Election Prediction: Democrats to Lose Four Seats, Will Control the Senate

This means that the Democrats will continue to control the Senate, 55-45.

Some of the races that are getting a lot of talk:

California: Boxer vs. Fiorina. Forget it. No way will California elect a pro-life Republican to the Senate. Ain’t gonna happen. And Hispanics won’t vote for a Republican just because she is pro-life. They don’t seem to care. Hispanic women get more abortions per capita then White women.

Nevada: Harry Reid vs Sharon Angle. Reid is in a tough spot this year, but the Republicans helped him out by electing an insane person. Reid will saturate the airwaves of Nevada and let folks know just how nuts this Tea Party crazy really is.

Wisconsin: Russ Feingold vs Ron Johnson. Feingold is so liberal that he always has a tough race, but Johnson is an crazy person, so Feingold will win. Thank God for the Tea Parties!

Delaware: Chris Coons vs Christine O’Donnell. Coons normally would have a had a hard time winning, but he lucked out when the Republicans elected a lunatic.

Kentucky: Jack Conway vs Rand Paul. Rand Paul is so stark raving batshit nuts that it’s hard to believe he could be elected to anything anywhere in this solar system. But it’s a strange year, and Team Crazy may just get a win in Kentucky.

Colorado: Micheal Bennet vs Ken Buck. Bennet would never have had a chance this year if the Republicans had elected a sane person. Fortunately for him, the Republicans elected a full-fledged Tea Party loony-tune. This race is a bit scary though, and it’s going to be very tough.

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