Americans Don’t Support the Tea Party Agenda

Epic fail for 3 out of 4 Tea Party positions. Republicans vow to push ahead anyway.

As you can see, generic Tea Party positions only have the support of ~3

Position 1: Roll back health care reform. 3

Position 2: Replace Medicare with vouchers. 3

Position 3: Extend all of the Bush-era tax cuts. 2

Position 4: Create Social Security accounts. Unfortunately, this has 5

This is the age-old Republican plan to get rid of Social Security. Republicans hated SS when it was put in in the New Deal. In 1947, when the Republicans passed Taft-Hartley limiting US labor, this was only part of a jihad intended to replace the entire New Deal, an offensive that had the support of the National Association of Manufacturers and US Chamber of Commerce.

The NAM and the CoC, along with the Republican Party, have been trying to get rid of Social Security and rest of the New Deal ever since, but they usually do not say so. Instead, Republicans say they want to “save Social Security by reforming it.” It’s not true. They’re still trying to kill it. The Social Security private accounts scheme is the latest devious plot. People support it because they don’t understand it’s a plot to kill SS.

We have people on this site who vote Republican sometimes and who call themselves Libertarians. If that means you, I have some questions.

Do you want to get rid of Medicare and Social Security? If no, why are you voting Republican or calling yourself a Libertarian?

Do you support Medicare and Social Security? If you support them, then why do you vote Republican or call yourself a Libertarian? Republicans only want to get rid of them by stealth. Libertarians oppose them on a doctrinaire basis.

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7 thoughts on “Americans Don’t Support the Tea Party Agenda”

  1. Because “socialism” can only work “in one country” and the U.S. is not really a country in the Stalinesque sense, a strategic socialist can only apply equal pressure to withdrawing all US troops
    from Mideast wars and on maintaining social programs. Focussing on this or that by itself leads inexorably to inconsistency. Whether Bob recognizes it or not some, not all of the tea party anti-government sentiment is thus implicitly (unconsciously) if incompletely socialist in nature.

  2. Just how stupid must you be to be a teapartier?
    This stupid, shit-cunt running dogs of globalised capitalism can’t seem to realise that the big bosses (whom they ass-kiss), see them as little more than disposable, white-trash, obese, ugly, blue-collar scum – just waiting to be exploited – both economically and political.
    I’ve got news for you tea partiers, the bosses couldn’t give a fuck if you live, die or starve – or even if you put up your precious little daughter for prostitution.So long as they can make a quick buck of your dumb back.

  3. I’d like to disemminate that graph, but I can’t pin down the source. It’s shrm/national journal/Pew but I can’t locate the page.
    Anywho, these bowlers will become a footnote in history. They’re just a bunch of people that don’t like paying taxes, which is the price we pay for living in a civilized society. Let them end up like colorado city where the affluent residents voted down taxes so often and with such enthusiasm that now they have no emergency services, streetlights, name it, it’s like a big RV in a walmart parking lot.

  4. Nevermind the shitcunts (ie ‘Teapartiers’), Bob, what about the ‘Sensational Alex Harvey Band’ and ‘Coming to the Boston Tea Party’ – quality 1970s British rock at its beast.

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