Going Out of Business Sale

US democracy, RIP.

For US democracy.

Courtesy of the Citizens United decision at the US Supreme Court. Citizens United was caused by Republican appointees to the Supreme Court. We have commenters on here who vote Republican. If you vote Republican, do you support the Citizens United case? If you oppose the CU case, then why do you persist in voting Republican?

We also have commenters here who either support or are warm to Libertarianism. Of course, Libertarians were overjoyed at the CU decision, even more than Republicans. It’s part and parcel of Libertarian theory that anyone can buy any election they can afford. Do you agree with that? If you don’t agree, then why are you a Libertarian?

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2 thoughts on “Going Out of Business Sale”

  1. I like your abiding concern with the Citizens United case – as you correctly call it the worst decision in the last century.

    Also your concern about Kagan’s role in it that makes one wonder if Obama’s opposition was purely verbal, while his actual sympathies remain with those paid the most for his election – like much of what we get from Obama. All talk no action.
    It may be that Kagan’s Supreme Court appointment was a reward for her throwing the case by refusing to support Austin.

    In any event it is good to see your continued and intelligent concern about this issue.

  2. About libertarian. Does not the concept relate to democratic liberty as well as commercial liberty? So to have democratic liberties be at all meaningful you need to have a democracy. A democracy is based on the vote of people, ideally one person one vote. Corruption of the election process – which is what money in politics inevitably does – undermines democracy. Without democracy there is no liberty, and therefore no libertarians, just libertines if you have the finances – which is statistically unlikely because only them few that has get more in an elitist polity. Not much left for the rest of us now that the rich elite has destroyed democracy and taken over this country.

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