New Poll Bodes Well For Democrats

Democrats closing the gap. What's going on?

The poll last week showing a 10 point Republican gap got massive play all over the “liberal media,” courtesy of AP. AP is an extremely hard rightwing organization, run by radial rightwing millionaires, fundamentalist Christians and oilmen out of Texas. It’s basically the voice of George Bush.

I wonder what’s going on here that we are closing the gap?

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6 thoughts on “New Poll Bodes Well For Democrats”

  1. LOL. AP is trying to motivate the republicans to vote.

    The republicans are more likely to get out the vote because they are more motivated. Democrats will just stay home because they believe their vote is safe. In January, the republicans were more motivated to vote in our special election. I didnt vote for Scott Brown but it felt good to send a big FU to the Obama machine.

  2. Dear Robert
    Richard Nixon once said roughly the following: “To win the nomination of the Republican Party, you have to run on the right. Once you have won it, you have to hurry back to the center.” Nixon knew that most Americans aren’t very far from the center. The Tea Partiers don’t seem to know that or care.
    The more Tea Partiers the Republicans will nominate, the less likely they are to gain control of the Senate or House. Don’t forget that the percentage of the electorate that votes in primaries is much smaller than the one that votes in elections itself.
    I may add that I consider it an absurdity of the American political system that the term of office of Representatives is only two years. That should be increased to 4 years and the term of Senators increased to 8 years. That way there would be no midterm elections and that would give the people in Washington more freedom from electioneering and more opportunity to govern.
    I hope that you are suitably grateful for this unsolicited advice from a Canadian. James

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