing that it’s downright frightening. Most of them are Tea Party types.

        And why are Southern Whites so rightwing? Probably due to the presence of large numbers of Blacks, no?

        1. Suburban upper middle class white liberals live in closer proximity to blacks and have more desirable stuff to steal so they are more likely to be victims of black theft than rural white republicans.

          Southern Whites are very religious and social conservatives so they vote republican. Blacks in the South are also more likely to vote republican than blacks in the north including Martin Luther King’s daughter who voted for McCain because Obama is a “Baby Killer.”

    2. Not quite. What explains Montana, Utah, Wyoming, Alaska, Idaho, E. Oregon, E. Washington, Kansas, Nebraska? That’s Reagan country.

      And at the local level, whites that live in NYC, L.A., SF, Miami, Hawaii, Chicago, etc vote liberal and these are very diverse places.

      I don’t think your model works.

  2. White Americans are the only group of people who will march down the street in order to call for the right of corporations to screw them over.White Americans are not smart.

    Robert I just recently joined the cpusa, communist party usa. I have recently fell in love with cuba.

    Are you still catholic by the way Robert? It makes the most sense for American leftists to start forging bonds with the Latin American left.

    1. White Americans are the only group of people who will march down the street in order to call for the right of corporations to screw them over.

      Isn’t it incredible?

      I’m supposedly a member of the CPUSA, but I’m not active. I got thrown out of the local group for not being Commie enough.

      The Catholic Church was the last church that I went to, yes. Liberation Theology is a great thing! The Left in Latin America is one of the most active and vibrant Lefts on Earth, let’s face it. They are getting stuff done!

      1. And that Hugo Chavez guy really proves all those racists wrong. Chavez is definitely not a stupid man.

        BAsically the stupidity of whites all comes down to the way race has historically played out in America. Most nations have always been very class conscious where in America people have been so race conscious that even though they are victims of class warfare they don’t identify with their class.

        Working class whites identify with their white opressors more than they do with non-white peoples in their own class.

        And also the white working class never alligns itself with working class movements because they dont want to be associated with being black… they want to retain their whiteness. And in America we have a biracial system where even if you have a drop of black blood you are black… and that principle applies to class.

        A working class white can have whiteness as long as he or she never alligns him or herself with working class interests because the second he or she does that they will seem colored and hence black. IN fact the white workng class actively sabotages their own class interests.

        There is definitely a relation between the one drop rule and the self destructive class oriented behavior of the working class white. In Latin America there is no one drop rule and they accept that there is a racial spectrum.

        1. Most nations have always been very class conscious where in America people have been so race conscious that even though they are victims of class warfare they don’t identify with their class.

          Yeah, well other countries don’t have as much diversity. They don’t have large minority populations to deal with.

  3. Dear Robert
    The US was until the 1960’s the only Western country outside of Latin America (I consider Latin America part of the Western world) with a large non-white minority within its borders. As a result, identity politics must have played a greater and class politics a lesser role there than in other Western countries. It wasn’t capital versus labor but black versus white.
    Since over 90% of blacks were working class, white workers had to choose between their class and their race, and many chose their race, especially in the South. Class politics can flourish more easily in racially, ethnically and religiously homogeneous countries.
    Canada is halfway between Australia and the US. Canada has a social-democratic party (called the NDP), but it never received more than 20% of the votes. One reason for that is that it really does not exist in Quebec, where la question nationale is very important.
    All indications are that in all Western countries, identity politics will become more important in the future. The plutocrats can laugh all the way to the bank.

    Regards. James

  4. To Rob:

    Argentina today, though a reactionary and Third World mess like the rest of the continent, at least has a Leftist President. A real Leftist, not an Obama rightwinger. The Argentine elite is alarmed about the Communist takeover of Argentina, Commies being coded as “fascists,” and are openly calling for the return of the fascist dictatorship.

    No… it is not a “reactionary”, nor is it a Third World mess… I have been there and know many expats there. It’s in markedly better shape than Costa Rica or Mexico. The current President is certainly not communist nor does their mainstream press accuse her of such. Corrupt like most of those her preceded her.. quite likely.
    She’s another Peronista… basically taxing the rural areas heavily to subsidize the massive urban populace (1/3 of the country..) of Buenos Aires.

  5. To Patrick:

    Working class whites identify with their white opressors more than they do with non-white peoples in their own class.

    The only candidates who had said anything against sending jobs overseas (and actually proposing to something about..) have been White Right wingers. Liberal Democrats talk the talk… but bend over backwards to corporate donations to send jobs overseas. Hardly a whisker of difference between the current dems and pubs. Please give examples otherwise if you can.

    Here’s a clue bright eyes… do you want people in the same class to not align with each other..? Find a difference between the groups and reward one group (actually just a select elite within that group…) whereas trying to make the other group feel guilty for the appearance of their skin that they were born with….. it’s called divide and conquer.

  6. To Patrick:
    Working class whites identify with their white opressors more than they do with non-white peoples in their own class.

    Have you looked at the composition of your average union in the last 40 years..? My guess is no.

  7. I think you may be delusional. There is nothing non-reactionary about being “reliably socialist.” How bizarre of you to think so! As a poor white woman (and I mean poor – $25,000/ yr to work in city poverty programs) I feel that I have much more in common with my largely non-white co-workers and very little in common with the wealthy. However, I am not shunned or racially insulted by members of my own race. I am not refused promotions on the basis of my skin color by people of my own race, and when I walk down the street with my non-white boyfriend, members of my own race do not spit out insults. Members of every other race I encounter do.

    I feel sorry for you because you do not realize yet that progressive and socialist are exactly the same thing, or that in every country in the world where such political doctrine is practiced there is political and financial chaos. Europe is learning that socialism and order do not go hand in hand. So have fun with your non-white future. You’ll need a gun.

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